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  1. Everyone should watch Tanahashi and Liger interact after Tanahashi’s match. It’s the best. #airhug
  2. Just finished the final show. It was REALLY good. The first three tags were super fun. After 108 singles matches in a row (90 tournament matches; 18 young lion matches), multi-man matches felt like a novelty! Question: anyone know what Tanahashi was saying to KENTA after their tag match? He seemed to be teasing him about his briefcase . . . or maybe something more was happening. Not a fan of the two tag matches before the main event. I really wanted more aggressiveness from Okada. It started promising, but it was strange that the most impressive performer in the match wasn't even in
  3. Block B final (Night 18) was okay. I didn't enjoy Night 17 as much as others (especially the Leg Kick Match), but it had a big angle (mostly lost on me but clearly significant) and really fun/good matches. It was a better final. Yano v. Yoshi-Hashi might be the first time in the tournament where I was disappointed with a Yano match. He usually pulled out something new—or some new variation on an old trick—but here the variants just didn't seem fresh enough. I give him props for keeping his schtick fresh this far into the tournament. Juice v. Goto was fine but not too remarkable. Like
  4. Finals of Block A (Night 17) was entertaining: better than Night 15 but still not as good as most Block B events. Cobb v. Takahashi was better than I thought it'd be. Don't like Yujiro at all, but when he finally hit his DDT finisher, there was a sense of bittersweet finality to his run over the past few weeks. In his last match, he finally hit his big move and took away a win. Cobb looked great here against a guy who doesn't appear built for Cobb's offense (a bit denser than some of these leaner dudes). Suzuki v. Takagi was fun. Might be my favorite match of the show (other than the
  5. Night 16 was much better than Night 15. KENTA v. Yoshi-Hashi was more entertaining than I thought it would be. Found myself pulling for Yoshi-Hashi. That hasn't happened very often during this tournament. Felt like KENTA was in the double shoulder/butterfly lock (whatever it's called) a bit too long, but his vocal and facial selling while in the hold was really good. ZSJ v. Juice was great. Lots of fun wrestling/striking. Less trash talking than usual? My MOTN. Yano v. Naito was a delight. Naito's stalling was a nice touch; I enjoy the willingness of the aces to mix it up with Y
  6. Oof. Night 15 was, overall, not good. Boring matches and/or deflating finishes. Hopefully others like it more. Cobb v. Ospreay felt underwhelming. Not sure if I can put my finger on why. Felt like they were both just going through the motions, even if they were working pretty hard. Surprised by the ending. Ibushi v. Takahashi was not good at all. Ibushi should have steamrolled him. Watching Ibushi fight up from underneath against a guy who hasn't won a match (and whom White beat easily)? Oof. Crowd liked Taichi v. Takagi, but it didn't keep my attention. Both guys have grown on
  7. Nights 13 and 14 probably mark the first time that Block A put on a show that was clearly better than its Block B counterpart. With that said, Night 14 was also pretty fun. ZSJ v. Yoshi-Hashi was really good. Brutal arm submissions here, and YH brought some brutal strikes that ZSJ sold really well. YH could have been a bit more consistent with selling his arm, but that's just nitpicking. ZSJ was great post-match. KENTA v. Yano was one of KENTA's more enjoyable G1 matches but a bit down on the list of Yano's best. Fun stuff, more dueling heelish tactics, and a wacky ending. (Briefcase
  8. Agree with @gordi and @Custos. Night 13 was great. Loved every match for different reasons. Almost the perfect wrestling show (entertainment-wise). Hell, I even popped during the late arm bar sequence in the preliminary match . . . so good. EDIT (additional thoughts, though I wish I could recall more specific details): Cobb v. Ishii matched up SO well. Finishing spot was executed beautifully. White v. Takahashi was brilliant. Loved the premise of the match, which didn't click at first until I noticed that White wasn't wearing boots . . . Taichi v. Ospreay went better t
  9. I really liked Night 12. I caught the final few minutes Goto v. Yoshi-Hashi (thought the show started at 4:30am CST; it started at 4am). What I saw I liked, though I'm struggling to remember any specific details. ZSJ v. Yano was great. Favorite match of the night. Maybe got a bit too serious at the end, but I was thoroughly entertained. Happy with SANADA v. KENTA. Result was satisfying, and a dropkick into the briefcase into KENTA's face made me laugh. Great visual (though KENTA didn't sell it nearly long enough). Quite like Naito vs. Robinson. Might be my favorite Naito ma
  10. Night 11 overdelivered (for me) after two of the less impressive shows of the tournament (Nights 9 and 10). I was also surprised by some results (though in hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have been). I really don’t like Takahashi at all (bad sliding kicks, awkward reverse DDT, horrible gear), but I was happy with the result of his match against Ishii. There’s a lunging headbutt here that made me jump. Okada v. Cobb was good. Crowd liked some of Cobb’s strongman stuff. I’m enjoying this new spin on Okada’s matches where he needs to get a bit sneakier / clever in order to pull out wins. Th
  11. Night 10 was okay. Perhaps the first time Block B didn't put on a show that was clearly better than its Block A counterpart. (It may still have been better but not by much.) The crowd / ring didn't seem well mic'ed, so it was hard to tell how into the show the crowd was. Poor Yano. (But also: makes sense given the story of Goto's bicep / shoulder / whatever injury. More time to heal.) Liked SANADA v. ZSJ a lot. Wished it was longer, but I appreciated that there wasn't an extended finishing section. I haven't seen much ZSJ in my time, so I'm digging this G1 series of his matches. He's
  12. Night 9 was okay. Probably my least favorite night of the tournament thus far (though after 45 matches, who really knows). Still, far from a bad show, and the results were interesting. Takagi v. Takahashi was not good. Cobb v. White was really fun, but it is a bit strange to see Cobb taking huge bumps for White's offense. Sometimes White struggled to move him; sometimes he was just able to hit his moves with no trouble at all. Okada v. Suzuki was probably my favorite Okada match thus far (though that's not saying much). I'm not really following whatever is going on with Okada, b
  13. Night 8 was really fun. Preliminary match was great. Love these exhibitions. First two G1 matches were surprisingly short, but they were also my favorite matches of the night. Yano vs. Juice is the only match of the tournament that I wish was a little longer. ZSJ vs. Goto made good on the fact that Goto had a longish match with the double champ just two nights earlier. Liked that and liked the match overall. Now that he gets a few days to heal before his next G1 match, it'll be interesting to see where they go with the story of his arm (bicep?) injury. The intermission came
  14. Night 7 was good. A few thoughts: Liked Suzuki and Takahashi. Suzuki might be my Block A MVP thus far. The opening segment was particularly fun, with Takahashi getting the upper hand with his cane only to get a much more brutal beating moments later with a chair. Dig how Suzuki maneuvers his opponents in and out of the choke, in and out of the piledriver. And that elbow . . . so pronounced in each match thus far. They ask for it; he brings it. Cobb vs. Ibushi was also good, even though I smirk and shake my head every time Ibushi brushes off offense and does his best "manly face." I j
  15. Night 6 was fun. I think I've overall enjoyed Block B events more than Block A. But there's usually something on every show I've liked. SANADA vs. Yoshi-Hashi was okay. Can't really remember anything about it. ZSJ vs. KENTA was great. Favorite match on the show and probably Top 5 of the tournament for me. First KENTA match I've thoroughly enjoyed since, I don't know, 2007? (My memory isn't what it used to be. This is an exaggeration, I imagine.) Tanahashi vs. Juice was good. Liked Juice's constant effort to get the crowd into it. Liked the ending. Liked the sense of competitive
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