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  1. Crime in Sports latest episode is in Kerry Von Erich. This should be interesting...
  2. Ronnie Garvin vs Black Bart for Mid-Atlantic title(1:14 into the video). Holy shit what a solid match this was. This might be the only match I’ve seen Bart look credible and well, he had to because Garvin was stretching the fuck out of him. https://youtu.be/U0H3eesOmgk
  3. If you noticed, the first letter of each episode title is spelling out “ANTI LIFE EQUATION”.
  4. You’re right. There wasn’t a lot of comeuppance. The warden getting fired was another wtf.
  5. I hated how she didn’t get justice, but the snitch had a happy ending. Also, the immigration inmates really had really sad fates.
  6. Now that I’m finished: -it’s weird hearing Hogan drop f-bombs. -sounds like he’s done with Beefcake after hearing him describe their relationship. -I’m fucking disappointed but not surprised that they didn’t address the racism controversy. -I’m satisfied with his response regarding heat between him and Punk. Shit happens sometimes and in sure super-sensitive Punk’s ego would never accept it. -overall, I’m pleasantly surprised at how humble and open Hogan was. Doesn’t change my overall feelings about him, but a good interview is a good interview.
  7. I’m currently listening right now. He’s not kayfabing like he normally does. It’s a pretty honest interview tbh. I’m just waiting to see if they address “the controversy”...
  8. Sean Royal popped up on Breaking Kayfabe with Barry and Jeff. Fun interview. That dude is shot out.
  9. Insomnia had me listening to Jericho’s Stomping Grounds preview. God, he turned into an insufferable prick...
  10. Is it just me or did Lars sound a little like Terry Funk?
  11. Minus the main, this was a pretty good show with Riddle vs Strong being fantastic. Gargano/Cole was an amalgamation of what I hate about the “get my shit in” choreographed style of wrestling today.
  12. I just wanted to give a shoutout to Heyman for killing it on the air guitar.
  13. One great visual that stood out to me was Jon and Dany watching the flames from the Dothraki’s blades being extinguished. My heart started racing instantly.
  14. https://fox4kc.com/2019/04/29/john-singleton-boyz-n-the-hood-director-and-writer-dies-at-age-51/ John Singleton passed away.
  15. I’m with you. I’m not eloquent enough to really put into words how I felt without spoiling it, but damn there were so many things I want to discuss.
  16. Just finished season 2. Zabka deserves some kind of award. Who would have thought that he would turn out to be a really good actor? Pretty good season over all even though some of the callbacks were a little cheesy. I did pop huge for one particular episode because one ironic callback from the first movie.
  17. I’m still loving Jamie’s redemption arc. I think he’ll have a noble death.
  18. My take on Sasha vs Alexa is that Sasha, who’s life’s dream was to wrestle is frustrated that Bliss, who doesn’t share the same passion as her, gets pushed consistently because of her looks, and her rumored promiscuity(although she has made the most of her opportunities).
  19. I knew Sasha and Bayley were gonna lose when the inflatables were pouting along with them.
  20. Rewatching the ppv now and I just finished everything but the main. My quick thoughts: -I’m sold on the War Raiders now. I think Hanson gets a little cutesy showing his agility but it’s not really a gripe. -Dream’s best bet is to stay in NXT lest he go the way of Tyler Breeze. -Matt Riddle would be a great heel. -Bianca Blair is strong as fuck. I think she’s gonna be great in a about a year. -Adam Cole would be a superstar if he had a grown man’s body. -I loved the last 10 minutes of the main. I agree with all the negative that was posted about what was wrong with the match, but me and my little girl were screaming at the tv at each pinfall. That memory alone made that a 5-star match for me.
  21. I actually thought Abdullah was the one full of it. At least Dutch corroborated that there was an actual meeting. I think Atlas is still legit fucked up over it still. If you’ve ever witnessed a murder firsthand, you’re always gonna be frazzled recounting it.
  22. Hot take: Velveteen Dream is the Carlos Mencia of wrestling. I like him, but his move set is a Greatest Hits package of the most overused moves of the past 15 years, but he has that weird charisma that lets him get a pass. I did pop for the back rake tho.
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