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  1. Yeah I realised afterwards it was just an angle because Lance Storm co-hosted for one show.
  2. What's this about Mike Sempervive being suspended from F4W? Is it just an angle or did something happen?
  3. They could allow some of the beaten quarter finalists to take the places of the banned clubs.
  4. Why don't they kick the guilty clubs out of this years UEFA competitions? So Europa league final is Roma vs Villareal and Champions league winners are PSG, no need for a final.
  5. The (in)famous 1988 NWA Calendar starring the men of the NWA and the beautiful Missy Hyatt.
  6. He was on Survivor Series '88 in Jake and Hacksaw's team.
  7. How did Ricky Steamboat come to make a one-off appearance in World Class in 1986 on their October Cotton Bowl card?
  8. I don't have a problem with WWE cutting guys, they should cut a lot more, and more often. The roster is so stagnant it's unbelievable. Every WrestleMania for the last 15 years is largely indistinguishable from the last, they just shuffle the same guys around. If you look at the roster changes between WM1 and WM5, and any 5 years for any of the first 20 years of the expansion era, not just the roster was greatly different, but the whole feel of the promotion was completely different, night and day. It would be to everyones benefit if they cut 25% of the roster every year and anyone that had been there for more than 7 years got automatically cut, with the proviso that they can be re-hired after spending 2 years elsewhere.
  9. They might as well just rename all PPV events to "WrestleMania" now and just keep using the numbering, so WrestleMania 38 next month, WrestleMania 39 the month after etc. Before long they'll get to WM50 and they can make a big deal of it.
  10. I'm not saying you're wrong, but Hoffman doesn't have an arm tattoo in any picture I can find of him.
  11. I can't see why they wouldn't let people talk as long as they wanted if there's no crowd and it's not being shown live. But those factors may mean people don't feel the need to talk for that long. I can't see the point in them doing it tbh, they'd have been better off moving the HOF to SummerSlam weekend for this year only.
  12. Robinson is in the centre left of the picture.
  13. Anyone any idea who the guy to Verne Gagne's right is?
  14. Just spotted a wrestler movie appearance I'd never heard about before. Dan Spivey in "Unmasking the Idol", a movie from 1986.
  15. Because there's no way of knowing what people will consider to be "trash" in the future and once the precedent has been set, people will use it to justify all kinds of things. It happened, removing it from Peacock doesn't mean it didn't happen. I have a real problem with the removal of the Piper/Bad News match from WM6. Say Bad News' grandchildren want to watch their grandfathers highest profile match, in front of (I think) the biggest crowd he ever worked in front of, in his home country. Only now they can't because of people 31 years in the future taking offense to something his opponent did. It's ridiculous and serves no purpose at all. This NBC deal is a real poison chalice for the WWE, yes they're making a crazy amount of money but it's going to deal with standards and practices more stringent than anything at Turner in the 90s. It's going to become the most bland, anodyne wrestling product of all time. How on earth do you have heels if no-one is allowed to anything that might be offensive to someone, somewhere in the world?
  16. I don't agree with censorship after the fact. Put a disclaimer on it regarding historical context, put an age restriction on it, but put it on there as it is. Let people make up their own mind. If you start going through the entire WWE library and censoring everything that anyone could find offensive, you might as well not bother with it at all. Just declare year zero right now, this WrestleMania becomes the new WrestleMania 1 and nothing that happened before 2021 is acknowledged, pretty much like 1984 all over again.
  17. Jim Duggan did jobs on WWWF TV early in his career, and later challenged Slaughter for the world title in 1991. King Kong Bundy also did jobs early on and obviously went onto main event WM2 challenging Hogan for the belt.
  18. Just because people know it's fake, doesn't mean it doesn't have to make sense.
  19. I don't think it was every called that onscreen, either in the WWF or WCW.
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