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  1. She just has to wrestle ATHENA every time.
  2. Charlotte Flair versus Rhea Ripley was fucking great!
  3. Oh man! Zicky Dice vs Danny Limelight for the UWN title is really fucking good! Danielle Karmela versus Johnny Robbie is good. Karmela is the best wrestler to never actually win a match.
  4. Interesting! Kenny Omega vs Jeff Cobb moves into a tie for first place!
  5. Chihiro Hashimoto and Yuu take on Ryo Mizunami and Manami in Sendai Girls! ========================== IWA-PR! STREAMING!
  6. Schneider interviews Eddie fuckin Kingston! Eddie Kingston Specializes in Vendetta - The Ringer
  7. Natalia Markova lays it in more in the second match against Labrava Escobar, but La Rosa Negra is completely AWESOME in the opening six man, tagging with Madi and Missa Kate. Robyn and Charlette are so good. Ruthie Jay is also good. The combined HEIGHT of the Fixers (12 feet, 8 inches) is the greatest thing EVER.
  8. Missa Kate/ Madi/ La Rosa Negra vs Robyn Renegade/ Charlette Renegade/ Ruthie Jay- NWA USA Natalia Markova vs Labrava Escobar- NWA USA Faces of Destiny vs Super Classics- IWA-PR Danielle Kamela vs Johnnie Robbie- CWFH Zicky Dice vs Danny Limelight- CWFH
  9. EMI vs ATHENA pulls out to an early lead! The slimmed down version of the Skye Blue vs Queen Aminata IS ON THE BOARD!
  10. I'm not sure what I'm voting for this week. Lots of quality wrestling. I dunno. Prolly EMI vs ATHENA. The best WWE was between Becky vs IYO SKY or FUCK IT! GUNTHER vs Dolph Ziggler! The only Japanese match from Japan was David Finlay vs SANADA, which was pretty good. The best Miyu YAmashita match was her match against Killer Kelly from IMPACT! I liked her match against Shazza McKenzie from ROH. The best Lucha Libre match was between Tonelli vs Brazo de Oro Jr or Mistico vs Atlantis Jr. ALSO there was TWO great Skye Blue vs Queen Aminata matches- one from DARK, one from WWA. CUT LIST: Ethan Page/ Isaiah Kassidy/ Matt Hardy vs Serpentico/ Luther/ Angelico- AEW Elevation; Dante Martin/ Darius Martin vs Liam Gray/ Adrian Alanis- AEW Dark; Hip Hop Man/ Karaoui/ Shocko vs Asterboy/ Gannicus/ Hell Boy- IWRG; Eddie Kingston vs Christopher Daniels- ROH; Leon Ruffin vs Wheeler Yuta- ROH; Dante Martin/ Darius Martin/ Penta El Zero Miedo/ Rey Fenix vs Dralistico/ Rush/ Matt Taven/ Mike Bennett- ROH; Mephisto/ Niebla Roja/ Yota vs Blue Panther/ Panterita del Ring/ Volcano- CMLL; Felino Jr/ Guerrero Maya Jr/ Stigma vs Capitan Suicida/ Dark Panther/ El Hijo del Villano III- CMLL; PĆ³lvora vs Felino Jr- CMLL
  11. He pretty much does it every match but I'm not sick of it yet. So spectacular.
  12. This match was so great.
  13. ATHENA is fucking AWESOME.
  14. Komander won the SPECTACULARNESS award for the evening.
  15. SO much wrestling today! Lemme BULL THROUGH THE RAMPAGE! KONOSUKE TAKESHITA AGAIN! It's a big Lard Lad night! Sammy Guevara is a HEAT MACHINE! Soup does some SPORTS ENTERTAINING! Tay Melo punches Takeshita in the face TWICE! BRAINBUSTER by Takeshita! GREAT German Suplex from his knees! INTO A LARIAT! BLUE THUNDER BOMB after kind of ignoring a CAnadian Destroyer! PEE, MATT D, PEE! AVALANCHE THINGY! LARIAT! FOR TWO! Tay distracts Soup and Sammy hits the GTH! That was good! QTV! DIRT SHEET DRIVER! He owns up to stealing it from Kenta Kobashi! HOUSE OF BLACK crush the Best Friends! Trent gets in a Double Knees to the head of Malakai Black! Black has good punches. Brody King destroys Trent! Malakai destroys Chuck! Oh man, now I want to see Malakai Black versus Shibata now that Shibata dream matches are a thing. Trent makes a COMEBACK! DDT! TOPE CON HILO! Brody King is so fucking awesome. CHUCK GOES THROUGH A TABLE! They set-up HOB vs BF! HOB! HOB! HOB! When is Shane Taylor getting back together with Keith Lee? It's Marina Shafir. It looks like she had a hoot of a match with Killer Kelly at Bloodsport. It's Taya Valkyrie! She STILL is wrestling with MLW for a while. I await her match with Tootie Lynn! It's Tootie Lynn! Marina Shafir gets in lots of stuff before Taya takes her to the ROAD TO VALHALLA! This set up for Taya vs Jade is coming along swimmingly. ANNA J vs Julia Hart is AWWWESOME! Ann J speaks of a PHAT ASS AND A BAD ATTITUDE! She is a redneck dream. Action Andretti and Juice Robinson are the MAIN EVENT! ROCK HARD! I assume Juice will make Andretti look like a million bucks. And he DOES! Juice Robinson is awesome. Andretti makes a big comeback and Juice SHINES HIM UP~! Then breaks his skull! That was fine. OH MY GOD! I HAVE OVW to FAST FORWARD THROUGH! When you are HARDCORE like I am, THE WRESTLING NEVER ENDS! AEW RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!
  16. I lost my running commentary because I am an idiot. I will summarize! Komander and El Hijo del Vikingo- JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST! The Embassy vs AR Fox/ Blake Christian/ Metalik- that was pretty good! ATHENA vs Yuka Sakazaki! Yuka is good fighting as a sympathetic babyface. ATHENA is a FORCE OF NATURE. Samoa Joe vs Mark Briscoe- GREAT FUCKING MATCH. Mark Briscoe should have won and I got a little emotional postmatch. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Daniel Garcia- GARCIA IS THE NEW JEFF JARRETT! WHAT A HEAT MACHINE! I secretly don't like Tanahashi, but he was fine. The tagteam ladder match- The Kingdom should have won. Wheeler Yuta vs Shibata- Shibata is so fucking GREAT! NEW PURE CHAMPION! SO FUCKING AWESOME! Claudio Castagnoli vs Eddie Kingston- Claudio is a MONSTER. Eddie is great working underneath. GREAT nearfalls. That match was fucking great!
  17. Tracy Williams! Jeff Cobb! HARDCORE! JEff Cobb is a ROBOT! Williams will lay it in! Cobb runs around the ring but doesn't quite make it a Brainbuster! Williams gets up Cobb! DDT by Williams! GNARLY GERMAN SUPLEX by Cobb! TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! That was good. HEY! It's NIGEL McGUINNESS! It's WILLIE MACK! It's KONOSUKE TAKESHITA~! TAKESHITALINE! Sweet LAriat by Mack! They trade ranas! They trade TOPE CON HILOS! Mack cuts off Soup with a Dropkick! LArd Lad with a LAriat! POUNCE and STUNNER by Mack! High knee and STUNNER by Soup! SHINING WIZARD by Mack! EXPLOIDER BY MACK! CANNONBALL by MACK! BLUE THUNDER BOMB by TAKESHITA! KNEE TO THE FACE FOR THE WIN! That was GREAT! AWESOME! More Miranda Alize! I can't get enough of her ring stylings. It's Willow Nightingale! Nice Fisherman Buster Suplex! Annoyed Willow is a fun Willow! She's CHOP-HAPPY! SPINEBUSTER FOR TWO! Nice comeback by Alize. Neato DDT by Alize. BEAUTIFUL DEATH VALLEY DRIVER by Willow! CANNONBALL TO NOWHERE! POUNCE! FUCKING AWESOME DOCTOR BOMB! That was good! MIRANDA ALIZE! MIRANDA ALIZE! MIRANDA ALIZE! SLIM J! STU motherfuxking GRAYSON! This should be good. Beautiful Belly to Belly Suplex by Stu! Slim J with his wacky offense and THEN his GREAT punches. This match is great. Mark Sterling DISTRACTS everyone! Slim J jumps 3/4 of the ring! Slim J should just punch the entire match. So fucking good. Stu Grayson is like the new Hayabusa coming off the ropes. Slim J is awesome making Stu look like a million bucks. Evil Uno double clotheslines Sterling and Daivari! Stu DOESN'T hit a Falcon Arrow to win so my budding Stu Is The New Hayabusa theory isn't going well. Hey! It's Dutch and Vincent! Dutch is fun. NOW. THE PPV.
  18. The match that made me con my wife into buying the PPV.
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