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  1. Had a low blood pressure dealy so I'm in the hospital a couple of days.
  2. Shunma Katsumata/ Yuki Ueno/ MAO vs Kip Sabian/ The Butcher/ The Blade- AEW Elevation Kevin Owens vs Solo Sikoa- RAW IYO SKY vs Piper Niven vs Mia Yim- RAW Jey Uso/ Jimmy Uso vs Chad Gable/ Otis- RAW Bronson Reed vs Bobby Lashley- RAW Trish Stratus/ Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan/ Raquel Rodriguez- RAW Rey Mysterio vs Finn Balor- RAW
  3. it's Finn Balor versus Rey Mysterio! Rey Rey hits his usual spots. Rey is almost as tall as Finn. Great counter to the 619. Toprope Hurricanrana by Rey is really nice. Balor gets his feet up for the Love Machine Splash! and a roll-up FOR TWO! Tope by Rey on Dominik! Dominik FINALLY gets Rey with the chain! Balor hits his finisher and that's that! That was good. Trish Stratus is Freebirding for Lita! Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez are all over the place these days! Rodriguez uses her power! Liv is still kinda crazy! I don't think I've actually seen Trish Stratus wrestle before. She seems okay. Raquel is awesome. So they are going to do the Trish heel turn already, with her attacking Lita? I heard rumors that she was turning heel! I HEARD IT! Raquel powerbomb everybody! A lot of odd things happen in this match since it looks like Bex seems to making it as she goes along. So this is pretty great. Liv Morgan rolls up Stratus for the win! AH! I CALLED IT! Trish is EVIL! It's Bobby Lashley versus Bronson Reed! This should be good. Oh, this is great! HOSS FIGHT! Reed is so fun, being all fat and agile. Lashley is awesome getting Reed up for a Snap Suplex! Reed uses his largeness to avoid the Full Nelson! Reed crushes him! Giant Spinebuster by Bobby! Double count out! That was great! They keep fighting! And fighting! YAAAY! The Alpha Academy versus the Usos! Otis is all wacky now. HE'S JIGGLY! Otis is the new Jimmy Boogie-Woogie Man Valient. Chad Gable gets beaten on by the desperate Usos! EXPLOIDER by Gable! Hot Tag to Mr Boogie-Woogie! Otis slams both Usos! Otis does the Worm! AA with the Doomsday Device for TWO! Usos tope Otis separately! Gable gets a GREAT nearfall on a toprope Splash! TEAM 3-D for the win! And THAT was great! SO I guess since everybody is stuck in an airport, they had to give each match like extra 8 minutes- THUS RAW is ROH! Oh no! A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! Oh well. It was a good run tonight. Mia Yim looks good in this, Piper Niven takes an ass beating in this. BEAUTIFUL Dragon Suplex by Yim! Yim with the CODE RED for two! IYO sneaks in a Moonsault for the win! That was good for a triple threat. It's Kevin Owens! It's Solo Sikoa! Owens sells the knee! Owens keeps selling the knee! Solo beats on the damaged Owens! Kevin Owens is so fucking GREAT. Owens goes for the Cannonball but his knee gives out! Owens hits a Love Machine Splash but HIS KNEE! SWanton for TWO! CHEATING BY ASSORTED USOS! SAMOAN SPIKE! ZANE! RIDDLE! That was fucking great. This whole episode is fucking great. They should be understaffed every week. HHH! HHH! HHH!
  4. It's the dudes from DDT! Ueno! MAO! Who is the other guy? Shunma Katsumata! Ueno is the best of the DDT juniors. MAO has less crazier hair than he used to! This was a LOT of stuff! The DDT guys looked great. The Butch, the Blade and Kip Sabian looked great. GREAT! Needed more Yuki Ueno. That was fun. The Renegades get an intro. NYLA! Marina Shafir and Robyn (YES! I can tell them apart now! I RULE!) Charlette (I just paused the TV and double checked and I am RIGHT!) beats on Shafir. NYLA beats on both of the Renegades. NYLA hits the Beast Bomb. That was pretty short. IT's EVil Uno, the new Kendo Nagasaki! Alex Reynolds and John Silver are not transformed into a fascinating couple of wrestlers, but they are still good. Yeah, UNO is fucking awesome. Aaron Roarke is fun. He is CRUSHED by all of the Dark Order. They DON'T finish with an Evil Uno Piledriver so this is less of a match. It's Lee Moriarty and BIG BILL! It's Traxx! And Rex Lawless! Big Bill kicks Lawless in the face! And a chokeslam! What a strange episode. Three squashes and the DDT dudes. And they are saving the Maki Ito match and EMI!/Mizuki for tomorrow, I guess. I guess AEW starts off with the main event everytime.
  5. I thought he died like fifty years ago.
  6. Rey Cometa vs Magia Blanca- CMLL Atlantis Jr/ Soberano Jr/ Titan vs El Barbaro Cavernario/ Niebla Roja/ Yota- CMLL Templario vs Volador Jr- CMLL Euforia/ Hechicero/ Mephisto vs Gran Guerrero/ Stuka Jr/ Ultimo Guerrero- CMLL
  7. CMLL! STRTEAMING! ======================= WEST SIDE HEAT! take on Matt Walters (who I don't think I've seen before) and Cali Gray! WRESTLE FORCE!
  8. Hey! I think the admins will opt to get rid of people. Pipe down.
  9. Maki Ito wrestles Cat Power in Vancouver! ============================ Dragon Bane and Alpha Wolf take on Aeroboy and Cobarde Jr. ================ It's a bunch of guys I can't spell: Parka Negra, Tiago y Cerebro Negro vs Hijo del Alebrije, Lobito I y Xibalba
  10. It's Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! Willie Mack is all over the world the last month.
  11. Awesome! Derby City Wrestling joins Memphis and Hollywood from United Wrestling Network! From Louisville!
  12. Yeah, me too. The Athena/Yamashita match was more unique, but Riho/ Hayter was more of a classic.
  13. Jiminy Crickets! MAN, this was a LOT of wrestling this week. Many quality wrestling matches are on the cut list! I am stuck between Jamie Hayter vs Riho, ATHENA vs Miyu Yamashita and Ethan Page vs HOOK! Hayter vs Riho was fucking awesome so I'm going with that. There were giant wads of WWE wrestling- mostly on NXT and Smackdown but a couple matches on RAW. IMPACT! kinda sucked this week. CWFH was good and NWA was pretty good this week. MLW was perfectly fine. Anyway, here we go. CUT LIST: Natalia Markova vs Labrava Escobar- NWA 312 pre-show; Natalia Markova vs Labrava Escobar- NWA USA; Faces of Destiny vs Super Classics- IWA-PR; Danielle Kamela vs Johnnie Robbie- CWFH; León Dorado vs Imposible- IWRG; Galeno del Mal/ Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr vs Travis Banks/ Hijo de Canis Lupus- IWRG; Hijo del Pirata Morgan/ Morgana/ Pirata Morgan/ Pirata Morgan Jr vs Pig Decapitador/ Pig Desenterrador/ Pig Destroyer/ Pig Destructor- IWRG; Nick Comoroto vs Action; Angelica Risk vs Skye Blue- AEW Elevation; Soma Watanabe/ Tetsuya Izuchi vs Takanori Ito/ Yusuke Kodama- GLEAT; Michiko Miyagi vs Akane Fujita- GLEAT; Check Shimatani/ Hayato Tamura/ KAZMA SAKAMOTO vs Hartley Jackson/ Kaito Ishida/ Kotaro Suzuki- GLEAT; Serpentico vs Willie Mack- AEW Dark; Homicide vs Salavar del la Muerte- NWA PowerrR; Esfinge/ Fugaz/ Star Black vs Gemelo Diablo I/ Gemelo Diablo II/ Sagrado- CMLL; Mark Briscoe/ Rey Fenix/ Penta el Zero Meido vs JD Drake/ Anthony Henry/ Shane Taylor- ROH; Alex Shelly/ Chris Sabin vs Bad Dude Tito/ Shane Haste- IMPACT!; Jon Gresham vs Speedball Mike Bailey- ROH; Ivy Nile vs Tatum Paxley- NXT; T-Hawk vs Issei Onitsuka- GLEAT; Liv Morgan/ Raquel Rodriguez vs IYO SKY/ Dakota Kai- RAW; Copa Irma Gonzalez Match- CMLL; 1 Called Manders vs Ricky Shane Page
  14. Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox is my new favorite tagteam.
  15. The match of the night- between Smackdown, Rampage, BOTB and the NWA pre-show was HOOK versus Ethan Page. That was fucking awesome.
  16. Sometimes you just have to accept being pelted with diapers, rocks and batteries.
  17. It's HOOK! It's Ethan Page! No longer dancing. Very sad. HOOK grabs a table! This match is fucking GREAT! This is the most MEMPHIS match in the history of AEW! KISS ETHAN PAGE'S ASS! EVERYBODY KISS HIS ASS! They have got to end up at the concession stand! This is fucking GREAT! HOOK GOES THROUGH THE TABLE! FOR TWO! A slightly awkward section. HOOk almost leaves a table unbroken! That match was fucking GREAT. Ethan Page is a miracle worker. QTV talks shit about Dante Martin! It's a very odd 8 man tag match. DADDY MAGIC LOVES THE RAP! Hey! It's the Infantry! LSG! It's an ROH reunion! The Infantry don't make it into the ring! AWESOME! DADDY MAGIC AND THE JAS BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE ACCLAIMED! AWWEESOME! So fucking old school! Hopefully Swerve merges with Shane Taylor Productions. It's Lee Moriarty! It's Darby Allin! They take it to the mat! Lee crushes his own testicles! BIG BILL CRUSHES DARBY WITH A BIG BOOT! That looked fucking great! In picture in picture, Big Bill and Moriarty CHEAT and CHEAT even more! Allin hits a BEAUTIFUL SUWA DROPKICK! This match is great too! Cool VARIATION of a DRAGON SUPLEX by Moriarty! This match is fucking GREAT! COFFIN DROP after crushing Big Bill with his Greatest Tope AFTER hitting a Code Red! That was great! I see that Brian Cage has signed a contract! I don't know about this main event. Anna Jat A S has a PHAT ASS AND A BAD ATTITUDE! Julia Hart hasn't actually been in an actual wrestling match yet. Is Anna J the female Ethan Page? We're about to find out. Julia channels Brody King and I back her play 100 per cent. Anna throws Julia into the guardrail and we head to picture in picture! This kinda NXT homegrown first matchish. The crowd doesn't turn on this. HEY! SPIDER SUPLEX! Julia Hart hits a very nice Moonsault! JULIA WITH THE MIST! That was pretty good for a half speed main event. Everything else was fucking GREAT. OPE! MORE AEW! Battle O' The Belts 6! Orange Cassidy's blood pressure is 80/40? Uh, he would start having organ failure, JR. FREEDOM AT POINT ZERO! Dralistico, the third best wrestler among his brothers, looks good in this. Cassidy fucks around a LOT! Dralistico is having some fun too. RUSH has an awesome coat! Dralistico is AWESOME in picture in picture, fish hooking Cassidy through the ropes like Dennis Condrey! Cassidy makes with the Michinoku Driver! This match is great! So many great matches tonight! Between this, Smackdown and Rampage, it is a TRUE embarrassment of riches! Canadian Destroyer for TWO by Dralistico! Orange Cassidy with the Orange Punch! Who is going to beat Cassidy? I'm guessing two more matches. Oh man! PUT THE BELT ON BUDDY MATTHEWS! It's Billie Starkz! She's younger than my youngest son. By like two months. Jade Cargill gets SLAPPED! SMACKYBUTT by Jade! Jade beats on the youngster on the outside as we get into picture in picture. The story of this match is fun. Jade with the Psicosis Corner Bump! The crowd gets behind Starkz comeback! Swanton to Jade's knees! Jade kicks Billie in the face and JADES her! That was good! Jade is kinda awkward taking Billie's offense but she is getting way better and that was a fun story and Jade held up her side of it by not being able to destroy the 18 year old. Billie Starks was fuckin PERFECT in her role. It's PENTA! ANNOY THE BOARD, sweet sweet PENTA! QT Marshall, the HEAT MACHINE of the YouTube contingent! Powerhouse Hobbes! Man, he is fucking good! HE is becoming the new VADER! And it's like VADER tagging with Cougar Jay! QT the Pin-Eater! They do the Octagon Tying The MAsk To The Ropes thingy. This show is chockfull of traditional Lucha Libre. DIRT SHEET DRIVER! QT! QT! QT! QT takes Fenix's offense like a champ! It kind of falls apart for a little while and it looked like Rey Fenix threw his back out but being a luchadore, he toughed it out. That was good. AEW RULES THE MOTHERUFUCKING WORLD!
  18. Eight minutes and we get the Brawling Brutes versus Imperium! HHH! HHH! HHH! We kill time until Sheamus and GUNTHER get in the ring! Giovanni Vinci is our secret Super Wrestler! And he hits a BEAUTIFUL Brainbuster! GUNTHER beats on Butch! Ridge Holland hits some suplexes and we all are on edge. GREAT SUWA DROPKICK BY GUNTHER! GUNTHER and Sheamus make with the HOSSNESS we were waiting for! Sheamus with an Air Raid Crash for two! All kinds of things happen! Vinci gets kicked in the face! Sheamus wins! That was fun! Ricochet and Non-Bald Viking Raider are going to have a strange match. IVAR! His name is Ivar! Ivar CRUSHES Ricochet against the side of the ring! Ricochet is being overpowered and overfatted! Ivar goes to the top and Ricochet catches him and hits the Toprope Frankensteiner! Ricochet hits a really pretty Shooting Star Press for the win! That was good! Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez take on Shotzy and Natalya! Liv and Raquel do a VARIATION of a Doomsday Device and Decapitation! Shotzi kinda houseshows Liv Morgan's finisher. That was fine. It's Dominik and Damien Priest versus Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar of the LWO! Damien Priest is our SECRET Super Wrestler! Dominik is so fucking great. He IS the new Eddie Gilbert. Rey makes his son look like a million bucks/a total killer. Escobar does the Stuka Jr Plancha! DOUBLE TOPES! This match is great! Dominik catches Rey mid-hot tag with a Michinoku Driver! Zelina hits Rhea with a Rana! Priest with a Chokeslam for the win! That was great! It's Sami Zayn versus Jey Uso! They wrestle for a few minutes. Solo Sikoa shows up! HOLY SHIT! ZAYN HOIT A TOPROPE EXPLOIDER! Other than that, Zayn is wrestling total Terry Funk-style. SUPERKICK BY JEY FOR TWO! Exploider into the corner by Sami! BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Which has never finished anybody off! That I've seen! SAMOAN SPIKE BY SOLO! Jey gets the win! POSTMATCH, Matt Riddle saves Sami Zayn? Okay! That was a fucking great episode. HHH! HHH! HHH!
  19. Labrava Escobar vs Natalia Markova is STIFF! The rest is happening now.
  20. And your winner IS Kenny Omega vs Jeff Cobb! Omega wins two weeks in a row! I assume we will be back to loving Orange Cassidy this week.
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