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NXT TV - 03/27/19 (SPOILER FREE!)

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Advertised for tonight

  • Dusty Classic Finals: Forgotten Sons vs. Black/Ricochet
  • Kacy Catanzaro/Lacey Lane vs. Aliyah/Vanessa Borne
  • Matt Riddle vs. Kona Reeves
  • Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano have a "face to face"
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The Cole/Gargano segment was good. Kind thinking Gagarno actually wins the belt. Thinking more and more after this one all they have done is jumped started the planned feud post for post-Gargano/Ciampa.

The women's tag was actually going well until the interference. Glad Kacy got a chance to show off a bit even if it wasn't during the match itself.

Kona/Riddle was pretty decent. Dream's entrance and announcement of Riddle as the victor was wonderful.

Sons vs. Black/Ricochet was damn good and probably the best match of the tournament.

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When I saw the run time on this episode I figured the tag match would be long. Pretty great match though.

I don't like the Dusty Classic being won by singles wrestlers that happen to team up for the tournament for 3 out of 4 events. The women's tag looked ok. I'm not sure why they're keeping Shayna separate from the other 3 in the title match. I think she's retaining and isn't moving to the main roster until post Summerslam at the earliest.

Excited for Riddle/Dream and I think the NXT title match will break the record for most hokey wrestler faces after kickouts.

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The face off was pretty solid, but Gargano always comes off a little hokey to me and I am sure the match will be full of those moments, but I think the good should outweigh the bad.

I was hoping Catanzaro would get rag dolled around a bit more as she is the perfect person to get bullied and chucked around. Man Shaffir and Duke continue to Bulk and Skull around like goofs.

Velveteen Dream continues to be one of the best things in wrestling. 

Dusty Finals was quality, but I was hoping for a Forgotten Sons win because as others have said a makeshift team winning kind of sucks. Plus I think Sons/War Raiders would have been more of a slugfest throw down than what we are going to get now.

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