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I am doing it this way because it seems that they didn't make it clear what was going where and folks think matches were taped out of order so... yeah... back to a giant spoiler block for now

From PWI


Here are full spoilers from the NXT taping at the Venue at UCF on 2/22/17

Dark Match: Ruby Riot (Heidi Lovelace) def. Kimber Lee 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the order of matches as they were taped. I'm not certain if any were dark matches and some are likely to be spliced into different shows. I can't guarantee the order of their air date.


- A video is played of Sanity, standing over a fire, where Eric Young calls out Tye Dillinger for a one on one match. 

- Elias Samson comes out to sing his song. He is interrupted by Kassius Ohno. Kassius says the crowd goes Oh No when he comes out, but they say oh no (in a sad way) when the Drifter comes out. After a back and forth argument, Ohno challenges Drifter to a Loser leaves NXT match, which The Drifter accepts.

- Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young never starts. Sanity drags Roderick Strong out to the ramp. Dillinger and No Way Jose proceed to check on Strong. Dillinger and Jose charge the ring to brawl with Sanity, but get laid out.

- Andrade Cien Almas def. Ho Ho Lun 

- Loser Leaves NXT match: Kassius Ohno def. Elias Samson. 

Post match: Ohno smashes the guitar as Elias is escorted out 

- Ember Moon def. Billie Kay. Officials checked on Billie after the match.

- The Revival vs. The Ealy Brothers never starts. Authors of Pain come out and the Revival runs off. AOP attacks the Ealy brothers, laying them out 

- Heavy Machinery def. Mike Marshall and Johnathan Orgeron 

- Nikki Cross def. Macey Estrella. Tye Dillinger and No Way Jose attack Sanity after the match, but get laid out. 

Week 2

- Andrade Cien Almas def. Oney Lorcan 

- Asuka def. Priscilla Zuniga (Florida independent talent Angel Rose).

Post match:  Asuka yells something out in Japanese at Ember Moon.

Week 3

- Authors of Pain def. the Ealy Brothers. 

Post match: Paul Ellering says he's built the algorithm for tag team wrestling. He says The Authors of Pain will be a dynasty. DIY comes out and wants a fair rematch. The Revival come out and say they're the best Tag Team of all time. William Regal comes out and makes AOP vs  DIY vs The Revival  for Takeover Orlando in a Triple Threat Elimination Match.

- Sanity vs. Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, and Tye Dillinger ends in a no contest as both teams brawl out of control. After the bell, Dillinger goes to attack Eric Young, but Nikki Cross grabs onto Dillinger. Ruby Riot comes and grabs Nikk and throws her out. The babyfaces clear the ring. 

Week 4

- Triple Threat Match: Dash Wilder (w/Scott Dawson) def. Johnny Gargano  (w/Thomasso Ciampa) and  Akam (w/Rezar)  

- NXT Championship Match: Bobby Roode  (c) def. Kassius Ohno  to retain. 

- Shinsuke Nakamura def. TJ Perkins.

 Post match: Bobby Roode comes out, demanding Nakamura leaves. Roode mentions that he has friends as Andrade Cien Almas comes out.  Almas and Roode attack Nakamura, until the lights go out and Finn Balor's music hits. Finn clears the ring. He says he's not medically cleared, but will be back sooner rather than later. Finn stands face to face with Nakamura as the crowd chants "WrestleMania". Finn smiles and wishes Nakamura a happy birthday. They both too sweet each other and do Nakamura's pose on the ropes to close the taping. (Likely dark segment)


- The WON link has plenty of pictures so easier to just to link to it

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Maybe the original plan was to do Ohno vs. Roode at Takeover, but then some asshole sent a picture of Ohno to Vince McMahon?

When I saw that they are doing Ohno vs. Roode at the tapings I was hoping they would do the right thing and put the belt on Ohno and then go with Ohno vs. Nakamura as the Takeover main event, but i guess not.

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I don't buy that Ryan Ward wasn't a significant part of NXT's success when you look at how pedestrian the show has been since his call up and how good Smackdown has been since his promotion. There's no character depth, poor build to the big shows, and it doesn't look to be improving. We don't know anything about anybody as there are rarely any promos and when there are not much is accomplished. I'm sure Regal is working with the talent in fleshing out their characters, so it's not as if there's a dearth in trainer quality since Dusty's passing. They've had long enough to establish people beyond static characters but have shown little interest in doing so. 

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22 minutes ago, Oyaji said:

I don't buy that Ryan Ward wasn't a significant part of NXT's success

NXT has been gutted this past year. Balor, Bayley, Zayn, Alpha, Cass and Enzo, Corbin, Joe, Alexa, Nia, Aries etc. They had the talent to make this transition pretty smooth, but they put them in the crusier weight division. Alexander, Swan, and Gallagher would make NXT 50 times better than it is right now. Alexander could've been the next babyface ace after Nak leaves. Instead he's in the 20th most important storyline on Raw.

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11 minutes ago, Oyaji said:

They have Shinsuke Nakamura, Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, and La Sombra. They aren't exactly hurting for talent. Think of how lame the latter two are in terms of characters. 

They also have Tommy End (since September), who they could instantly put in the main event scene.

I also will never understand why Biff Busick has been designated as a jobber and will probably never get out of that role.

Instead we're getting Bobby Roode as NXT champion.

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32 minutes ago, Oyaji said:

They have Shinsuke Nakamura, Chris Hero, Roderick Strong, and La Sombra. They aren't exactly hurting for talent. Think of how lame the latter two are in terms of characters. 

I'm not sure I agree on Almas.  I think he's done a fine job as a heel, but there's only so much a guy who doesn't speak English can do.  You're right about Strong, but I mean, he's Roddy Strong. It is what it is with him.  If he were food, Elwood Blues would order him in a diner.

I may have reached a little too far with that Blues Brothers analogy... 


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I watched Roddy for years in ROH, and my impression was great tag worker but pretty bland as a singles guy. I just feel like they lost so many homegrown babyfaces that the fans had a real connection to it's almost impossible to replace them. It takes a lot of time for the audience to develop the kind of investment they had in people like Zayn, Balor, Alpha, Cass and Zo, and Bayley. Bringing in talented workers like Strong and Almas helps, but the fans don't have the emotional investment in those guys that they did with the old guard of NXT. Yes some of that can be placed on the writing, but I think at some point HHH has to bite the bullet and do a rebuild with younger talent.

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NXT caught lightning in a bottle, just like ECW and SMW in the 90s and ROH in the 00s and even Chikara from a few years ago. They had a lot of very talented people pass through the doors and connect with an audience. We're not even remembering Bo Dallas or The Wyatts or Tyler Breeze or Tyson "Check on my cats" Kidd or Paige Summer Rae. It was a great roster in front of a great audience that hit the right note at the right time.

It's hard to keep something like that going. The one thing NXT has going for it is that it's a WWE minor league. They don't have to run big shows with it. They can just bring everything back to Full Sail if big crowds start dwindling.

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