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El Puma Jr. (Debut), Ultra Taro (Japan), Leon Negro (1994 - 1997), Psicosis (1997 - 2013), Psycosys/Psicosis Extreme (current, indies),Psicosis (II)/Psicosis (AAA-CMLL) Psyco Ripper (2013), Reaper (2013 - current


First - With Psyco Ripper AND Reaper gimmicks. TOTALLY QUALIFIES~!

Second - He is not to be confused with Nicho. We used Psicosis AAA back in the day so that's why I used it here


Now... just to fuck with you







(He is Leon Negro in this match)


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Why all the name changes? I'm not too familiar with lucha culture.

He became Psicosis when Nicho left for Promo Azteca/WCW. AAA claimed they owned the Psicosis name so when he left, he had to change his name to Reaper/Ripper. He won a court case where he can use the Psicosis name on the indies but not on TV hence why he's still Ripper on CMLL tv but working as Psicosis on the indies.

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