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  1. I have a weird question for everyone. How is Civ VI on consoles? Is it worth even dabbling with. I've always wanted to check one of those out for a few hours but think of them more as a PC game. Closest I've gotten is I played a little of Tropico 5 on the PS4 when that was a PS+ game. Also, if it's worth touching. Is it better on normal console, or is it a more enjoyable Switch experience?
  2. I had the show on in the background and spaced out for large swaths of it. I started mid-way through the opener. It seemed like a fun spring, but man that finish was not good in a "this is a tired, lazy WWE booking trope" kind of way. Grimes/Knight seemed kind of there, but the finish looked sort of botched to me. I didn't really pay attention to the women's tag, but I remembered I read Tegan Knox was cleared to come back when the battery charger graphic popped up to end that match. I hope she can stay healthy and go on a decent run. That many ACL injuries is tough luck. Cole/O'Reilly was more noise than attention. The crowd was super into it, but I'm not huge on Cole, and I don't know that a match needs multiple panama sunrises. This was your grumpy, mid-30s, curmudgeon, and I've been watching wrestling for way too long (26 years now, yikes) recap of the day.
  3. This feels a bit reactionary. Interim bout seems unnecessary and a bit petty on UFC's part. https://twitter.com/espnmma/status/1409612914504392713?s=20
  4. I reupped Gamefly a couple months ago and forgot to cancel after the first month. I should have Mario Golf hitting my inbox today and am hopeful that will make for a fun Monday night.
  5. He was really upset that Knack wasn't used as the initial tech demo for the PS5.
  6. Is Nick Khan the most power that Vince has ever openly ceded to an executive? The guy is definitely very savvy and is probably viewing WWE similarly to how someone that comes from the Hollywood/Sports world would view any other property, but you've never really heard this much about a guy influencing this company like he has this last year.
  7. This can't be good for Diamond Mine on NXT either as that stable is supposed to be CW Title focused.
  8. I saw one going around with the last set of cuts that they were a little over 300 and the cuts got them to like 285 or something like that. They definitely have more talent signed than they can use consistently, and even with touring starting back, it doesn't sound like the 5 days a week touring schedule is ever coming back (which is probably a blessing for roster health). Although, you have to worry about the string of injuries that are bound to happen even with the current touring starting up in a couple weeks.
  9. I've had a couple of UA's IPAs, and they're kind of the same thing in the one offs and they kind of let you know through numbered variants. I've been the total opposite on the drinking front, and I'm not super proud of it. I probably drank more frequently during the pandemic (keep in mind, Alabama didn't go as extreme on the lockdowns as many. The craft beer bar I go to was even doing drive through service for growler fills and to go cans), but I've had a lot of life things happen and haven't coped the best in the world. I'm also the heaviest I've ever been in my life as a result (never thought I'd break 200 and am pushing 225). I'm no the mend even if things are still as stressful as ever.
  10. Surprised this thread died off. I almost preordered some 450North from CraftBeerKings, but their mark up on beer plus what shipping cost always steers me away even though I know 450 is just high on the secondary market (I was spoiled and had a connection that would on occasion drive him down a few cases of stuff that lived locally and we'd pay roughly cost). I know liquid is expensive to ship, but $20 for basically 8 cans to ship is just a rough yes for me.
  11. My only complaint with this show is that it's only going to be six episodes. Fantastic stuff to this point.
  12. I think O'Reilly vs Kushida could be really good.
  13. That makes Tua throwing 5 INTS yesterday that much more infuriating.
  14. Chaos

    EURO 2020

    I'm at work, so can't watch but that goal from Schick just hit my Twitter feed. Good lord!
  15. I think the choices were odd. I'm not terribly mad about it. The things I would change about it are really the following. 1) Neutral Site for round 2 (you're punishing the top 4 teams for getting a bye and not giving them the extra revenue of a home game that the other 4 received) 2) Eliminate Automatic Qualifiers. There are going to be years where the "conference champion" is a 3-4 loss team and not among the top 12. That shouldn't be rewarded. 3) I don't think a Group of 5 team should be automatic. I think they should get in most years, but you probably need to have some kind of loss cap on who that team is (no more than 1-2 losses).
  16. Chaos


    The energy from the crowd in this limited capacity for Djokovic/Nadal is something. Nadal is basically leaving himself on the court in trying not to fall here.
  17. I don't know that I've seen any Savio Vega post WWE (I may have seen him in TNA, but it's been so long). I wonder if he's had anything standout match-wise recently.
  18. I watched ROH TV last night because I do like the Survival of the Fittest concept, so we'll see if I keep watching past this week's episode. I thought Flamita/Horus was a fine start to the tournament with Flamita in spots trying to get over his new heel persona. As @Curt McGirtsaid, some of those spots screamed "I'm trying to get injured" like the Big E spear (which always pops me), and a couple of the dives (specifically the tope into the chair. However, I did like the moonsault swipe even if it did lead to an apron bump. Woods/Silas was absolutely fantastic and is the kind of wrestling that scratches my "why I still watch this on occasion" brain. It was a case of class vs smarts with Woods knowing he can outclass Young in a pure rules wrestling match, and Young using positioning and heeling it up to both get away with cheap shots and getting into Woods's head. The rope breaks played into it exactly how they should have for one of these, and I liked the ankle hold. Fun match. Happy I gave this show the 50ish minutes. The Ric Flair car insurance ads show that Flair definitely doesn't vet sponsors well (although, that's always been known). Also, the commentary could be a bit better. I noticed this at 19th Anniversary too that the commentary improved when Romero joined. Not sure if it's the lack of crowd or what that's hurting it.
  19. It sounds like Vinny/Brad/Alex are starting their next project together. I guess it's initially starting with a podcast called Nextlander and also will have a twitch channel for streaming. I guess more to come, but happy to see those guys start their next thing quickly.
  20. This is a company that's looking to sell soon. It's the only explanation for me.
  21. I'm 34. It's scary to me that the youngest coach is a little over a year older than me. If Joe Brady gets an HC job soon, that'll be a coach younger than me.
  22. This is why I'm not great at scoring fights. I was a little surprised that the judges scored that bout 4-1 for Rodriguez. She clearly dominated the first 3 rounds, but Waterson clearly won the fourth, and I would have probably given her the 5th as well. Really resilient comeback that looks like a total squash had it been only a 3 round fight.
  23. You'd have to think they overturn that result. Absolutely wild finish. Really wild fight while it lasted. Both dudes worked a ferocious pace. Impressive Werdum can still go like that at 40.
  24. I mean Jericho is not always the most trustworthy source, but he said that TNT was adamant about not having people surprise show up anymore, which is why the Christian stuff got teased for the PPV as opposed to TV.
  25. It's a shame. When that site is clicking, it's some really good content. Hitsmas is still one of my favorite things ever.
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