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  1. Fansided/Reddit researched one of the brokers Ebay accounts and found some other interesting names tied to merchandise being sold by one of the brokers: Jedeveon Clowney, Amari Cooper, and TJ Yeldon. This continues the trend of "where there is a scandal in Southeastern Football, an Alabama presence can be found in some form or fashion."
  2. I played a little bit through the Liara Dig Site mission after having not picked this up in a few months. The Mako has to be one of the worst handling vehicles I've driven in awhile. Also, why do squad members have to be such idiots that are willing to leap into death?
  3. Events from 1987/02/12 to 1987/02/12 1987/02/12: WWF @ Spokane Spokane Coliseum in Spokane, Washington (United States of America) 1. Junkyard Dog and George Steele vs. Paul Orndorff and King Harley Race - winner unknown 2. 20 Man $50000 Bunkhouse Battle Royal: Adrian Adonis vs. B. Brian Blair vs. Bret Hart vs. Dick Slater vs. George Steele vs. Jim Brunzell vs. Jim Neidhart vs. Junkyard Dog vs. King Harley Race vs. Rick Martel vs. Roddy Piper vs. Ron Bass vs. Tom Zenk vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? - winner unknown 3. Adrian Adonis vs. Roddy Piper - winner unknown 1987/02/12: WWF @ Kansas City Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri (United States of America) 1. Dino Bravo defeated Brad Rheingans 2. Mike Rotunda and Danny Spivey vs. Haku and Tama ended without a winner as a double disqualification 3. Jake Roberts defeated Pedro Morales 4. Hercules defeated Billy Jack Haynes 5. WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Randy Savage © vs. Ricky Steamboat ended without a winner as a double countout 6. WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Hulk Hogan © defeated Kamala 1987/02/12: JCP @ Raleigh Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina (United States of America) 1. Ivan Koloff and Vladimir Petrov defeated Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner 2. Wahoo McDaniel defeated Shaska Whatley 3. Ricky Lee Jones defeated Denny Brown 4. NWA United States Heavyweight Title (Mid-Atlantic-Version) Match: Nikita Koloff © defeated Arn Anderson 5. Bob Armstrong defeated Gary Royal 6. Lex Luger and Tully Blanchard defeated Dutch Mantell and Bobby Jaggers 7. Ric Flair defeated Barry Windham 8. Steel Cage Match: Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson defeated Rick Rude and Manny Fernández
  4. ...so Time Warner Cable apparently dropped Showtime mid-negotiations. I really cannot wait until I move out of an apartment and drop this crappy cable.
  5. A&M lucks out because they have a cupcake schedule this year. A hungover Manziel should be able to string together 11-1 or 10-2 with that schedule.
  6. This does not help matters: http://www.nbcnews.com/business/former-ncaa-athletes-win-video-game-lawsuit-against-ea-6C10809666
  7. I fear that the WWE knows that everyone sees the telegraphed Bryan winning, and then Orton cashing in booking as an inevitability. Instead, they will bring about shenanigans that I think would be unique to the MITB Cash-in (so it's at least original). Bryan and Cena get into a double knockdown spot leading to a ten count. Cena is the first to get up which spawns Orton to pop up from under the ring and deck Cena with the briefcase leading to a DQ win for Cena. With Cena laid out, Orton punts Bryan as he's getting up to incapacitate him. An RKO to Cena = Orton as new champ. You set yourself up for a good mix of matches in the coming weeks/months, but you kill all good will booking in the process with a fan base that has really gotten behind Bryan's underdog angle.
  8. Fresh, MattOPersonaliT. I literally am at the very beginning. I struggled beating Knuckledragger. The only reason I finally beat him was because he got his fist stuck in the ice and all he could do was throw at me.
  9. Why are you apologizing, man? We have a standard open invite for DVDVR dudes to jump into our party, even if it is just to say, "Whaddap?" I knew that. I just knew it was kind of awkward because I kind of went "what's up, guys" a couple times before I realized that "I don't think my headset works."
  10. This is a reminder that I need to pick back up playing the first game. J.T. and Rippa, I am sorry to randomly hop in on your party session the other night. I think my headset wasn't working. I was starting Borderlands 2 and was seeking guidance.
  11. Zero claims another victim. I think my save game for this on my Xbox is still stuck at this mission. I think that's part of the reason why I never played it again. I am on this mission and the mission where you have to drive for fucking ever to take pictures of I forget the guys that betray you. I guess I'm probably best off just replaying this game from the beginning eventually.
  12. I got in some quality time with GTA IV this weekend. I guess I finally finished Act I: I forgot how much I really despised chase/follow and stalk missions. I also am not sure that I have had an insanely fun mission yet in this game. Granted, I vaguely remember the parts I played two year sago.
  13. What did you decide to reset the date to submit? I could turn in a '90s list, but I have not watched much in preparation (I have not watched much film at all the last year or so), and I know my list would be drastically different if I watched stuff that I've missed.
  14. Very much disagree with this (though Stay On My Side Tonight is very overlooked). Futures could be considered that, but was also a lot harder over-all than Bleed American. I thought Chase This Light was a direct continuation of that as well and probably the least of the three albums following Bleed American to try and sound like Bleed American. Invented, I think you could make a case for trying to copy Bleed American, but in my opinion again, a lot harder and more diverse. Bleed American, to me, is a great power pop album with two or three hard alt-rock songs (Sweetness, Bleed American, and perchance Get It Faster). Futures, Chase This Light, and Invented are all very much alt-rock/90s emo/whatever albums that may have one or two power pop songs on them (Work, Coffee & Cigarettes, etc). There is no song that has come close to The Middle in terms of writing and I don't think they have tried writing another one. I do think they have tried writing a new "Hear You Me" like four times though. I probably like Futures more than Bleed American. "23" is just a really good attempt at an epic from the band. I also adore "Stay on my Side Tonight." "Disintegration" might be my favorite Jimmy Eat World song. I have not been huge fans of their last few albums and have genuinely ignored "Damage." The only song that I really cared for off Invented was "Coffee and Cigarettes" and the acoustic bonus version was the stronger effort for that. I also really liked the cover of "You and I" that came as a bonus track.
  15. I don't feel like this is worth starting a thread over just yet. Is PWG worth following these days? I was thinking about grabbing some clearance DVDs from ROH's sale and saw they started carrying PWG shows, so I was thinking of either getting the final show of 2012 (Mystery Vortex) or the first show of 2013 (DDT4 2013). From a "buy their stuff" standpoint, they seem like a fairly inexpensive promotion to follow. roughly 12 shows a year for $15 a piece isn't awful.
  16. I doubt there's too many people that care for John Mayer around these parts, but I really love "Continuum" as an album. With that said, I do not know if there is a more awful, out of place song on a good record than "Waiting on the World to Change." It just doesn't fit with the album for me. I normally start the album on "I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)"
  17. Please don't remind me that the dark days are about to be upon my sports radio airwaves in a couple weeks.I have enjoyed Paul's sabbatical from talk radio... because it means I haven't had my IQ lowered by five minutes of his show.
  18. I don't know where this belongs, but this series is a critical part of my tween-teen-early adult years, so I am going to have to let out a big Vader NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! to this: http://www.pastapadre.com/2013/07/17/ncaa-not-renewing-contract-with-ea-sports-may-bring-an-end-to-college-video-games
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