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  1. Hate to hear the news of Christine McVie's passing. What a career from Chicken Shack, Fleetwood Mac, and various side projects. A very prolific songwriter and musician. Wish I had my vinyl collection here so I could listen to the 70-75 run of Fleetwood Mac. R.I.P.
  2. Of course they are. How do you expect them to display the new hats and jerseys for sale?
  3. After reading this, I expect the Raiders to sign OBJ to a long term deal.
  4. It looks like Justin Tucker's range is about 66 yards Wild finish in Jax-Bal.
  5. David Njoku with an unbelievable one handed catch in Cleveland!
  6. It's almost as if different people have different opinions on entertainment. Weird.
  7. The caption for Pertwee's look in that photo should be "This fucking mizzark.".
  8. I think this is the version that was/is on Apple Arcade. If it was $10 bucks I'd be in, $30 is too steep for this one.
  9. The prices I have seen have been a major bust. Ghosts of Tsushima was cheaper when Target clearanced it out during the summer. Probably the best deal I've seen has been a Xbox Series S at Target for $250 w/$50 Target gift card. If I wasn't anti digital-only consoles, I'd be all over that one.
  10. Raiders gave up a 36yd run to Matt Ryan.
  11. Vikings gonna give this game away.
  12. This is a Madden game come to life!
  13. Dalvin Cook forgot his Stickum
  14. I take it back, Minnesota is obviously the greatest.
  15. Minnesota's O-line really doesn't want any Isotoner gloves for Christmas.
  16. How is Kirk Cousins? (I am not inquiring about his health.)
  17. I'd almost forgotten that one , thanks for reminding me.
  18. The Raiders imploding can all be placed at Mark Davis' feet. Even in his worst dementia state, Al would have never given McDaniels an interview. I can only watch in dismay, I had pretty high hopes coming into the year. I'm too old to take this team on anymore.
  19. Remakes are a funny thing, I wouldn't think twice if someone told me that Psycho was their favorite film. But if they followed that up with "Van Sant really knew what he wanted and didn't let up.", I would probably be looking for a new person to talk with about cinema. But there are good remakes, I am not as fond of Dawn Of The Dead (2004) as Rippa is, but I do consider '04 a quality remake. The thing that works for me with NotLD '90 is that Romero seemed to want to trim the fat with the screenplay and I think he succeeded. Racism was not something that ever really stood out to me with the original, so having the misogyny versus racism talk sort of throws me. Barbra being more proactive was a bright spot as Tallman does a great job with the character. I guess having a more upbeat ending puts a perfect bookend to contrast the original vs remake. Was it the Day of the Dead (2008) remake that had a zombie crawling on the ceiling? Good times.
  20. Are these bad decisions solely because Parros wants to bring the "Goon" back into fashion?
  21. I have set my calendar for January 27th in Florida. That's when the Kings come to visit the Panthers and I'd very much like a receipt. There was a minor scrum at the end of the game where he tried to pry Quick's mask off with the blade of his stick and Michael Anderson seemed to be interested in getting into it with Tkachuk, but it was squashed fast. One of the most cowardly things I've ever seen in hockey. (And I remember Tony Granato losing his mind.)
  22. Nothing like that first time coach buzz.
  23. Fields can actually run towards the opponents end zone. Willis was just running for his life.
  24. I can't lay all the blame on Willis for being bad, the Titans receivers suck just as bad.
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