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  1. So Brisett for the Fins and Peterman for the Raiders? I know Carr will likely start, but this would be a Game of the Week matchup.
  2. I just started XCom 2 for the PS4 and maybe my expectations for a next-gen (at the time) update were higher than the final result. Still a great game, though.
  3. I finally connected an external HD to my PS4, because it was unable to download updates and install new games. Let everything update and decided to check out PS+ and discovered that I had Mafia 3 in my library. Don't remember when they offered it but I'm grateful they did. JT's playthrough got me interested in playing the game. I also found out that the DLC is free in the store, so double win.
  4. That's classic Bristol! Allmendinger has always seemed like an okay dude, so I'm not mad. Did you see Elliott and Harvick get their panties intertwined in the Monster race?
  5. Diablo 2 Resurrected comes out on my birthday. Thinking of picking it up as a present to myself since I remember nothing about the story. I probably still have the Battlechest around somewhere, but the updated visuals look pretty good on the videos I've watched.
  6. Chris Stapleton is the artist to which I was referring. Not for me. If that's his idea of a good cover I probably don't need to hear any of his stuff.
  7. I heard a Metallica cover from one of the top name country artists and I had to "Nope" the fuck out of that one.
  8. Gone way too young. R.I.P. Chuck The Truck
  9. Is that it? Is it over? I'm not turning the TV off yet.
  10. The Black Scorpion is going to run in at this rate.
  11. I had to change the channel when I saw his ridiculous attempt at putting 5 strands of hair into a ponytail. C'mon, bruh.
  12. Cool tribute. That pic reminds me he was pretty good as Duke Togo, too.
  13. I'd love to watch you doing a playthrough video series on this game on YouTube.
  14. Saint Vitus is great with both, never got into the album with the singer from Count Raven.
  15. I wish I had seen him live with Saint Vitus but what can you do.
  16. Sonny Chiba was The Man. But 82 was a good run. Sad we won't him in the flick with Wesley Snipes and Jesse Ventura. R.I.P. The Street Fighter
  17. That's the worst Charlie Chan impersonation I've ever heard. I give him a pass just for how shitty that try was. Had a friend in the 90s that would do that style of voice whenever we went to a Chinese buffet, except his impersonation was spot on. Had to stop going out in public with that guy.
  18. Let me tell you about this band called The Clash...
  19. Ace of Spades on church bells. (If anyone can tell me how to insert a video into the post, it would be greatly appreciated. I try to "insert link" and "embed code" and neither works for me. I am not an idiot... Much.) I figured it out!!!
  20. Reading JT's exploits killing Dixie crackers sure gets me in the mood to crack open the vanilla copy I've had in my inventory, but I get the feeling that reading his updates would be far more entertaining that playing the actual game. Maybe I'll fire up Wolfenstein instead.
  21. It was touched on many pages ago. I played it quite a bit when it was new, but the thing about these "Battle Royale" version classic games like this is the fact that the game is not at all like the original. In strategy, I mean. There's little to no instruction to tell you what's going on, so you have to have a real love for the game to struggle through. I guess the gaters would say to "git gud". I've been a Pac Man lover since the early days popping quarters into the cabinets in local markets. After I got my sole survivor win or whatever it is called in '99, I got my screenshot for confirmation and have played sparingly since.
  22. I figured they were done with the veteran presence role when they got Pujols. Hamels add nothing, IMO.
  23. I'm a year behind you next month and I love games like this. You might want to check out Haven Park which drops on Thursday, I think. It's on Steam and looks like a cross between Animal Crossing and A Short Hike. We all need something to help us decompress and I'll never be ashamed of any outlet I seek for such and neither should you.
  24. Well, I guess they have substantial evidence to come to a quick conclusion like this. Bauer next?
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