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  1. Orton was going for the Rainmaker! Like...over and over again. I love all the talk of it being more like a sim and you have to build to big moves. First move in the match is a powerslam. And of course I'll still buy it.
  2. That Kabuki/Valentine match has so much potential to be soul crushingly awful...
  3. Well it's been said that it was pretty much Steen's promos that got him signed at the camp so he has a way.
  4. The "Welcome To The Jungle" San Andreas trailer is also not to be fucked with. I remember seeing that commercial and just being ridiculously excited for that game to drop.
  5. Pictured on left: Owner of the world's toughest vagina.
  6. The answer is "have you seen his wife??"
  7. Re: The Dempsey angle: I could be wrong but I think it was edited off the DVD release because people were pissed off about it. So it was definitely not well received.
  8. The solution to every problem will be a dead character.
  9. Bob Holly makes him sound like a seriously scary dude.
  10. I want to believe Stan is getting some kind of push notification and loudly exclaiming "what in tarnation?! Words a' wonder?!"
  11. That is exactly what I'd expect someone who won a fighting game tournament to look like.
  12. Daniels did plenty of job matches without a mask if they want to go that route.
  13. That's the coolest thing that band has done in about 4 years.
  14. Not to mention having "Stay Down" tattooed on your knuckles doesn't translate to many lines of work. Mortician? Vigilante Rapist Hunter? Low altitude window washer? Bulimia rehab center attendant? Priapism tamer?
  15. I felt it in my chest during that big sweep around shot of the whole team in Avengers.
  16. Reminds me of the year that me and my little brother asked for n64 games, knowing we were only getting one to share...I asked for WCW World Tour, he asked for Mischief Makers and that's what we got. I still haven't forgiven him fully.
  17. I foresee a Wade Barrett meme in your future...
  18. I think they knew which guys were coming in to some degree, and possibly a list of gimmicks. So there was going to be some Tracey Smothers and also a character named Freddie Joe Floyd. My guess anyway.
  19. TNA should expand their social outcast visibility by having a 20 sided ring. Instead of heels abs faces we'll have humans, dwarves, and orcs.
  20. HIGHER quality?! I didn't have the money for your la di da Jeff Lynch tapes, I bought my tapes 4th generation on eBay from guys with names like SabuRVD420.
  21. And true to form, Tito is probably losing.
  22. I wanted that game BEFORE I knew I could throw a ganmengiri in it...
  23. Apparently from people that were on the show, it's exactly what Evans intended to do.
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