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  1. Thanks for posting that John. I never got to meet Burke, but I’ve been a mess since Thursday. We spent endless hours doing stupid things on gta. One of my favorite gaming memories was nothing but him and me laughing at melraz for 20 minutes while he fought a bl3 boss. Anything to help his family while they’re dealing with the loss of husband and father would mean a lot.
  2. I want to say if you're Eric Bienemy you can do better than the Texans, but the reality is if you're Eric Bienemy you're getting screwed over every year, multiple times. And you're fully aware of it.
  3. Don’t think I ever played a mission with Fresh. I only remember doing things where stabbing each other was completely appropriate.
  4. Naw. It’s that awful melee deathmatch on the prison. The one with the bus.
  5. I'm rereading the old GTA thread. Miss GTA with y'all. I've barely touched it in years, and it's been even longer since I did anything besides heists or freemode, so I've clean forgotten most of the missions and other stuff. Now that I'm rereading earlier parts of that thread, I have this weird desire to go run Titan of a Job, followed by Prison Thugz.
  6. Yeah, I did that. That part wasn't too bad, and was in the middle of the game. The ending (or at least the two I've seen) just has a bunch of cutscenes, much like when shit hit the fan and you meet Johnny for the first time. Second ending I got felt a lot better than the first. Also on the plus side, I realized yesterday that Judy looks and sounds a lot like a young Elizabeth Pena.
  7. Well, I beat it. Got a pretty soul crushing ending. Gonna try out another one. I could just use the game to do that for me, but that would require sitting through ALL THOSE FUCKING CUTSCENES again. Forty I had a save from right before the final choice, so I just reloaded that. Other stuff: I went through the game with minimal difficulty without ever using an implant, modding or crafting. And I’m far from a good gamer johnny and I actually got along pretty well. Mainly because all the bad stuff he wants you to do is stuff I do in games anyway. Him trolling V in the Raymond Chan
  8. If you have done some of the nomad quests (not sure which ones exactly) you can get what is apparently the fastest car in the game for free. It's in the big tunnel out in nomad land. I found it accidentally when I got stuck in the tunnel after the game bugged out again and wouldn't let me drive in 3rd person. Ran through there on foot and accidentally ran across it.
  9. I live in a state with two NFL teams. One of those teams is run by Jerry Jones. The other team is clearly more mismanaged. That’s kinda breathtaking when you think about it.
  10. It’s cute that this game thinks I’m gonna do those car races. Good luck with that.
  11. Anybody that thinks this shit today is ok can kiss every inch of my ass
  12. Weirdly, I've had very few technical problems. I don't think I had a crash on the Xbox One after the last release, and I know I haven't had one since i installed it on the XSX a few days after Christmas. I haven't really noticed any weird visuals either on the XSX, but that may be me just not paying attention. I will say the change in graphics between the One and XSX almost disorienting in its extremity. The problem I'm having with the game is that it's just not that interesting. The combat is fun enough, but there's just not a lot going on that I give two shits about. The only chara
  13. Ah, well. If there's a positive in that, it's that my family doesn't have to look at me with no pants on for six months.
  14. If that turns out to be true, and A&M beats NC tonight, I may stay pants less till we go back to the office in July
  15. Seriously weird coaching change related stuff going on about 20 minutes north of where I'm sitting. No idea what they're thinking here, but I sincerely hope it turns into the burnt orange clusterfuck that it looks like at first glance.
  16. If this game ends with Fields (or anybody else really) laughing over the prostrate, broken form of Dabo Sweeney I promise I’ll try not to hate Ohio State for at least five minutes
  17. Since we needed one more sprinkle on the shit sundae that is 2020, my five year old, who is an absolute giant for his age, jumped on his mom's left knee and dislocated the kneecap. Fortunately it's not too bad this time. Still, not going to improve the last few days of her Christmas vacation. Scared the hell out of my son, too. Especially since I was on the way to the vet, and he had to call me to tell me his mom was hurt. I've seen this happen to her twice before, but never on this knee. Oddly enough, both previous times happened in hotels. If you ever want to watch people panic, d
  18. I got to essentially be a stay at home dad from March To August. Get to see my wife a lot more with both of us working from home, which will go on for at least 6 more months. Getting Covid when I did somehow made for a better Christmas than would’ve happened otherwise. None of that makes the suffering others have gone through ok or justified, but those specific things have been real positives for us My five year old started kindergarten, and loves it. He learned to ride a bike within training wheels and played t ball for the first time.
  19. We were about the same as y’all. The fatigue is still there to a degree. I have zero stamina. Weirdest thing is I’m getting cold easily. I’m usually ridiculously cold tolerant. A few minutes ago I was freezing my ass off outside in 60 degree weather. Yeah I was barefoot in shorts and a t-shirt, but that’s definitely not normal for me. all I’m all, I feel blessed that we didn’t get hit hard, particularly my wife. Could’ve easily gone south, especially her.
  20. I've had it happen in multiple ways, and I think I've seen at least two separate issues related to it. After the latest update I've seen a new one that I think may be what you mentioned. The game keeps trying to aim permanently, and I think it happens after I get out of a car. I'll try the pause trick for that one next time I'm on.
  21. Busy leading unmasked groups in freedom carols I think.
  22. Fun new bug of the day - no traffic, anywhere.
  23. Y’all got me wondering what would happen if a playoff team has a major outbreak. Can’t imagine they’d get pulled, but dunno what would happen.
  24. I’ve had a lot of problems with guns not firing since the update. I’ve also not been able to run at times.
  25. I’ll be shocked if that doesn’t happen.
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