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  1. Oh Lord, this. If they're anything like my son, they don't care about the answers. He won't even wait for the answer to end before asking the next question. Sometimes we have to have a question moratorium just to keep the parents sane.
  2. (Warning before reading - my memory is pretty hazy on a lot of this, so it's quite possible I've got some of it wrong. Mostly it was a very long time ago. I'm old and didn't spend as much of the time period I'm describing sober as I probably should've) As far as seeing a full Wrestlemania match - not that I know of. It's possible, but I certainly don't remember it. The only time I watched WWF, as it was at the time, on a regular basis was roughly 1990-1992. Before that I doubt I'd seen a dozen hours of their programming total, mostly due to lack of opportunity (parents didn't have ca
  3. Want to know one thing masks don't protect kids against? Ringworm.
  4. Dolfan, I wanted to add my thanks for this. Best I can remember, I've never seen any full match from any Wrestlemania, and I've never seen a bunch of the WWF/E folks from the last 20 years wrestle at all (I know I've never seen a Cena match, and I don't think I've ever seen a full Rock match, for example). Despite that I read and enjoyed the whole thing. A lot of it got read in my son's room at night while trying to get him to go to sleep, and helped me to stay awake till he was out. Good stuff.
  5. There's at least one 500 page thread in the gaming folder. I'm responsible for an embarrassing amount of it.
  6. I can’t sneak or scan for shit. And I probably have a low cool stat, but I really don’t know. I don’t need those things. I have ammunition. I really don’t get having trouble with the game unless you’re maybe playing on higher difficulty or just damned and determined to do missions a certain way. I’m far from good as a gamer and I barely felt challenged by this. I died occasionally, but the only mission I couldn’t beat by running headlong into danger and blasting everything in sight was the one you start buck naked and unarmed.
  7. The single player only part sounds good. The starting over twice part not so much.
  8. Understand these things take time. I'm hoping they use the extra time to introduce as many new bugs as possible and really break shit once and for all.
  9. So who's behind that, some sort of Rosicrucian/plumbers union cabal? It's funny, but when I first heard Stuart by the Dead Milkmen back in 1988, the conspiracy theory sounded ridiculous. I'm not sure that's true any longer. On the positive side, we've actually got running water, and it's apparently drinkable, though it looks like watered down milk.
  10. Thats right there with the make sure the short guy Isn’t in the UFC lesson Rashad Bobino learned.
  11. If you smell an unpleasant body odor wherever you are, don’t panic - it’s probably just me. City announced we’ll be one of the last areas to get water back. Ugh. At least my parents got it back this morning. There were lines at car washes yesterday because people are stupid assholes.
  12. Supposed to be 7-10 days before water comes back. Woohoo. Nearly two weeks without a shower.
  13. That's why you put a 2-4 hour battery backup in place, so you have an instant bridge supply available until the generator comes online. And you do a test run on the generator every week, even in summer. Our little (by tech company standards) site has had that in place forever, even when we were in a leased building. Scale might be an issue I suppose, since data centers eat huge amounts of power. Update for today: We've got power (mostly) and water (barely). Still have our houseguests. Kid's having a great time with somebody to play with, so taking them in has been a Godsend. Pa
  14. Sounds about right. There are also power issues affecting the treatment plants, and a shit ton of leaks from the ice as well.
  15. My 80 year old father is out collecting snow to melt for water, since they've lost water completely. Of course they lose power for two hours every two hours, so they have to wait till its back on to even do that. A friend's 85 year old mother had the upper floor of her house flood last night in Huntsville. My son's school flooded from burst pipes, so no clue when he'll be able to go back Fuck all this.
  16. We've somehow mostly kept the power on. Best guess is we're near a fire station, and they've trying to avoid blacking that out, but no idea if that's really true. Gas is working fine, so we've got heat.Water pressure is very low, but at least we've still got a little. Pipes haven't frozen, so that's still good. My son is having a ball with the houseguests, since the've got a kid a year younger than him. New fun is the ice storm that came through last night. quarter inch of ice on everything means limbs down all over the place, the worst of which are on the roof
  17. This weather has gone way past amusing at this point. We've been lucky - lots of pretty snow to look at and play in, and then an nice, warm house to go back to. Power's gone out four times, but never for more than 90 minutes. On the other hand, some folks haven't had it in two days. We may be taking in two families later today, if they can even get here. Friends of ours have brought strangers in today. There are gonna be people dying in their own homes in the not yet gentrified parts of east Austin over this
  18. Supposed to be two degrees here (south of Austin) tonight. Was under ten last night. We had ice built up inside the house around window frames. Houses and infrastructure here ain’t built for this. We’ve got power and water still, but most folks I know have lost at least one of the pair.
  19. The Eagles might get two firsts for Jaworski before they get em for Wentz.
  20. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/austin-texas-police-chase-stolen-fire-truck-jarrell/269-1996feb5-d90b-4e83-be2d-e43a80a6fc98 Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but I promise it wasn't me
  21. So, remember those level 900 guys we used to run into six years ago? The ones whose level gave them away immediately at hackers? Well, I got into a room last night and immediately got a bunch of messages. "LifelessTurd killed DuckonQuack" "LifelessTurd killed FishNuts" "LifelessTurd killed Mundungus"... So, I found the killer on the map. He's in a jet. I thought Jet Boy had just about gone extinct after the arrival of the Oppressor, but apparently there's still one or two around. He's also a level 1900-something. That got me thinking. Do you figure that's legit? And
  22. I've been playing a bit here and there. Did you know people still bring tanks into freemode? They do. Didn't last long. I still got the Night Shift Tank Flowchart memorized. I was all the way under it when the explosion went off. Then I got into a fight with 2 CEO orgs and a white dot, all focused on me. The brought out multiple ghost orgs, jet bikes. etc. And they netted two kills from it. One was when I was distracted trying put a proximity mine on the personal vehicle of a player I'd just shot and didn't notice the ghosted guy behind me. The other was by freaking orbital canno
  23. My kindergarten age son is super excited because he's getting his own hand sanitizer container that clips on his school backpack. That's 2021 for you.
  24. Did my first real post-corona workout today. First time I've done anything significant since early December. Nice to know things (kind of) work again. Cut things short, but still did a fair amount and only feel a little more wiped out than normal afterwards - not much worse than I'd normally expect from a workout after 7 weeks off, really. Looks like I'm finally beating the lingering crud. First time I got back on a bike in late December, the two easy miles I did with my kindergarten age son wiped out my legs worse than 15 mile runs have done.
  25. Oh Lord. I forgot the night Nate texted him about 50 times in a row so his phone would ba-ding 50 times in a row. And every text said ba-ding.
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