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  1. So I just finished watching a movie from 2020 called Run Hide Fight, with Thomas Jane and Radha Mitchell, and a bnuch of yong kids who might be the future of Hollywood maybe. And the thing is, it's Die Hard... in a school shooting. So yeah. Bit dodgy. I actually quite liked it. The female lead (Isabel May; she's third billed because Jane and Mitchell are big stars and she's unknown, but it's the leading role in the movie) is very good. The villain isn't fleshed out at all. I think he's supposed to be like the Heath Ledger Joker but bisexual or something.
  2. The turn got delayed because he was supposed to be in a six-man with Moxley and Darby vs Brian Cage, Ricky Starks and Lance Archer. But that match didn't happen because someone got Covid and missed the taping, and by the time everyone was back the angle had advanced.
  3. In the 80s, all wrestlers had jobs. Or at least, their gimmick was that they were a race car driver or a trash collector or an evil Gym Teacher or something. And now 30 years later, it's come full circle. Only with shoot jobs this time. Is Butcher's work job supposed to be that he's an actual butcher?
  4. The lad who had one match as Bailey Matthews (Tyler Bate gave him everything), is now on the same TV show, with a new name? Like Ben Carter showing up as up and coming indie sensation Ben Carter, and shortly thereafter becoming Nathan Frazier for no particular reason? Hardly anyone in NXT-UK got re-gimmicked at first. Even some of the more recent arrivals are still under their regular names, like Rampage Brown. Sha Samuels even got to do an angle where he refused his new WWE name (Ed Harvey) and went back to Sha Samuels. But Bea Priestly is Blair Davenport now. But Meiko Satomura is still Meiko Satomura. Make it make sense. You can't.
  5. AEW Chikara Reunion photo. Click the replies to find out how, if you were a no-name working a pre-show match for Hoodslam, you'd be paid more than everyone (except Quack) working Chikara.
  6. So everyone forgot about Britt and Rebel washing Thunder Rosa's face paint off during a backstage attack, then. Shame, it was a good angle.
  7. It's a lot more occasional now. And Ariel Italic retired (she turned 40 and thought that was old enough).
  8. Do you watch/ listen to Nobodies Watching Wrestling? They're on YouTube and Spotify. Drag Queens (and friend(s)) reviewing wrestling.
  9. Venom: Let There Be Carnage post-credit's scene (audio only). SPOILER~!
  10. So which company gets the better Star Wars rub: WWE having Sasha Banks with her small role in the Mandalorian, or AEW getting a guest spot from Rosario with her actual starring role in a D+ series (upcoming)? They are making an Ahsoka Tano show, aren't they?
  11. I can buy that Mr and Mrs Busick would name their baby boy Biff. I can't buy that Mr and Mrs Lorcan would name their baby boy Oney.
  12. Having MJF do a heel promo in the ring, being cut off by Pillman who just brawls, and then cutting to an 'Earlier in the day' backstage sitdown with Pillman was a smart move. Like it was nice that he got to talk in front of the people in Cincy, but he's not really ready to be doing that regularly. He needs a catchphrase to lean on, or something.
  13. So we're not in a ratings war, but WWE did a bunch of hotshotting to pop a rating on an allegedly PPV-level RAW Monday (and did less than great). And now AEW is doing a PPV-level Dynamite/ Rampage double header next Wednesday too. This not-a-war is a great time to be a fan, isn't it? I hope Top Flight start winning matches once Darius' leg gets better. Dante has taken some major strides while his older brother has been injured.
  14. It's possible that Vince doesn't see anything wrong with not calling him Steiner, because in Vince's mind the Steiner Brothers are not that big of a deal. They had legendary runs in WCW and New Japan, but their WWF run was kind of pedestrian. And Scott's great singles runs happened in WCW and Impact, in WWE he got sandbagged by Trips and was a low midcarder. So he might not think it's a glorious legacy to continue.
  15. Adam Cole was Vince's number one Wednesday Night Warrior. When NXT went on telly, the Undisputed Era was the top act there, and Adam Cole was the top guy in the group. By far the most charismatic guy in the group too. And now Adam Cole from NXT is in AEW. With the same name, the same face, the same catchphrases. Because Vince doesn't own any of that. And it's not like they spent months burying him on the way out, either.
  16. Rick Steiner's son, Bronson Rechsteiner. Previously announced as going to be using the name Rex Steiner, but changed to Bron Breakkkkker on the day, because they dread him jumping to AEW in a few years.
  17. NXT didn't do a good enough job of telling us who Von Wagner was. They should have included a 30 second video of his highlights from other matches. Only an idiot would put an unknown guy in a main event spot like that.
  18. NXT v1: Talent Show NXT v2: FCW with a new name NXT v3: Triple H presents Indie Wrestling (with bad lighting) NXT v4: Bright colours and greener Wrestlers. With no guard rails for some reason. So why they are calling it 2.0 I don't know. Unless they're so upset at the former EverRise getting over using the name 2.0 that they're trying to reclaim it somehow.
  19. They probably should have made the second one, let it come out, seen how people reacted, and then decided how to proceed with the third one. Doing them back to back was a creative miscalculation.
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