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  1. I have two questions for you fine folks here. First, does anyone know how I go about submitting match listings to wrestlingdata.com? I've contacted them three times and never receive a response. I'm writing a book and going through newspapers and I'm documenting dozens of listings not in the database. Secondly, anyone know why the WWF belt changed colors a ton during Warrior's reign as champion in 1990? I did read in an Observer about them tinkering with Warrior's appearance after it was clear he wasn't drawing. Was that part of it, does anyone know?
  2. I'll accept your likes and hearts now
  3. How the hell did Buff get four hit and runs? How does that even happen? Is he just smashing into things like it's GTA?
  4. I don't know if anyone really cares but you guys seem to like this stuff. I've started posting cool pictures from newspaper articles I'm looking through on my Twitter @stevesgraps. I'm working on a book and if I see some cool pics I've been sharing them. Mostly stuff from the 60s and prior but still. I figured some of you might like this kind of stuff.
  5. Thanks, I signed up for it, and watched an hour so far of the show. I don't know why but I've always been fascinated with the company since its inception. I just wish they had more older stuff to stream.
  6. This may have already been covered here but do you guys think Nitro and WCW would have done nearly as well if they had been on a different night, other than Monday? Did they really need to go head-to-head to make it work? They were already doing good viewership for the Saturday show and had a good fanbase, by 1995.
  7. Is it worth ordering a replay of the PPV from last night?
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