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  1. UPDATE - I've removed Russia from the list in the first post. The surviving Russian footage I've come across is actually of shoot-wrestling not worked pro-wrestling so it doesn't really fit the criteria of this topic.
  2. UPDATE - The newest country to be added to the list in the first post is Bulgaria.
  3. UPDATE - I've removed Ireland from the "I" section of the list in the first post, renamed it the Republic Of Ireland and placed it in the "R" section so as not to confuse it with Northern Ireland.
  4. While I realise this isn't actually a 1980s project, I wasn't really sure where else I should post it and after a fellow board member suggested I put it here, since the folk who are most likely to be interested in it would visit this section of the forum anyway, I've gone ahead and done just that. As the title of this topic suggests, I'm attempting to make a list of all the countries that have surviving professional wrestling footage from before the year 1970. I'll be using this post for it so it's easier for those interested to locate it. I'll also leave a reply at the bottom of the topic to notify members of any recent updates to it. Here's what I've come up with so far: A - Argentina - Australia - Austria B - Belgium - Bolivia - Brazil - Bulgaria C - Canada - Colombia - Czechoslovakia D - Denmark F - Finland - France G - Germany - Greece I - Italy J - Japan M - Mexico N - New Zealand R - Republic Of Ireland - Rhodesia S - South Africa - Spain - Switzerland U - United Kingdom - United States Of America If anyone knows of any countries I'm missing from the list then please let me know!
  5. Ha yes THAT Jimmy Savile, here's the match I listed above - it's only short clips, it was taped for a BBC documentary in 1965 and was included on the Best Of ITV Wrestling DVD as an extra which is why I listed it with the World Of Sport stuff, I'm told none of his matches actually made it onto the main TV programme. As for your Wrestling Classics suggestion, good idea, I'll do that!
  6. Complete list of available pre-1970 IWE footage - International Wrestling Enterprise (1966 - 1969). 1969 1) Sano Asatarou -vs- Tosuke Fujii (October 29th 1969 - IWE DVD Box Set 1). 2) Takeshi Oiso -vs- Tetunosuke Daigo (October 29th, 1969 - IWE DVD Box Set 1). 3) Great Kusatsu, Thunder Sugiyama & Toyonbori -vs- Buddy Colt, Gorgeous George Jr & Gordon Nelson (October 29th, 1969 - IWE DVD Box Set 1). 4) Sheik El Mansouri & Emir El Mansouri -vs- The Great Kusatsu & Thunder Sugiyama (December 5th, 1969 - IWE DVD Box Set 1 & Commercial VHS 6). 5) Strong Kobayashi -vs- Bruno Erlington (December 5th, 1969 - IWE DVD Box Set 1). 6) Toyonbori & Tadaharu Tanaka -vs- Gordon Nelson & Ian Campbell (December 5th, 1969 - 2/3 Falls Match - IWE DVD Box Set 1).
  7. Here are what exists from ITV Wrestling and World Of Sport pre-1970 - ITV Wrestling (1955 - 1965). 1962 1) The All Star Afternoon (May 5th, 1962). 1964 1) Ricky Star -vs- Pedro LaChapelli (February 5th, 1964 - The Final Bell). World Of Sport (1965 - 1969). 1965 1) Jimmy Savile -vs- Jim Lewis (July 13th, 1965 - The Best of ITV Wrestling). 1969 1) Pancho Zapatta -vs- Jeff Kaye (May 7th, 1969 - The Final Bell). Misc 1) Hells Angels -vs- Alan Dennison & Sid Cooper (1960s). 2) Jackie Pallo -vs- Johnny Kwango (1960s). 3) Bruno Elrington -vs- ??? (1960s).
  8. Here is what I've found so far from CWC, this is an ongoing project so if anyone can think of something that isn't on this list then feel free to contribute, if I come across anything else I will add it as I go along - Capitol Wrestling Corporation (1953 - 1963). 1958 1) Johnny Valentine interview (Wrestling From Capitol Arena - June 12th, 1958 - Bobby Davis Tape & Wrestling's Greatest Matches: "The Golden Era"). 2) Fabulous Kangaroos interview (Wrestling From Capital Arena - June 12th, 1958 - Bobby Davis Tape). 3) Bobby Davis interview (Wrestling From Capital Arena - June 12th, 1958 - Bobby Davis Tape). 4) Arnold Skaaland interview (Wrestling From Capital Arena - June 12th, 1958 - Bobby Davis Tape). 5) Chief Big Heart & Chief Kit Fox interview (Wrestling From Capital Arena - June 12th, 1958 - Bobby Davis Tape). 6) Jerry & Eddie Graham -vs- Luis Martinez & Buddy Rosen (Wrestling From Capital Arena - July 10th, 1958 - Bobby Davis Tape). 7) Eddie & Jerry Graham interview (Wrestling From Capital Arena - 1958 - Wrestling's Greatest Villains: "The Golden Era"). 8) Eddie & Jerry Graham -vs- Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez (1958 - Wrestling's Greatest Villains: "The Golden Era"). 1960 1) Buddy Rogers interview & Buddy Rogers -vs- Abe Jacobs (Wrestling From Capital Arena - 17/11/1960 - Bobby Davis Tape/Wrestling's Greatest Villains: "The Golden Era"). Misc 1) Ricki Starr -vs- Karl Von Hess (Wrestling From Capital Arena - 1950s - Wrestling's Greatest Heroes: "The Golden Era").
  9. Right firstly I know this isn't a 1980s project but I wasn't sure where else I should post it and after another board member suggested I put it here I've gone ahead and done it since most of the folk who might be interested in this would visit this section of the forum anyway. I'm attempting to put together a master list of all the pre-1970 footage from various promotions currently available in the trading community or at least known to exist including CWC/WWWF, ITV Wrestling/World Of Sport, EMLL, JPWA/JWA, IWE, AJW and many more. I realise this is a hefty project and that's why I've decided to put it on DVDVR in the hope others might wanna contribute. I'm gonna begin here with the WWWF, there's not an awful lot floating around out there right now so this is a fairly short list, I'll put where the footage source comes from where I can and will be adding stuff to the list if and when any more becomes available. I'll also be adding stuff from the other promotions that I've come across as I go along too, I'm not sure if I'll be adding those to this thread or making a seperate one for each promotion yet. I'm still working on the Capitol Wrestling Corporation list so for now here's the list of all existing WWWF pre-1970 footage which I believe is is complete - World Wide Wrestling Federation (1963 - 1969). 1964 1) Freddie Blassie -vs- Bobo Brazil (October 10th, 1964 - Best Of The WWF 2 & WWF Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest). 1965 1) Heavyweight Wrestling (May 9th, 1965). 1966 1) Heavyweight Wrestling (January 6th, 1966). 2) Heavyweight Wrestling (January 13th, 1966). 3) Heavyweight Wrestling (January 20th, 1966). 1969 1) Bruno Sammartino -vs- George Steele (August 9th, 1969 - WWE Network). Misc 1) Lou Albano -vs- Tony Angelo (1960s - WWF The Life & Times of Captain Lou Albano). 2) Women's Battle Royal (Late 1960s - WWF Most Unusual Matches).
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