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  1. He said he did wrestle for him, but since he didn't get paid he didn't work for him. Similar to volunteering. It was an overelaborate joke.
  2. Just had the chance to watch the Funhouse match. I agree with Mr. McBossman. Such good shit indeed. Would I have liked an actual match in addition? Probably. But if it's one or the other, they picked the right one.
  3. Two world title matches, and what, five moves? Goldberg is old and should never have come back - what's Brock's excuse?
  4. AEW already mentioned they were moving as their current empty arena venue is now a testing centre. I wish they'd just shutter for the time being, but what can you do?
  5. I don't feel like anyone should be concerned about ratings at a time like this.
  6. AEW's Youtube channel posted their Bret Hart theme today. Did I miss something?
  7. a) I find this creepy, but also b) the Bayley and Becky kisses are the same.
  8. Is that a cyborg with leukemia doing the robot in that Argentinian match? Good lord.
  9. But isn't it generally held that WWE trains its wrestlers out of playing to the crowd in favour of playing to the tv cameras? Why would it be the exact opposite here if that's the case? And can we just all ignore Aries rather than chancing someone impressionable might see his garbage conspiritard theories?
  10. I was just thinking, wasn't Kris Statlander pretty sick at the last AEW ppv? Do you think she got tested?
  11. But we all know XFL and WWE aren't connected at all.
  12. Dark was good this week. I think Brandon Cutler has potential once he either gets a partner who's on the same page, or turns heel out of frustration. And people begging for the Death Triangle squash got to see them beat up five guys before being chased off by their feud partners. Shida looked good getting the story of her match across with Abadon, who has some great character work. On the flip side of character work, I don't think I've ever seen a less convincing crazy man act than Luther's. Hoo boy. And I love Luchasaurus's athleticism, but I feel like he's so much bigger than
  13. Got mine at ToyRiffic in Canada. And I am kicking myself over forgetting to bring them with me when I moved out lo those many years ago. It would cost too much time and money to rebuild the collection.
  14. In that match, Braun's not the only one being left by the wayside. Shinsuke's been so bungled people aren't even commenting on it anymore.
  15. I never thought I'd see the day when people were this hyped about a national US company signing half of the Rock'n'Rave Infection. I assume his time overseas polished him?
  16. So, I only watch Dark (because it's on Youtube), and only started a few weeks ago. In the Janella/Sabian feud, is Janella the good guy? Because this was my first exposure to it, and the whole time all I could think of was how Penelope kept risking her safety to attack her ex/protect her man and so Janella must have been a real asshole to her when they were together. And that kendo shot to end the match looked like it caught Sabian right on/behind the left ear. Ouch. I also dug the main event storylines weaving together - QT and Peter Avalon wind up opposite sides after their ill-fated tea
  17. I'd like to meet Spears. He seems okay. Maybe it's a Canadian thing?
  18. All this time I thought it was just a soundalike of a Machine's of Loving Grace song. Holy shit. It's like the missing link between early Beastie Boys and early Pop Will Eat Itself.
  19. Oh, good point. He's feuds with Hardy and Angle at the start were really good.
  20. The way I remember it, he returned from injury in the main event of Raw and was positioned to go after the title, then by the end of the week he was gone. I can't see him getting put in that Raw main event if management was soured on him. I'm sure he was in the process of alienating them, but I feel like he must have had some boosters, otherwise they'd have just kept him off tv.
  21. Forgive me if I've posed this before, but what if Mr. Kennedy doesn't piss of Randy Orton in his first match back and get let go immediately? He was over and looked to be positioned for a pretty strong run. Would his attitude still have gotten him shoved out the door sooner or later? I feel like he'd have had at least a cup of coffee World Title run, and if he could have stayed out of the soul-crushing void that was TNA he might have gotten his head screwed on straight at some point.
  22. I think I remember Frenchy Martin and his sign, but only the name Jos Leduc, nothing else about him.
  23. If you're a messianic figure leading a cult, you don't drop a name like "Seth." That's a primo 80s DTV horror villain name.
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