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  1. I wish I could say I wasn't completely serious but I don't trust wrestling fans with this type of gimmick. Next thing you'll know they'll start talking shit about the baby and things go too far. Besides, while I wasn't sure about it at first her doing a Connor gimmick actually is a nice progression from her boastful promos pre-pregnancy.
  2. I really, really wish there was a way to not only hide posts from fools but also hide when people respond to them. Not hating on those that respond as I get it but when this happens it reminds me why I had to ignore in the first place. Speaking of fools I would be happy if we never mentioned Cornette's name again unless it's about something old school. He might have softened some parts slightly but his take on modern wrestling is and always will be trash. The sooner he gets deprived of the attention he craves the better. But it's unfortunate I see some on here that I otherwise like that echo what he says. Well, at least with AEW and certain wrestlers.
  3. That's incredibly, incredibly fucked up. But I have to ask if they've been doing shit like this for years then why weren't they stopped sooner? Because at that point the company ends up being party at fault for not doing something about this all this time.
  4. If it was any other match I would almost consider that hyperbole. But if they keep going to this once in awhile with them building off each match then yeah I think you're right.
  5. I think I saw a couple minutes before trying to get stuff. Cool to see Wight but was much more interested in the other Elevation stuff they taped.
  6. I was playing football with my nephews but just saw the replay. The Ravens sucked today but Tucker further cemented his case for the Hall of Fame. Holy shit.
  7. Here's the link for the downloads. https://firepro-w.com/account/sign_in
  8. That's gonna be so much fun. Also might be worth watching "Behind the Attraction" for Haunted Mansion before this as that had some neat stories in it.
  9. Yeah, no kidding. I love wacky crossovers like this so hope they find ways to go back to that once in a while.
  10. That's considered metal? I think the likes of @Curt McGirtwould have something to say about that.
  11. I'll see if I can fix that when sober tomorrow. But for now.... I don't care about getting attention but I HAD to get Eddie's speech after the show. He's the fucking best so please click on the link and watch.
  12. I legit had no idea that was Masvidal but the crowd sure did.
  13. I typically don't do Instagram but fuck it. I love Eddie to bits and am so happy to see him get his due. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUOjlMwgWEw/?utm_medium=copy_link EDIT: Can somebody please help with this post not showing properly? Thanks.
  14. Remember this design that was floating around after Punk's debut? Well he put it up for sale now. https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/86688763?asc=u I'm leaning towards getting the poster as I think we have a good spot for it now. EDIT: While most of these aren't for sale it's neat looking at the other stuff that he did. https://www.reddit.com/user/ThreeBeatDesigns/
  15. You know what, fuck it. If they're doing big shows anymore then one "smaller" show at Hammerstein would be great and treated as a special episode of Dynamite. It would be seen to me as a nice love letter to indy venues (plus the ECW part of it) and there's plenty that they can do in that setting.
  16. It's funny that Citi Field is mentioned as it's a relatively short walk from Arthur Ashe. Of the two I would personally do the latter for the atmosphere and acoustics. But as for other venues I would avoid Barclays and MSG to avoid the risk of them being seeing seen copying WWE. If you're gonna do NY the more unique the venue the better. As for Arthur Ashe it nearly did me in driving back home. But if I'm able to go with others then I damn sure am getting a hotel next time. Either way I would be thrilled with heading back there.
  17. And in other news my name has now been changed to Night Angelos. *gets called up to main roster* Correction, after this call up my name is now just Angelos. Something about plans with LA Night or so I heard.
  18. Only thing to say about the show is that it was fucking awesome. I really can't wait for you all to see it.
  19. At least you had ways to avoid that song. I was at Ravens stadium last week and they were playing that during commercial. That was completely unbearable but luckily I wasn't the one around complaining.
  20. Okay, so I'm mostly caught up on the thread but figured to share some quick notes: -It hit me why the crowds even in places like New York and Baltimore were so damn chill. It feels like there's an unspoken truth that we all know what we're gonna get and this is one big-ass party. You go with friends, have some expensive beers and have a damn good time. I never saw anything like it on this big a scale and it still amazes me. I am really hoping to get my wife on board for the hopefully next one. Also, I didn't know where to go but went to the Latino district. It's funny that even in a random Mexican place they still have really good pizza that smokes most places here. Next time I'll have to go to Main Street and check out the Chinese area. I heard there's some incredible stuff and I regret missing out. -Note to self: No matter how excited I am make sure to know what section I should be in. I was in 335 and it wasn't until the bell rings for the opener that the rightful person pointed out my mistake. So a quick race to 331 cost me the freakout and Kenny heeling. No big deal and those were much better seats. -All this talk about edibles really has me wanting one for a proper occasion. I did smell plenty of smoke in the parking lot though. -Punk's interview was great though Pillman/MJF at least up there was such a nothing match. The fans tried but it was the pure definition of the cool down match. -LOL, Cody. If it's meta then good for him but I'm just glad Great Valu Evil Knevil didn't win. But I think it was a pretty good match regardless where most things made sense. Luckily we had the tag match with was fucking sublime. You could tell FTR was ecstatic to be in there and I bet they had to settle it via rocks/papers/scissors to see who would take the deathlock. -Loved the women's title match. Gassed or not who cares, Ruby looked great and Britt killed it as always. I do have to maniacally laugh though when my wife calls Britt every name in the book. She loves everybody there to pieces yet something about Britt does that for her. I don't get it but dig the emotional investment. So with them setting up Rampage Acclaimed came out and Max demanded TK accept the rap battle challenge. So he comes out and said that he had help from one Lil' Uzi Vert. People were fucking delighted to see him though TK's rap was whatever. Still a cool moment. Then Taz and crew come out to motherfucking "War Machine" and cut a promo. I know it's because it's non-TV but I can't begin to say how delighted I was to hear that. And lastly the songs they played once all was done was "New York, New York", "Happy Trails" and Porky Pig saying his line. What an odd combination of clips but sure why not. And lastly I won't say what happened on Rampage but you guys are in for a super fun night. I took a video after the show ended and can't wait to post it after the show airs. Unless I end up getting ninja'd by somebody else then that's cool too.
  21. What a long and tiring day going to and from Queens. 4 hour trips each way and on top of that I got home at almost 5am. I'm still exhausted and my car's brakes went on their last legs when pulling into my neighborhood. But you know what? It was all so fucking worth it. So before attempting a nap and looking into brake repairs instead of touching on the whole show I'll just mention the Danielson/Omega match. It took this match to realize why it didn't sink in that the former Daniel Bryan is now with AEW. It's because while the moves are similar they might as well be two different people. There is a chance he'll lighten up some but the way that Danielson went into his approach makes it feel like Daniel Bryan didn't exist. I know that sounds weird but that's my take on it. And because of that it felt almost like he stepped out of a time machine and had a match against arguably the best in the world. And the end result? Just absolute pure fucking magic. It did a pretty admirable job capturing the excitement of the match on TV but live it was next level. I didn't do one "Yes!" chant because I just had to hear how it all sounded. The way it reverberated throughout the stadium was like a sharp punctuation that was shouted by every single person there. It's hard to describe yet it's one of things I'll remember for the rest of my life. Arthur Ashe Stadium is perfect for a wrestling venue and they were smart to put this first with the crowd at their hottest. And as the finish was approaching I just couldn't help but start crying. Sure, I'm a softie but taking everything in it was one of those things where everything just hit like a billion bucks. Heck, even watching it on TV it's hard not to think back to last night and what that meant. I have things to say about the rest of the night but I'm going to try this nap thing people tend to do. All I know is I more than got my money's worth off this match alone and they didn't even get out of second gear. Shit, thinking about the rematch has me excited already. But for this match alone this is hands down the best night of wrestling I ever went to. It's going to take quite a lot to eclipse but I sure hope they keep doing that. Hopefully next time I go that happens so those with me can all take this in.
  22. Okay, I'm hoping it's the last one for now but holy fuck look at this!
  23. Likely won't be able to check this thread much but much love to those going tonight. We're gonna have a fucking ball.
  24. That's definitely understandable. But if you have time PLEASE go to 36:57 and see FTR against Rogers and Greene. It's just too damn beautiful to not watch and is so up your alley.
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