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  1. I'm more interested in Family Guy's game now but its nowhere near as big as Simpsons.
  2. I still have the same play for a minute and it crashes problem.
  3. All I can think of is.. Pat Patterson really missed his calling.
  4. Are you a Derby fan too or are you referring to the other semi? It warms me to think there's another Derby fan on the board.
  5. You guys are totally sleeping on the first playoff match this evening..
  6. In-form Derby made it six wins in a row in the Sky Bet Championship after recording a 2-0 victory at Charlton on Saturday afternoon. ------ WHAT A KIT. Catch us in the playoffs this coming Thursday!
  7. How come we don't get any decent super cheap deals over in England?
  8. I'll give it a try, otherwise it's time for something different. Edit: All is well!
  9. Have I broke my Skyrim save? I was sneaking around trying to get my sneak stat up, and I managed to get right on top of a cliff above a dragon lair, saved by passing one hour, but when the time had passed, a dragon was on top of me, and I died instantly. Now whenever it restarts i'm at the top but not on a ledge, so I immediately fall to my death, every single time. I don't have a previous save file to go back to that isn't 100 hours behind where I was, even when I restart it just starts me off in the middle of the air where the ledge once was.
  10. RDR personally is my favourite game of this generation.
  11. Just want to come in to say YAY. I'm a Derby fan but i've always wanted Liverpool to win the Premier League, especially for Stevie Gerrard. I've always been a huge fan of the team and the fans, the atmosphere at Anfield every time i've been has been something completely different. If they win at Norwich tomorrow, which is very possible, they'll be five points clear with three games to play. High five to the Liverpool fans in this thread!
  12. Don't know about you guys with your not loving it, but I thought the 3 and a half hour HOF was amazing. Even the hour long red carpet show before was really good, well worth watching. Undertaker showing up was great, given that he never appears on camera at these events. Everybody was good, albeit as some have stated, sort of long. One question I hope someone can answer, Lita was thrown off by the fans chanting when she revealed the mask she took from Mexico city, what were they chanting at her? There was a few seconds of something along the lines of 'PUT THE SCREEN BACK' couldn't put my finger on what they were talking about. Bad News Barrett was a welcome surprise and I hope he gets some love on the post Mania Raw show.
  13. That was a glorious period of time.
  14. Unfortunately correct. It's actually a big reason that I haven't got a PS4 yet, I have so many games on tap to play.
  15. I notice that PES 2014 is going to be released next month. Never seen a footy game on PS+ here in Europe, haven't played one since like FIFA 11 or something stupid. Kinda looking forward to it.
  16. On an unrelated note (but related as its what I do now instead of Tapped Out) has anybody played Crime City? Huge obsession for me.
  17. Anybody else manage to go a whole 10 minutes without the thing crashing?
  18. Tell Meltzer not to give up the day job.
  19. Damn it Arsenal, it's taken the peoples eyes off of Derby beating Forest 5-0!
  20. Question for the Skyrim DLC people who have played it. Before I do, i'll just wade in on the Oblivion discussion, I played Skyrim before Oblivion and as reasons stated already say, its a step back for sure. But after I got into it after about 10 hours or so, I really really loved it. Just wish I could have played it before Skyrim though. Now, I just got Skyrim's GOTY edition with the DLC. I beat the main story before I traded it in and after 1 year of hints to my girlfriend she finally got it me for my birthday. Question is, is it best to play the single player game before I touch the DLC or can I just jump into it immediately? Is there a levelling up good/bad advice on playing the DLC? Build my character first then play DLC stuff? Also: Is the DLC part of the main game? I remember Oblivions DLC was accessed through the single player game with a portal, where you used your main character. Thanks for anyone who answers this wall of text!
  21. What's the general consensus on Tomb Raider? I've never played a single game in the series. This is despite the first six games in the series being made by a firm in my small home town of Derby.
  22. Damn, beat me to the Kenny Kaos reference.
  23. Thanks man, but I discovered something called MediaHint and since my PC is hooked up to my big screen anyway, it works just as well. Thankyou though
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