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  1. Soo is this worth it if you already have WWE 13?
  2. Hey guys, a little note for the European gamers: WWE 2k14 is only £10.99 in the PS Store right now (Until I think next Thursday) Can someone give me an honest short review, I had WWE 13, I thought it was kinda good, is this different enough that its worth getting? Regardless of the price, i'm wary of getting a new game every year (Football Manager, FIFA, etc) I'm swaying towards it, I liked the Attitude Era feature last year and the WrestleMania bit sounds nifty. In a nutshell, worth it yes or .. nes? Ta
  3. I took this from another wrestling forum, but it just is a tremendous photo. Backlund, McMahon Sr and Race:
  4. I think I woke up my sick fiance laughing at that. The whole speech is brilliant. As with many driving conversations, I actually had to pull over to hear it all before I got to my destination. It's up there with Lemar's Niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa speech.
  5. Next month for European gamers is Borderlands 2 on the PS3 and Devil May Cry (DmC) I don't own B2 but I have borrowed and beat it, I secretly hoped it would make its way to Plus eventually.
  6. Its NXT's Paige and Bailey, my two favourite girlies from that show. Also, how GREAT did Paige look wearing pink for October? She looked incredible.
  7. Its easy to get through them all watching a TV show. Those 3 hour raws man.. they're a goldmine for time.
  8. Are you guys talking about new stuff? Is there anything worth coming back to GTA Online for before I give it away for my sisters Christmas dealie?
  9. Hows everyone doing? I just hit the 20,000 mark for the cards. It helps having tons of friends added as you get 30 from each per day.
  10. Which bit do you mean? The stacked houses? If so, the sad truth is I deleted half of the houses, the entire landscape was just houses, it started slowing my game down. Also, if anybody else bought every bit of land ages ago, it seems they updated it at some point and there's an extra strip to buy now. So get on that. Got about 14,000 cards now, I'm really making an effort with this one (sans my social life) as I always get 9 out of 10 prizes every time they do a whacking day/christmas type event.
  11. Something that I've tossed around in my head for a while, does anybody have any opinion on this statement: Christian wouldn't have become World Heavyweight Champion in WWE if he'd not gone to TNA and won the NWA Title. Not necessarily because of the NWA Title, but to prove himself in a main event role. He was moving up around 2005 when he had matches and segments with the Cenas of the world, but he wasn't really "there". thoughts?
  12. I don't think he'll play for England. By the time the chance comes around, what, five years or so to go? (Or less now) That's half his international career over, and realistically what's he going to win with England? Same thing he'll win with any other country he chooses (And he might have a better chance with them). No opinion whatsoever on the kid, although he is in my fantasy team but only because he costs so damn little.
  13. In-form Derby made it six wins in a row in the Sky Bet Championship after recording a 2-0 victory at Charlton on Saturday afternoon. ------ WHAT A KIT.
  14. I know you won't need to because its quite obvious how far it has come, YouTube ANY video of GTA: San Andreas, which I fondly remember as one of the greatest games ever, and.. wow. Seriously, it looks UNPLAYABLE.
  15. I made an adventure course race. I didn't save it, I was just playing around with it and when I tested it, it seemed like a really neat idea. I put checkpoints all over the place, on hills, in shallow water, you name it. You had to actually GET to the checkpoints, not drive up a hill to them, but actually drive around looking for a way to get to them. Then I realised someone else could do it much better and gave up.
  16. I'll try and add you but every now and then it says i've reached my friends limit. But then it lets me add like 10 people at once a few weeks later.
  17. What's GOG? Is it a program like Steam? Or a play through browser thing? I don't have any interest in those games, but I have an interest in their prices. I am trying to get around the website but its quite slow to a standstill as you guys pointed out.
  18. AJ Lee? It's already a four star movie. Br.. Brodus Clay?
  19. That would be big blue HELL IN A CELL if you watch carefully. Edit: Yeah what he said.
  20. Feels like i'm on GameFaqs when I post this, but everyone add me! - 1adam
  21. Mengs face when he sees what's behind him is priceless.
  22. There's a TNA joke to be made here. Thoughts: They really had the English guy (with his Brummie accent) ask Sting who he was, I know it was in jest from the heel standpoint, but that drew a 'really'? from me. Stings reply of 'Sting.. I'm sure you've heard my records' was great. I know i'm probably alone in this, but Roode, Storm, Magnus and Angle would be my dream four main eventers. I'm really behind Roode these days, wasn't always it must be said. But I think he's just terrific now. Since he got his haircut after his turn he just had it.
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