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  1. Typical, I put 12 game accumulator on during that game. When Southampton were 2-0 up, I put a bet on them and every other team looks like coming in right now. Then Sunderland leveled and every other game was void before it even started. And you'd have thought that Birmingham would have been a banker to beat Yeovil at home. God, I hate and love gambling.
  2. Its a shame that when you spin and land on something, that isn't eliminated from the board. It would give people more incentive to get presents to get the spin tokens. I have landed on $1000 so many times now that I just dont bother collecting presents, but if I had a genuine chance of getting the last few things i'd really go hosing my neighbours to get them. I just want the Christmas thing to end now. ..Ready for Valentines Day! The Simpsons: Tapped out: Clinton Cards the videogame. Edit: Hallmark works too for those around the world.
  3. You guys are nuts! This show was amazing for all the wrong reasons. Bully Ray and Anderson, that segment was just brilliant, I didn't think it could get any more ridiculous but then they pull the Bully Ray disappears! And that main event!! I haven't laughed so hard in ages. The whole show was a comedy. I loved it.
  4. Maybe it was my feed, but towards the end of the Wyatts/Usos match, the commentary didn't quite seem right. It seemed like they didn't like what they did, re-did the commentary for one match in a studio, then transplanted that commentary over the (canned) crowd noise. Kinda how they do when you're watching Raw and Cole will randomly sound different and start talking about a tour of Europe during an actual match, when you know non-Europe people aren't hearing it.
  5. Is that your international strip? I'm seriously not a fan of the recent trend of football shirts having polo shirt collars.
  6. Now all I can think about is Rey wrestling and a static image of his mask just hovers over his face, moves when he moves and never ever changes. And it's hilarious.
  7. I can't wait for this to come to the UK.
  8. Probably should have re-thought that FA Cup side. still, hindsight and that.
  9. I know. I also have two versions of the squeaky voiced teenager. I bought him with donuts, and then won him on I think Mr Burns' mystery prize. But I can't have two, so one just sits in my storage, along side my Plow King who cant be utilised as I don't have THE REAL BARNEY.
  10. I go by every day just to see if I can pick up some doughnuts but its usually just about 50 tickets. I got to 60 doughnuts again and I spent it on.. Kearney. I haven't got the patience to save 250 or whatever to buy a building and new character.
  11. What's the appeal to the WWE Universe mode? Seems quite dull to me.
  12. That was depressing. We managed to contain Chelsea for 66 minutes, but the truth is, if they turn up with Cole, Eto'o, Mikel, Oscar.. and then bring on Torres and Hazard, it is what it is. Still, 2-0, not the end of the world. And if we are going to mount a serious challenge for promotion this season, then we'll do well not having this competition as well #positivity
  13. I wondered what his finish would be. The 'WRESTLING SUPERSTAR VIRGIL' joke has already been made, but I was seriously hoped he'd come out to silence. My memory isn't too great, but I sure remember Andre and Virgil both coming out to no music at all. I'm absolutely positive Virgil came out to silence. He had no music, either.
  14. Some of the CAW are pretty good. There's a great Sting and AJ Styles on there for the PS3. Are people able to put real images into the game now? AJ had his actual logo and tights on there, pretty cool. Sting is introduced as: THE... ICON, THING! Which was pretty awesome.
  15. The last match was annoying. The computer is a little too expert at reversing at times. On The Streak menu, theres an option to see who he beat at what WrestleMania. But some are left blank, for example Sid at Mania 13 isn't on there. Anybody know why that is? Also, A Train is now listed as Tensai from their Mania match, which amused me a little.
  16. We lost of course. We beat Wigan 3-1 away last month and they beat us at our place, confirming once and for all the Championship is the most random league in world football. Anybody could literally beat anybody on any game day. Hughes has been playing in front of the midfield three but not quite off the striker. He's kinda like Messi, in the way that he's not like Messi at all, apart from the place they play on the pitch. I hope we can bounce back, we have Chelsea in the FA Cup on Sunday (live on BT Sport) and i'm really fearful that a heavy defeat against a second string Chelsea line up (you know, the ones who aren't in the first team right now, Mata, Torres and Ba for example) following this first defeat in 10 games could really trainwreck our whole season. Or we could beat them and then get back to winning again. We beat Man United in the Carling Cup semi final first leg about five years ago when we weren't doing so well, before they beat us in the second leg.
  17. Damn, I was hoping to make this thread. Ram Revolution continues as we host Wigan today after winning 8 and drawing 1 of the last 9 games.
  18. Now taken 25 points from the last 27. Second in the league as well (last time I checked before the whistles went) We'll be back in the Premier League next season to break the lowest points in a season record (which we also own).
  19. Who knew Big Dave knew so many reversals?
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