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  1. Found it. In THE GARDEN no less!!!! I honestly forgot how over Goldberg actually was in WWE!!
  2. Maybe if it's the right guy. Goldberg in 2002 might have worked. Much like Scraylo said where Brock is the SUPER FINAL BOSS. Imagine some cocky heel mouthing off and issuing an open challenge. Out comes Goldberg who we haven't seen in 2 months and destroys him totally. It's like Honkey and Warrior times 10. I might be misremembering™, but I feel like Goldberg once answered Rodney Mack and Teddy Long's White Boy Challenge?
  3. Which is why the IC and US titles should be re-established as important! If the World and (US or Tag) Champs are on the A-loop, the IC and (US or Tag) Champs should be built up as strong enough to be the title matches on the B-loop. Sheamus as the US champ is a decent enough idea if he actually defends it, but honestly, this idea just hit me: John Cena - Intercontinental Champion. If he can't be bothered to put *guys* over anymore, at least let him put a fucking strap over. XIX was your first, and you think "getting old blows?" Damn, man..
  4. That's a pretty sweet article. I got a little sad when I saw where she said he'd be out of the business in five years, knowing how the business is-- but I did a quick Google and it turns out he had a real estate business after retiring (no word on whether it was five years after this article or not). It was also nice to finally confirm that both Matt and his daddy weren't fake.
  5. Bray has decent offense but the key to getting him to being a true, bona fide megastar would never be able to fly in today's environment: lots of furniture and blood.
  6. Let me float this idea-- we're six months out of it now, so we have pretty good benefit of hindsight What if Brock murdered Cena at WM instead of Summerslam, and Bray ended the streak?
  7. Fuck. I spend more time goofing on TNA than I do watching it but if there's even a spark of anything good-to-great in their company, it's that guy. I hear his deal's up soon. Even if he's a bit old to pop up on NXT, maybe they can find him a spot training dudes. If not, I hope he finds something, man. NJPW, ROH, GFW, whatever. Just bums me out to see my guy wasted like this
  8. That's a pretty cool idea your friend had. I had a similar idea but it was BNB, Sheamus, and Cesaro: The European Union. Maybe they could try retconning Show as still being Andre's kid and have him represent France
  9. Oh, come on, that's not even fair! Riggs wasn't worth a shit til Raven took his eye out!
  10. No TNA Title match period seems odd Because they've already recorded title changes that happen after the PPV.
  11. I'll agree to disagree on Kane. But don't talk shit about Buff like that, at least he was in the NWO and had a sweet top hat. Plus "American Males, American Males, American Males, American Males, American Males, American Males" beats the shit out of "I hear voices in my head" any day of the week
  12. Because we all love big ass hosses who can go? Dude I hadn't even considered that match until you said it. Nice work edit: sorry scraylo but I'm out of likes already today
  13. Kane can still bring his working boots if he really, really has to. He's been over for 17 years, despite 47 heel turns, 12 un-maskings, and one Katie Vick. Plus, he throws good punches.
  14. I get that theory, but at the same time, there's like 8 hours of TV plus house shows every week. There's plenty of room for two heel factions. And if not, Wyatts should just be steamrolling a motherfucker on every single other show that HHH & Steph aren't on (I haven't watched SD, Main Event, or Superstars in quite some time, but I'm guessing they're not making many appearances). I have to say, I kinda dug The Ascension, but keep them away from the Wyatts. And I love, love, LOVE the idea of Luke Harper as a solo act. But you KNOW three weeks in, they're gonna turn him into Festus or a lost Godwinn or something.
  16. If Bray Wyatt came about this time 18 years ago, he would be on fire. He's a guy who requires intense violence and blood to complete the all-around package. If he came up in an era where he had a healthy/younger Austin, Taker, Foley or HHH to work with, there is no doubt in my mind he would be setting the world on fire. Or he'd at the very least be a 17 time Hardcore Champion. I think he would have also fit in nicely in the early 80s. He would have been killer to watch in bloodbaths with Harley or Dusty or Terry Funk. Imagine Kevin Sullivan tagging with him in Florida, and tell me that wouldn't have been sweet Bottom line, Bray isn't AT ALL boring in and of himself-- it's the limitations of the era, combined with a weaker supporting cast in my opinion
  17. Every time I hear Bob Ryder's name, I get stuck trying to remember which member of AMW jerked it in front of Bob at his house on the reg in exchange for a push. Allegedly Chris Harris? C'mon man, the lane was wide open for "Braden Walker... and he'll knock your teeth in." But yeah, same piece from that thread. I don't wanna even talk about it any further, I don't wanna get banned. I may be an old-school lurker, but I've only been posting for a year.
  18. You know, we kinda goofed on Jarrett traveling to all these different shows and his "database" and what-not, but GFW might be a pretty clever idea if marketed properly. Maybe it's like an NWA-like "banner" or governing body for NJPW, AAA, WWC, and various mid-size sub-ROH level indies around the US and Canada. Imagine streaming, for example, like the ECWA Super 8 tournament or one of those PWG shows I keep hearing so much about. Given the fact that a lot of the infrastructure for a lot of these promotions is already in place, GFW might actually have a chance at being profitable. Maybe the plan could be to have like 10-15 contracted guys who travel around these international promotions. So you'd watch the NJPW dome show, but then in addition to the usual guys from the "home promotion," you'd have like 3-4 GFW branded matches with a mix of whatever super-indy dudes WWE hasn't scooped up yet, and some former WWE/TNA talent who have *somewhat* of a name, but aren't old enough that they can't go anymore. Think guys like Jarrett himself, AJ Styles, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Chris Masters, Low Ki, Homicide, Bad Influence, Carlito, Drew Mac, X-Pac, Justin Credible, Tommy Dreamer. Maybe you bring in a Nash or an Angle or a Foley as your token authority figure (God, I hate that trend so much and wish it would die, but it might be nice to have someone who can do promos in English for the US crowd watching these matches from Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc.) I read that the Dudleyz, Joe, and the Wolves TNA deals are up soon, too.
  19. I think the real problem is having a PPV called Hell in a Cell that requires the titular match in a dead zone month. Hell in a Cell should only happen at the organic end of a feud, not necessarily because October. I agree with you 110% on that. HIAC should be a feud-ending extra boost to a regular PPV, not a "themed" PPV in and of itself. But given the way Brock/Cena has gone down so far, the logical ending taking place at HIAC seemed to be a happy accident.
  20. I guess they must have decided that a former world champion legitimate cage fighter working with the company's top babyface inside the company's signature cage might have been too successful or something.
  21. In retrospect, Goldberg was "the guy," but I felt at the time (and for a long time after) that it was too soon to put the belt on him. After Hogan, Sting should have been put right into a "real World Champion" feud with Bret, and eventually dropped it to him while Hall and Nash do the whole NWO split thing and feud with Hogan. Then the summer you just have Bret groove with guys he's always been great in there with: Hennig, Flair, Savage, Hall, Nash etc. Then run with Goldberg at the end of the year instead of Warrior. Have him win WW3 and do US Champ vs. World Champ at Starrcade. With that, WCW stays hot well into 1999
  22. Every time I hear Bob Ryder's name, the only phrase my mind associates with it is "beefy, Ecstasy-addicted Abyss"
  23. Easily one of the most emotional moments i've ever had watching sports-- it would have been nice to go out with a ring but God damn-- not everyone gets the Bettis finish. It's no exxaggetation-- I can't rememeber a time before Jeter-- i might be 26 but childhood just ended tonight officially
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