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  1. Yes. No actual crowd would ever erupt at the announcement of an Aliyah/Shotzi match.
  2. 1. Said hi to blonde at corner of ramp on way to ring (not a great start) 2. Foley cheap pop mentioning city. (A little better) 3. Then, Now, Forever, Together(emphasizing "Together"... nothing stupid yet) 4. Threw mic(someone did not catch it, big thud) and left ring, shaking same blondes hand on way out. (Dammit, Vince)
  3. Sadly, years and years of Seinfeld viewing have conditioned my brain to think about this instead when it comes to bodysuits... sorry, Jamie.
  4. Fun fact: I share a birthday with Judge Wapner. And the Macho Man Randy Savage. That was one of my go-to pickup lines in high school. It never worked.
  5. Have to pull up the Vince thread on my phone because my work iPad flags it for having the word “horny” in the title.
  6. Young Bucks/Jurassic Tag Title Ladder Match added too.
  7. https://www.f4wonline.com/news/daily-updates/daily-update-ufc-275-fallout-wwe-house-show-results-tony-dangelo
  8. WWE released Cole Karter/Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan three months after signing him. According to Meltz, it's a "policy issue" and they may bring him back in a year. Feel free to recklessly speculate.
  9. Shotzi kicked Ronda RIGHT IN THE FACE~! That's probably the easiest way for an expendable talent to be wished well in their future endeavors. I laugh out loud any time Paul Heyman uses the word "schmuck".
  10. Will be announced next week now.
  11. I used to think Jordan Oliver easily had the most-punchable face in professional wrestling. But the more I see of Will Ospreay.....
  12. Caprice Coleman/Ace Austin should be awesome.
  13. MVP’s diss-track was underrated. Loved the Lana reference.
  14. Bobby Fucking Cruise. Caprice Fucking Coleman. #HireToddSinclair
  15. Happy to see CURTIS AXEL back on my television screen.
  16. What in the actual FUCK was that ending to Dark? lol
  17. Bobby Fucking Cruise. Caprice Fucking Coleman. #HireToddSinclair
  18. With so much drama in the WWE, it's kinda hard being Snoop D-O-double-G.
  19. That was the best, most-anguished "WE'RE OUT OF TIME!" from Schiavone in his life.
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