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  1. You say that in jest, but PS4 Minecraft runs waaaaaaaay better on PS5 from my experience. It's so much smoother that it actually feels like they somehow nerfed the PS4 when that one game is running...
  2. I JUST logged back in here after a self imposed mental health timeout, are you trying to push me to full deletion?!
  3. That's fair but that's all consumer assumption, no? I honestly had to take a day away from here because of all the speculation, specifically in the AEW threads and seeing it here just pushed me over the line. I sincerely hope they don't kill Scott. Fuck, you've got Hank, Janet, and "makes Letitia Wright seem tame" Evangeline Lily as Hope to potentially kill off - let's go with one of them, please?
  4. I'm legitimately baffled as to why people are thinking they're gonna kill off Scott Lang. Did I miss something? Like, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, and James Gunn have all said shit that hints at what might happen, but I haven't seen a damn thing regarding Paul Rudd bowing out of the MCU. Is this basically just the same as people making stories about Regal leaving AEW based on nothing but viewer speculation?
  5. The first Dying Light is so damn good, although it's got a steep difficulty curve. Those first few nights are horrifying...
  6. Totally. There's still a TON of fresh matchups with the roster. I'm simultaneously glad they're not burning through it all but anxious of what we could miss. I mean fuck, Danielson vs OC...
  7. The GOTG Holiday Special is absolutely adorable and actually tosses in a bit of MCU canon for the dweebs. One mid credit scene, too (not a trailer).
  8. Oh that suuuuucks, I'm sorry. I'd honestly say it's worth finishing still because it's a really visually satisfying end and still should hold some emotional impact - plus it's pretty short.
  9. Pretty sure the "prayer" moonsault was just because it was a dangerous move, and they're been doing the Macho Man gestures at LEAST since they went full heel a good while back. Not everything means something deeper, especially when most of the stuff they did was overt as fuuuuuuuuck.
  10. Even after more than three years of AEW, folks are still conditioned by WWE's tendency to never let anything breathe and throttle through storylines for immediate "moments." I seriously doubt Punk is coming back, and tonight was just The Elite dealing with the hostile crowd. Likewise, I'm sure Regal will just go away for a short while and come back to be a thorn in Mox's side. If not? Cool, cool, but people gotta chill and see what happens without immediate assumptions. OH and House Of Black came back looking fucking GREAT.
  11. I wanna go back in time like 5 years and tell y'all that Chris Jericho and Tomohiro Ishii would have a spectacular match on TBS for the Ring Of Honor championship and just revel in the absolutely justified accusations of insanity. What a time to be a fan, folks.
  12. My favorite videogames podcast - Get Played - had one of the three hosts mentioning this game for quite a while before they all finally reviewed/played it, and it was SO relieving to hear that one of them really didn't enjoy this kind of non-game. I get why it would appeal to some people, but it sounds like an absolute waste of time to me... My condolences on your loss
  13. The makers of the Fire Pro Wrestling games actually added a "taunt" for Misawa adjusting his tights by his waist!
  14. There's always gonna be missteps, errors, bad ideas etc. but it seems like so many people get upset when AEW isn't EXACTLY what they'd want in a promotion. Folks being like those shitty parents who focus on the one C on a kid's report card of otherwise A+'s.
  15. TK could shit a gold bar and people would criticize him for not shitting gold coins.
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