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  1. Same. Top 10 quickly got turned to top 20 and is now threatening to become a top 50.
  2. Since when does a show not being for someone keep them from complaining about it? Sad that Metalik and Bate are out already but damn was Bate-TJP good with some good false finishes.
  3. During the final 6 "new guard vs old guard" stare down, I like to think Cena's motivational speech to Orton and Rey was just yelling "DIBS ON THE SMALL GUY!" then attacking Balor.
  4. No but it's also probably what anyone jacked up on adrenaline (and possibly other things) would do in the heat of the moment. Pretty sure every wrestler has given or taken one. Not saying its right but it's part of the business.
  5. One is an accident and one is a receipt making sure said accident doesn't happen again.
  6. "Ok we got a shot on someone about to enter and hit Heath..." "CUT TO THE HARD CAM! PEOPLE NEED TO BELIEVE GUYS ARE LAYING AROUND! AND DO IT FOR EVERY ENTRANCE!" "Yes sir, Mr. Dunn." Other than that, I loved the show tonight. Finally a main roster PPV that wasn't completely obliterated and outshined by a TakeOver.
  7. Whole show ruled. Whether it's heel AOP or face AOP, I love me some big dudes tossing around little dudes. Dream-Ohno was good stuff. There was some awkwardness at the end but at this point in my wrestling fandom, I don't care about botches as long as it's not every spot. It makes the match more realistic to me because just like in life, shit fucks up and doesn't go according to the game plan and you have work through it. I loved the women's title match. Baszler is a brutal heel and I loved Ember not quitting and the crowd getting behind her. I was worried she was going to lose
  8. Joke answer: Judging by the amount of title reigns, the greatest motherfucker ever to step between those ropes. Real answer: The fake physical entity representing every vacancy for every title in wrestling history. Fake physical entity, like I needed to put that cause a real one could exist. I suck, punching out.
  9. The Revival are the best "The Ascension" ever.
  10. The whole Destiny show was good. Elgin-Alexander was incredible, RJ City vs Stone Rockwell was well done comedy and I loved the main. You knew there wasn't going to be a clean finish so I thought it was a good creative way to go about it. Protects Dunne and Aries and it fits Ellsworth's character perfectly.
  11. Now all I want is for Roddy to start doing Bob Holly's "Super Heavyweight" gimmick where he challenges monsters, carries a scale around and insists he's 400 lbs.
  12. I love that the first minute is basically this: So do some other people:
  13. Balor: "I see the Architect. I see the Big Dog. And I see...uh...we got...what's that thing...that name we call him. It's on the tip of my tongue, it starts with an 'N'..." Me at home: FINN! NO!
  14. Looking forward to Miz eating the pin, heelishly blaming Asuka and getting his head kicked off for it. Uh oh. Goldust was just teaming with Foxy's ex. Could be trouble.
  15. Table for 3: Sheamus, Rusev and "Thing" from the Addams Family.
  16. Tried to sign up. You have to get a WWNLive account. I go to do that and the conformation email they send has no link to actually confirm your account so you can't log in meaning I can't sign up for the WWN Club. They really don't want my stupid Canadian Monopoly money.
  17. Clearly it's going to end with Stephanie looking like she's won when #30 Ronda Rousey comes out and throws Steph out to a huge pop. Steph then of course gets her win back at Mania.
  18. At the 1:45 mark, Bock takes a poorly written rap and kills it. Bock could do or be anything he goddamn wanted.
  19. Well I'll be damned, Mojo just made me look forward to a match of his.
  20. I was feeling stupid pre-buying since Alpha-1 and Greektown Wrestling are both running that day with great looking cards but Riddle vs Bailey tops everything.
  21. Smash was going to run Mike Bailey vs Michael Elgin but then they replaced Elgin with Matt Riddle. Thank you Smash for the upgrade and thank you Michael Elgin for being a pig faced smelly fat head.
  22. It's looking like it's leading to a Kendrick/Gallagher vs Kalisto/Metalik feud and now all I want is for them to have a double hair vs mask match.
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