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  1. Wait...they all won their matches? If there was one thing that was impossible to discern from this thread up until this point it was that they all won their matches.
  2. I'm disappointed that I'm not going to get weeks or months of Kevin Owens or Chris Jericho smugly carrying the MITB briefcase, but it will also be nice to have a whole year where it's not a top storyline consideration. I really enjoyed the structure and pacing of the show. It felt different than other WWE PPV, more like a takeover or something. Just felt like less filler. Why does everyone want the Bullet Club to be the Bullet Club but not do Bullet Club stuff?
  3. I hope Dean wins the case and they move quickly on the cash in. I would rather see the Shield triple threat main event Summerslam than Wrestlemania. I just don't think the match will be that good. I was a little worried about Cesaro's dickishness at the beginning of his segment with Sami, but it all made sense by the end, and he got a little comeuppance from Zayn, who gets the win in the never ending rock-paper-scissors equal booking of the larger IC/MITB picture.
  4. I know this could be said of any thread discussing any show, but comparison is the thief of joy around here. I loved this show. Absolutely loved it. The tag title match had so much shine it was hard to look straight at it. Here comes the cutoff...no, more shine. Ah, HERE is the cutoff...HAHAHA NOPE SHIIIIIIINE!!! By the time Revival finally got the advantage, those devious bastards, I thought Full Sail was going to go full Korakuen. This was joyful tag team wrestling at an elite level. I certainly enjoyed the main event more than most. The Dallas match was very cool, but it was wild and unpredictable in a way that few things are, or are allowed to be, anymore. So it gets points for that, but it's not necessarily reasonable to take points away from something that lacks that. Joe is a monster, yes, and maybe even a monster first and foremost, but anybody who watched "Champion" Joe in ROH knows that he's a mastermind as well. Joe is a winner and will win any way he can, so when I see him going for the door I don't think "oh shoot, this is an escape match and I hate escape matches" (although I generally do), I thought here is Joe trying to win and showing Finn that his priority is leaving with the belt. Furthermore, when Joe would make later attempts to escape through the door, and specifically over the top, I loved the inversion of expectation that Joe would be the one chasing the smaller, faster wrestler around and trying to prevent him from escaping. None of the escape "spots", which were really just moments of fluid action, were labored or extended in the way that many historically bad escape matches are laid out. The intensity was there but without the blood. Joe throwing Finn into the cage over and over again was ferocious, and Joe absorbs Finn's dropkicks like nobody else on the NXT roster. They look fantastic. I'm pretty much in agreement with everyone on the rest of the card, except maybe some comments about Aries getting too much on Nakamura, but that's probably because I love Aries and he really needed to look like a guy that could beat Nakamura here. Can we please get Joe vs. Aries for the title before this is all over?
  5. My favorite "cultural thing" of 2016 is that Bayley and Sasha are going to main event the DVDVR March Madness Tournament.
  6. I voted for Nakamura because I hope by voting for him, he'll notice me and we can go get a milkshake or something.
  7. Xavier Woods played the John Cena theme on the trombone before the US Open Challenge. That won my vote. I'm perfectly happy with how this is going though.
  8. I just assume it's a zeppelin or one of those bikes with the big front wheel. I was going to sit this one out, but I voted Becky on the strength of this comment.
  9. I'm really unsure how to feel about Josh and Yeti Nation. My name is Josh. I guess...I'm for it? I don't know.
  10. I logged in just to throw the franchise tag on Gianna. She's staying for at least the next year. Also, this thread is amazing.
  11. I do not need to order 4 pro wrestling t-shirts. I do not need to order 4 pro wrestling t-shirts. Edit: Only ordered 3 pro wrestling t-shirts. I knew I did not need to order 4 pro wrestling t-shirts.
  12. This thread necromancy has me watching 6-9-95 for the first time in at least 10 years. God, I still get so hyped when Kobashi irish whips Kawada into a stiff ass straight kick to Misawa's face. It's really impressive how much of a controlled car crash this whole thing is. It's got the energy and insanity and chaos of some WWE matches with 6-8-10 guys + plunder, except it's just 4 guys and a regular ring. Holy Demon Army 4 Life.
  13. It's the most wonderful time of the year!
  14. The Damn Yeti

    Fix Every Sport

    NBA (and college too, if you're froggy) - play to a point total, like a pickup game. Crunch the numbers to figure out what makes the most sense, probably first to 100. Win by 2. Completely cuts out the BS attrition and foul-a-thon at the end of games. Timeouts would be purely strategic, not clock management. Putting a guy on the foul line under any circumstances would be a mistake, not a game management strategy.
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