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  1. Every team that visits Foxboro this season is going to call out the Patroits for their shennigans, it's going to be very entertaining.
  2. The Patroits D yelling hut at the goal line is really bush league.
  3. There'll be one throat rip, and everything else will suck. It'll be like when they threw the three-boobed hooker into that terrible Total Recall adaptation. If they let it be R rated it has a chance of being good, they could even use the same script just flip the genders of a few characters.
  4. The Silverdome would have used their basketball set-up, during that time the Pistons played there.
  5. In the late 60's/early 70's he was good enough to do great business with Bruno in Pittsburgh which got him runs at MSG and the other WWWF arena's against Bruno and then Strongbow. At that time his gimmick wasn't as over the top as he spoke clearly in promos and did a lot of mat work.
  6. If Vince was acting as Snuka's mouthpiece during the interview wouldn't he most likely just be repeating whichever of the "she fell and hit her head" stories Snuka told him. Vince isn't a lawyer so Snuka didn't have to answer any questions the police asked him, I'm sure Vince told Snuka to keep his mouth shut and let him do the talking. That really isn't a conspiracy on Vince's end it's all on the police department for being inept. If Vince flat out bribed people that's a different story but would any of the people he bribed admit they took whatever to make it go away and if they did it's their word against his.
  7. 99% of the world thinks Vince is a scumbag all this does is confirm it a little more.
  8. Vince always played nice with Fritz, he even let Ricky Steamboat work one of the Cotton Bowl shows. The story I always heard was that Vince wanted some sorta working relationship with World Class but Fritz never pulled the trigger on it. Maybe he was leery after what happened when Vince "bought" Stampede from Stu Hart.
  9. I think Adonis still would have gotten the "Adorable" gimmick, I think it was less his weight and more the "fa-word" chants he got once he started to wear the leather daddy gear that got him the gimmick. I can also see Vince not understanding the whole leather look so he took the gimmick to extreme that we saw. A Watts book Abrams UWF could have had some potential for great matches. During that UWF's run they had Dr. Death, Orndorff, Gordy, Bam Bam Bigelow, Muraco and Cactus Jack.
  10. Gotham is still a juggernaut but they've lost a few players to retirement so their streak may end in St. Paul. I think Rose will win it all this year. Big news released today, the final day of the WFTDA Champs will air on ESPN3! http://wftda.com/news/wftda-signs-deal-to-stream-2015-championships-with-espn3
  11. Is Zeus standing on a box? DiBiase is one of those guys who's way taller than you think so there's no way Zeus is a head taller than him.
  12. I tried to give Ballers another chance but wow is that show horrible, HBO should have just rebooted 1st and Ten with The Rock in the former player as GM role.
  13. The Enquirer didn't break anything, Gawker Media pushed the story to the Enquirer and Media Take Out to dirty him up over the $100 Million lawsuit.
  14. Pie Traynor, Paul Waner or Ralph Kiner should have gone in over Maz or Bonds. Bonds didn't play long enough in Pittsburgh to be one of the franchises top 4 and his bat was no existent in the playoffs. I could see taking Kiner over Bonds for the reasons Tabe mentioned - although his insane homer totals were the vast majority of his value as a player (Whereas Bonds was infinitely more complete) and those should come with an asterisk because the Pirates moved in the fences just to help him - but the playoff argument makes no sense. KIner (and Waner too) didn't even sniff the playoffs during their Bucs career as everybody remembers the recent run of 20 Consecutive Losing Seasons but the Pirates were nearly as bad during the entire 40s and 50s. In fact, for the Baseball History lovers out there, Kiner was the inspiration for one of the more well-known sports sayings/cliches. When Branch Rickey took over after being fired from Brooklyn he was charged with turning around the team and he hated Kiner, who was constantly holding out for more money. So despite him being the team's most popular player and a huge draw, he traded him to the Cubs for peanuts. When the press was like, "how could you do that?" he coined the phrase, "We finished last with him, we can finish last without him." The left/left center fences at Forbes Field were moved in for Hank Greenberg(Greenberg Gardens) after he retired they kept them in and renamed the area "Kiner's Corner," the distance's with the fence moved in were on par with the other stadiums in that timeframe. Waner played in one World Series but unfortunately it was against the 1927 Yankees, Waner was also the NL MVP that season. Also Waner's teams finished in the First Division(top 4 teams in the league) eleven times in his career, the Pirates were consistently a good team up until WW2. Kiner's teams stunk there's no arguing that.
  15. Pie Traynor, Paul Waner or Ralph Kiner should have gone in over Maz or Bonds. Bonds didn't play long enough in Pittsburgh to be one of the franchises top 4 and his bat was no existent in the playoffs.
  16. Watching Celebrity Wife Swap with Charo swapping with Vicki from the Love Boat! My god why doesn't Charo have her own series?
  17. I've always said that Vince was an idiot for booking Dusty as a midcarder during his brief time in the WWF. He was the #3 face right behind Hogan and Warrior and worked with three of the top heels in the company, how could have they booked him higher than that?
  18. Saw Entourage yesterday afternoon. It was ok I guess, had some funny moments but a lot of trying to hard jokes.
  19. Watching Battle of the Network Stars reruns on ESPN Classic, the late 70's ones are so intense! Howard Cosell called the 1979 tug-of-war with the same intensity as the Fraizer-Foreman fight. Also no matter what year a celeb has no clue how to work the inflatable kayak, as I type this Gabe Kaplan flipped his and lost the oar.
  20. AMC owns 49% of BBC America.
  21. It's XICW they're the epitome of bush league, that's part of their appeal! Their show's are always a lot of fun.
  22. I'm going to take Lucille Bluth's advice and "go see a Star War."
  23. NBC should just bring back more halfway decent late 80's/early 90's sitcoms, I'd watch reboots of Night Court and Wings.
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