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  1. Jackie Sherrill fired Jimmy Johnson at halftime of the Tangerine Bowl. Johnson had taken taken the head job at Oklahoma State and wasn't taking the game seriously so Jackie gave him and Dave Wanstache their walking papers at halftime.
  2. I fell down an "All-Star" Family Feud rabbit hole and found this gem with both Heather Locklear & Heather Thomas!
  3. Those "All-Star" episodes of Family Feud are up there with Battle of the Network Stars as pure nostaglic joy for me. Here's Eight is Enough vs. General Hospital, 11 year old Adam Rich is high as a kite, Richard Dawson make's light of the Luke raping Laura angle and Richard Dean Anderson!
  4. Sorry can't I be pissed that my team lost a toilet bowl to friggin Northwestern. They beat Penn State and Clemson inspite of the defense and with OC Matt Canada going to LSU they're in big trouble next year.
  5. Once again I'll ask why did Pitt fire Wanstache? Narduzzi is a clown and his defense is an embarssment.
  6. I thought they did re-shoots because it was too dark? The final battle sorta turned into the Star Wars version of Saving Private Ryan but Private Ryan dies too. I totally loved this movie though and I'm so thankful that Disney bought the franchise.
  7. They also busted out another amazing Kinks song that was perfect for the ending.
  8. I'm almost done with Designated Survivor, the last part was pretty schmaltzy and I'm really not into the FBI investigation/conspiracy stuff. As someone who lives in the Metro Detroit area their view of Dearborn was laughable.
  9. I gave up on Ballers last season but gave it another shot the other day and it's still bad. Also the Jonathan Silverman looking guy on Ballers is Jane Fonda's son, is there some sorta rule that HBO needs to have the offspring of famous people on their shows?
  10. Agreed, I really hope HBO keeps it around for a few seasons.
  11. Mister TV


  12. Spring Broke was really good, it brought back a lot of nostalgia for me since I would watch MTV's Daytona Beach Spring Break coverage during my Jr. High and High School years. I totally remember watching the Alan Hunter takes a bus from some college in Ohio to Daytona Beach segments and MTV forcing Kari Wurher from Remote Control to jump into a pool during a extremely cold Spring Break. Someone needs to do a doc on the Hawaiian Tropic guy, he's more of a hobo's version of a millionaire than Trump.
  13. Vinyl was actually good last night and it got Wild Safari by Barrabas stuck in my head all day. The series would have been much better if it was focused on Ray Ramono's character. Also, Last Man on Earth has really been knocking it out of the park the past few episodes.
  14. Things moved fast and he's on his way to TCU! As a Pitt fan I'm happy to see him go, thanks TCU, Wisconsin, Arizona State and Stanford for taking mediocre football and basketball coaches off our hands.
  15. Yikes, this show is getting into John from Cincinnati bad.
  16. Me! The backstory and references may go over my head but the show is good enough for it not to matter.
  17. Either get a rug like Killer Kowalski or wear a mask like Johnny "Mr. Wrestling II" Walker.
  18. We wouldn't have gotten that lame FBI bugging the house episode and the Bobby's a bad Santa episode. Maybe they hold off things like Tony and Gloria and Jackie Jr. until the next season. Tony having to kiss Livia's ass and possibly moving her into his house would have been a great storyline.
  19. Shelly Winters is amazing in the Delta Force and so is Robert Forster! Hell that movie up until the Delta Force shows up is legit good, the rest is great too if you like Chuck Norris kicking people and doing wheelies on a motor cycle.
  20. Location wise it made a lot of sense to since Philly is only a hour drive and NYC, Baltimore and D.C. were all drives under or around 3 hours.
  21. Having been in a house that got HBO for awhile in 1984-1988 or so, I've seen GREASE 2 probably as many times as I've seen STAR WARS. It was like a daily loop on HBO: MIDNIGHT MADNESS GREASE 2 THE FOUR SEASONS They fit Over The Edge in there too. There needs to be an HBO Classic channel that just replays what HBO played circa 1981 to 1989, just play on February 9, 2016 what they played on February 9, 1983. Also, thanks for getting the Midnight Madness theme stuck in my head! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFQTeIIVPk0
  22. I though SBV was the most with 11.
  23. Regretting that I didn't bet the under for the first half.
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