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  1. I don’t recognise those guys but I hope that tag teams name is literally “These Gentlemen”. - “…and their opponents, currently in the ring, ‘THESE GENTLEMEN!!!!!’”
  2. With Paige Van Zant appearing it’s another Paige to the Page/Cage/Gage collection.
  3. Oh lord, just realised that Bronn Brekker will just be “Brekker” when he gets that main roster call up. Can’t have Bron when Braun has already been there! Brooks Jensen is such a 80’s radio DJ name. “Welcome to 107.1 The Breeze, I’m Brooks Jensen and this is Toto with Africa”
  4. I didn’t know this was as detailed a thing on wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Heenan_Family The WWF membership timeline almost gives you the trades Heenan done each year! Like Andre leaving in 1990 freed up the salary cap to bring in Flair!
  5. Great now I’m going to be singing “baby Mox doo doo doo doo doo doo” all day
  6. I love when wrestling media goes full Frank Grimes on WWE. ”ah ol’ WWE’s okay give it a break” ”no it is not okay, and I want everyone on the Internet to realize it. I would die a happy man if I could prove to you that Vince McMahon has the IQ of a 6 year old child!!!“
  7. Goddamit TK. It’s a good job AEW is good because we aren’t even 10 minutes into this season and it looks like the same old story, decent QB with no protection, no running game and a leaky defence. Duuuuval. I guess. *shrugs*
  8. Love this guy. Don’t tell my wife.
  9. Nick Gage is kind of modern day Sid. Does fist bumps. Weird angry energy. Seems dangerous in the ring. Attacks other wrestlers with sharp objects.
  10. Hook doesn’t even need to wrestle full matches. Teach him 4 suplexes and a tazmission and he’ll be fine. He looks great, if he’s even half as good at trash talk as his old man then that’s a bonus.
  11. Yeah Miro coming in was kind of the death knell for Cage. But also being put next to Ricky Starks really made him look like the charisma vacuum that he is. Then when Hobbs is added to the mix you have another big, jacked guy who is younger and more intense and intimidating looking than Cage, it’s no surprise he has kind of got lost on the mix.
  12. I can’t believe a Spinal Tap style wrestling mockumentary has never been done before. There’s a billion stupid wrestling backstage stories that could be lifted for it. Never mind Heels, GLOW or The Wrestler, give me “why don’t you make the 10 count slower to give you more time?” “but our count goes to 11”
  13. If Just Joe was signed nowadays the meeting deciding his name would have descended into a farce. ”so his name is just Joe?” ”no, Joe” ”so Joe on its own?” ”yes, that’s what I said, Just Joe!”
  14. “Welcome to Smackdown live on Fox! he’s Corey Graves filling in for Pat McAfee and I’m Michael Cole…. BAY BAY!”
  15. On last weeks SD I thought Owens was the least entertaining person in his segment with Corbin and Paul. But having read that news above, that maybe makes some sense. I think a motivated and focused heel Owens is fine. I just don’t want goofy babyface Owens that he seems to have been for a large part of recent times. Conversely I cannot stand Sami’s heel persona (in a good way). He is such a hateable smug bad guy, however I never want Sami in AEW. I just don’t think that character fits. I would much prefer it if TK could somehow convince El Generico to leave the orphanage for a few years to come back to the biz.
  16. It’s been a long day, but I totally read that as Miro v Riho at first.
  17. Some wrestlers from the early days of AEW will begin to feel like Woody and the gang when Buzz Lightyear shows up in Toy Story. TK’s mom will, at some point, have to take a big box with all the toys TK doesn’t want to play with anymore and drop them off at the local thrift store. TK will be like “Mom, where’s Private Party? They were just here and now I can’t find them!
  18. Well that’s my Halloween Havoc pick sorted for this year!
  19. Minor takeaway from a rewatch but Rick Boogs is way better than that Fozzy guitar guy. Jericho should hire Boogs for his band.
  20. I’ve had a nagging feeling all day that Paul Wight isn’t making the match following the Gunn club attack, and will be replaced by a returning or debuting wrestler. However,I am reassured that AEW shows are normally “as advertised”. I think I have WWE scar tissue.
  21. Devastating. Loved Daffney and easily the first female ‘wrestler’ I got into. When she debuted in WCW I had been conditioned that Terri, Missy and Sunny were what females in wrestling should be. Daffney broke the mold. RIP.
  22. Let’s not forget that Cornette, Heyman and Russo all started in the business as young enthusiastic supernerds. There’s plenty of time for the business to wear TK down!
  23. I mean they ran Jacksonville for what 50 straight weeks without incident. I’m fairly sure Jags fans have way more gripe with the Khans ownership than Fulham fans.
  24. Went back and watched the prelims today. That cut on Alvey’s cheek was one of the most gnarly cuts I’ve ever seen. I’ve got a strong constitution but I was gagging when the cut guy was applying the Vaseline.
  25. As someone’s who’s wife still watches Jersey Shore, I’m amazed WWE hasn’t signed up Zack Clayton (J-Wowws boyfriend). He’s young, jacked and already has a celebrity connection. He certainly seems to fit the mold, even if he has worked some indies.
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