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  1. I think we all expected a clusterfuck aura and I'm not surprised to hear some of those matches played out that way. I'm over here refreshing the damn torrent sites because I'm broke as hell, but no shame in my game. Can't wait to see this shit, even if I have to do it in the sleaziest way possible.
  2. Marty, that is a really fucking stupid take.
  3. Do people actually see Tama as being charismatic? He seems like the most forced fake cool guy ever to me. I don't watch a ton of the promotion these days outside the major shows, but his work inthe G1 when they were teasing the tension between him and Omega, he seemed like a really poor performer when it came to his character work.
  4. Depends on how much you enjoy deathmatches. They're one of my favorite promotions, but a lot of their oddball dream matches don't produce in the way similar stuff in AIW does. The Gage vs. Tremont series was amazing, pretty much all the Gage stuff to be honest. His match with Riddle is really cool and bizarre, and his matches with Ciclope and Miedo Extremo are both wild. Some of my favorite other stuff from Game Changer last year was Reed Bentley and John Wayne Murdoch's run with the tag belts. Matches with the Viking War Party and Markus Crane and Jimmy Lloyd were both awesome, wild brawls. Alex Colon has also really come into his own as a garbage worker there after years of being a middling indy spotfest guy. His matches with Crane and G-Raver (another very consistent psychopath) are both top notch deathmatch bullshit.
  5. My advice would be to hit up a couple alone. I started going to the AAW Lasalle shows by myself in March and have made some solid buddies that I now sit with every show. Just take the plunge, it'll be good, I promise.
  6. AAW replaced him in the main event of arguably their biggest show of the year with Jeff Cobb. Hilarious. It works for storyline reasons too, which is nice. I still say they should have gone with my idea of having Fenix squash him in 30 seconds, then stiff Mike on his fee and never book his bitch ass again, but I understand and support this decision.
  7. Aww, RIP Guts World. Such a good sleaze fed.
  8. Vinny's Hitsmas run is literally all time top Giant Bomb stuff. The hardest I laughed at any single thing in 2016.
  9. Wait is Tenille her real name? Was it here or another board where some guy would brag about being her AIM boyfriend like 15 years ago? Does anyone remember that?
  10. I can see it now. A trickle of blood on his forehead. Referee Drake Younger stops 9 guys from doing highspots while he slowly puts on his latex gloves. The crowd chanting Fight Forever! Just like the good ol days.
  11. How long after these previews do the shows typically get released?
  12. 321 Battle has a lot of ex backyarder guys who were incredible before they were pros. I've been a fan of some of those boys since they were like 18. Also they put up the majority of their stuff on Youtube. Check out Thatcher v. Daniel Makabe from July, that match is incredible.
  13. Not to take anything away from the Canuck Pro money mark, which is very much a topic worth discussing, but I've got similar fears about Black Label Pro. I have tickets to their show next week and will be trekking about 3 hours to get there. Janela cancelling on the weirdest dream match ever seems pretty unsurprising to me. Does anyone with people in the Indiana indy scene know who is promoting this thing?
  14. If you dig modern Omori, I highly recommend his matches fron June 2014 against Akiyama and Suwama. That couple of months felt like a major resurgence for All Japan. It didn't happen, but honestly 2017 is an incredible year for them. If people are wanting to venture outside the Miyahara stuff, I'd also recommend the Tajiri vs Hikaru Sato match for the junior belt from the end of July. Super cool match that probably couldn't have taken place in any promotion that wasn't weird ass modern AJ.
  15. As for where to go with NOAH, it's pretty spotty. If you're looking for non NJ puro from this year, I'd recommend Miyahara's Triple Crown defenses and Hideki Suzuki's run with the BJW belt.
  16. Terry Funk never no sold a single move in his entire life.
  17. Instead we got a ton of fresh Honma matches. Fair trade off.
  18. Man, yeah I read his supershow thread front to back and I was enjoying his SNME reviews too. This is really sad. Never knew the man personally but I enjoyed him very much and spent hours reading his words. Rest in peace.
  19. Excuse me for changing the subject but I'm awake at 5AM and I'm thinking about how awesome Gary Hart would be as Brock Lesnar's manager. "Johnny Cena, I know what kind of man you really are. I know the darkness inside that heart; I can see it through your eyes, Johnny Cena." Not that Heyman isn't amazing, just saying.
  20. I love that one so much just because it's a perfect document of the New Generation trying to survive without their ace to lead them. I believe there was a similar trios the week before where Misawa gets taken out, so his boys come back for revenge next week. And then this week, Fuchi breaks Kobashi's nose to absolutely no one's surprise. Fuchi/Jumbo/Taue is up there with the Bucaneros and Los Infernales as my favorite trios of all time.
  21. Beyond is definitely one of the best indies around. Their entire ethos is refreshing to me, and their roster is so hugely varied that it's impossible not to enjoy something on every show. I think I might even prefer the small shows in random places more than the big shows at Fete. The atmosphere of those Dynano and CZW training center shows can't be beat. And CZW obviously took a cue from you guys since they've began running those Dojo Wars shows and putting them on YouTube. That's the Beyond influence. Also, Drew is a good man and I used to IM with him a lot ten years ago.
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