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  1. Free food is tough for me too. Keto was a good escape from that - because you know that if you do kick yourself royally out of ketosis then it's going to be a royal pain getting back in. I do wide-grip upright rows; not right now, but they will be rotated in - they're a great exercise tbh. Arguably wide grip high pulls are better. I'm flicking through that article and whilst I'm not a minimalist - I think it is important to rotate movements in and out in order to prevent overuse injuries (which are the most common type),and I think there are good reasons to train biceps directly, there is a lot of truth to what he says. Most people need to actually do less, but track and fight for progress. I actually do a lot of small part work though, and I think it can be quite time efficient if you giant set it. For example. Yesterday: SSB Speed Box Squats - 12 doubles (adding weight every 3 mini-sets - 70kg->77.5kg) SSB Box Squat Singles - 85, 92.5, 100, 105, 110kg (I could have made 115kg, maybe 120kg but third squat day since returning so why bother?) Hip Thrust Machine - 100kg, supersetted with Seated Calf 30kg 3 sets of 20 on both. Seated Leg Curl 40kg , giant setted with Abductor 55kg and Adductor 55kg, 3 sets of 20 on each. The point is, the vast majority of my sets are small part work - this is fine and they're actually being done relatively quickly because not a lot of rest is needed. Half my sets are done in the last 20% of the workout. The idea that you should rely on deadlifts for your hamstring work is incredibly suspect. I've been adding weight to everything and that is indeed the key thing - keep making weight or rep gains. If you stall, swap the exercise out any way you can - I can do a prone curl instead of seated, I can change the setting on the adductor/abductor if I really want to keep them in, I can swap in Good Mornings for the Hip Thrust machine, I can switch to a standing calf, I can change the box height or use a straight bar. Unless you're actually advanced, you're probably doing way too much volume. You v. rarely should go beyond 3 sets, 2 sets is underrated. Anyone who is regularly doing much more than 20 sets is probably not working hard enough during the actual sets (I count the above as 4 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 20 fwiw), and it's questionable whether training for more than 90 minutes is beneficial to most people - v. few people are actually going to do more than 20 good sets in that time if they warm up and rest properly between primary exercises. btw, you probably also shouldn't be fighting for reps on the bench, squat and deadlift on a regular basis. Generally you want to leave a rep or two in the tank. There are plenty of very solid powerlifters who basically never go beyond RPE 7 on the main lifts, especially during rep work on those exercises.
  2. It's a bit leftfield, but I could maybe get behind Coach CM Punk with the Varsity Blonds. He can make them sign pledges not to drink and Brian "It is astounding how many free drinks I recieve for simply having a mullet" Pillman Jnr. can be all Randall Floyd about it. I mean, it's a better idea than pairing him with The Acclaimed anyway.
  3. I don't rule out CM Punk enjoying Tegan and Sara, but I'm not sure that and 'saying controversial things' is going to be sufficient common ground for that combo to really play.
  4. Obviously it is theoretically possible they will phase out the TNT belt by having Page win both.
  5. I know it's like wrestling and stuff, but what a world it would be if people were generally allowed to beat people up when they're about to sign a contract and then sign it instead.
  6. To be honest, there's a little part of me that thinks it would be really funny if Bo Rotunda and Harris Windham just showed as a tag-team in AEW and they just kind of 90% no sell their previous creative.
  7. I ain't the Shadow or anything, but I really want to believe that Miro Vs Shotty next week has to be setting up Miro Vs Dustin for All Out. Because Tony Khan loves us.
  8. Reminder: Tone's pops has a yacht that has its own Wikipedia page.
  9. They released Bray? Hahahahahahahahahaha. What a bunch of morons. I hope Windham is doing good. Run.
  10. Won't go into full detail, but I had to do a at-home pump day on Wednesday because life reasons. Yesterday did my SSB speed box squats with 5kg added (top sets of 72.5kg) and then hit sets of 6 on 80kg and then 85kg (which is 187lbs...I pumped myself up by internally rapping 'Yeah and you don't stop, because it's 187 on an safety bar squat' lol). I think using the SSB, box, and no belt makes that equivalent to repping a 2 plate free squat with belt. I had a rep in reserve no doubt, but I was pretty tired afterwards. Made successful weight jumps in my accessories, which were as last lower body day. Not sure if next gym day will be tomorrow or Sunday, depends on plans. Ultimately next lower day I will up the speed squats another 5kg but I may do speed pulls instead of the sets of 6. I'll probably do a training max on the SSB Box Squat the lower session after. I think I'm good for 110kg, but I guess we'll see in about a week.
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