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  1. Great show. Jericho is deteriorating physically fast but hell it looks like he is going to feud with 2.0 so it's not like he's taking up space in the upper card (plus he gets bonus DVDVR points for channeling Kenny Bania). I'm wondering they're going to do a 3 on 2 match and have Jericho put Garcia over.....Jericho would pretty clearly do it.
  2. I've still been working out lol. Bench yesterday was absolute dogshit after too much hedonism. Today I really did not feel like going at all, but I actually ended up getting my first 3 plate (140kg) safety bar squat - admittedly I set it up only just below parallel, but I was happy with it for an offday. 3x3 at 112.5kg afterwards, then pin GMs 3 x 6 at 80kg, then some fluff. I will be back working out with my gf on Wednesday and then probably the weekend. Time to get her back on the bench I think, as I don't think the chest press is cutting it for me.
  3. I think it's easy to forget how awesome it is that AEW brings in Vickie most weeks to manage one midcarder. I mean it's the right role for her (we don't want to see her prominently all the time at this point), but it seems extra poignant when WWE are doing 'budget cuts' left, right and centre.
  4. This was the worst no show since Roger Moore failed to turn up for Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge.
  5. If we're counting NXT, Danny Burch got released and came back and got a reign as NXT yeah champ. He's still on the books afaik, though wouldn't surprise me if he's somewhat of a player coach at the PC.
  6. Main reason to have Jay in AEW is so you can run 'Lethal's Lottery'.
  7. Coming back from holiday, I did ramp ups to single challenging sets: 1) Bench (10), Low Cable Row (10), OHP (10) and Lat Pulldown (10) followed by accessory work sets of 2 x 20-22 (Decline DB, DB Upright Row, Tricep Pushdown, Pinwheel Curls) Bench was tough, only got to 85kg on a medium-wide grip. I think I was neglecting it a bit before I went on hols. Oh yeah and I had slept badly and took a Ibuprofen for a headache so it probably was ok. 2) Highbar Squat (10), Narrow stance SSB GM (10), Plate Machine Hip Thrust (12), followed by accessories 2 x 16 Leg Curl, Seated Calf, Ab Machine & 1 x 16 Hyperextension So the Squat was my first non-SSB back squat in over a year. My elbows were not impressed. I actually meant to do 8, but somebody wanted to use the rack so I decided to do 10 at 90kg rather than try for 8 at 100kg. I felt like I had a couple more reps in the tank no problem even then so I'm actually ok with this, though my knees were a bit unimpressed. I'm not sure whether I'll go back to SSB or try and test a max with the straight bar. I had significant butt doms from the secondary lifts. That was Sunday and Monday. My gf rejoins Saturday so I face today and Thursday, then Sat/Sun. Gnarly. I will probably take it pretty easy today and tomorrow - speed work and a couple of accessories.
  8. I hadn't seen a lot of Taya but I liked the Monet character. I liked Kross too kinda. He got overexposed somehow but other promotions, or a certain other promotion I should say, seem to be able to not do that. Next time someone gets a non-push out of the gate, WWE defenders don't get to see 'wait and see' anymore. I've been pretty done with this nonsense for a while and today I am sad but unsurprised. I am curious to maybe see if Thatcher ever returns and does a fightpit with Steiner but not much else. I am glad we as fans have an alternative (I appreciate some ppl don't vibe with it); I hope the ppl released today are able to indeed have better futures to endeavour towards.
  9. Danhausen has Marko and comedy so I don't really see the Danhausen issue. I'm not 100% sure he's completely connected up the wrestling and the character from what I've seen, but I don't have an issue with him being used correctly. It could be though that tbh he's making enough money through his various hustles that he might be better off not All Elite.
  10. Okay, tried this again today and got 90kg - it was definitely a bit grindy not ridiculous (I didn't feel it afterwards) but I don't feel like I'm quite ready for 100kg. That said, I've not been sleeping that well and I actually hit incline bench press and DB flat press pretty hard 48 hours before - so maybe I could get the two plates up I don't know. Grip may have been a hair wider than last time (© Greg Doucette), but that's a pretty decent PR for a lift I haven't been doing. Mostly I have been training with the girlfriend. That's probably not optimal, but it's been fun mostly and it hasn't stopped me making gains as far as I can see. I am going on holiday Saturday and will likely be on a 10 day gym break (I might change my mind if it pours down a lot). I'll take my bands and my gripper, but looking forward to the break. When I come back, there's going to be quite a lot of back focus - I think my legs, chest and triceps are pretty on point, my upper back is ok but middle and lower need a lot of attention. And the core. 2 pulls every upper body day now, and facepulls aren't going to count.
  11. Even if ROH hadn't been built around Bullet Club....look AEW throw out 3 hours of Cable TV and another 1-3 hours of Dark content - some of which is good. The ROH dream has long been dead, but now it's been buried 50ft in the ground in a lead coffin. GCW and PWG can somewhat access the AEW roster, NJPW can provide a slightly more technical product, NWA can provide a nostalgia product. Is there room for something a little more BattlArts? Maybe. But you do probably need a different roster for that. Whether Sinclair are the ones to run such a promotion I'm not sure - but where else do you go? I will admit, in recent years I watched some of the Pure stuff, a bit of PCO and a bit of Danhausen and that's about it. I wasn't particularly motivated to watch more.
  12. Tony Khan must be feeling buyer's remorse about Tony Nese right about now.
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