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  1. Ricochet/Ali go again on Main Event this week! Plus Nikki Cross returns! I'm missing Gulak's entrance music, so nice of WWE to actually stick it up:
  2. So I guess Carmella is still allowed to be 'sexy'. I actually thought the Ruby/Carmella match was ok in that it gets the Code of Silence over....they're probably setting her up to lose to Belair again after the Bayley defence and...well the only other options are Natalya and Tamina.
  3. I don't know if I can recommend it. I'd like Jinder Mahal if he was better, if that makes sense.
  4. 6th April 2021 - with your hosts Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali - I'm just going to say it, Ali's theme reminds me of Chris Benoit's WWE theme. Ricochet runs at Ali with a dropkick to start and he's all over him, Mustafa is pinballing all over the place. He powders and gets chased, before landing a loud chop on Ricochet which is no-sold and so Ali runs away back to the ring. Ali is pretty committed to being a chickenshit heel, but it doesn't do him much good - Ricochet lands more shots and a springboard clothesline for 2. It is mentioned that Ricochet is now w
  5. There's no school like the old school and he was the headmaster. RIP John.
  6. Eva used correctly could work, but I sort of think the place was that was NXT and I think that could have worked again. I just think it's hilarious that they spent months building up 'Untouchable' Carmella, gave her a valet and a new 'sexy' entrance....then basically had her drop all her character development because there's only room for one Emmalina Take 72 in WWE presumably. I'm not familiar with Toni Storm's best work I am sure, but I am personally mystified as to why people think in 2021 she is considered some kind of star in waiting.
  7. Coming this week....Ricochet and Ali again. Also Jeff Hardy and....oy....Jinder
  8. Pretty sure Gulak and Garza wrestled on Main Event couple of times.
  9. Look there's usually good wrestling on here - it's ludicrous to ignore a show which is mainly composed of the better guys from the WWE 205Live era. Infact I think the only guys who weren't cruiserweights on the show in 2021 have been Retribution members. 29th April 2021 - with your hosts Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton. Patrick is indeed as green as the proverbial emerald but he seems to be getting better. Ricochet vs Mustafa Ali - Mustafa Ali has new generic non-Retribution music but he's essentially kept the aesthetic. Patrick notes that the two are at their best, 'in their pri
  10. 'Emilia' on the other hand...... I have to say though I do find this show at times....quite......low-rent. There's quite a few guys on this show....there was a time when guys of this ilk would be working as enhancement and getting their lunch eaten....now they're 'WWE Superstars' and it feels wrong to me. Now look, just in case one of those people is reading this...I'm not a complete miserable p***k, I know everybody worked hard and then some; they should obviously make the most of your opportunity and I wish them well. But am I supposed to care about this Teoman guy....who's ceiling tbh
  11. They never actually did the diBiase face turn though (well not on Orton). They teased it, but he never went baby until much later on when Cody was doing the 'clear mask' gimmick. But I think the problem was that I think WWE thought you could have diBiase pussy out of turning on Orton a bunch of times. That's what killed the turn, and that's why they didn't do it. I remember a few years on they messed up Beth Phoenix's babyface turn in a similar way and she never really got over as a babyface, despite fans clearly wanting to cheer her.
  12. I can't really say I'm for any of it, but I'm not going to get in an existential strop about it either. I actually quite like the idea of a Premier League minus the 'Big 6'. Maybe it'll shake things up a bit. The International implications are interesting, but I can see the big teams being entirely comfortable having their squads sit out Qatar - a shitshow I have no intention of paying any mind to. If we're not going to have relegation though, then there needs to be humuliation/forfeits/etc
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