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  1. I was pretty shocked that Jinny didn't become the new champion here! I don't know who the hell else is there to challenge KLR right now? I'll be even more shocked if Pretty Deadly won't become the no 1 contenders in the 4-Way, especially with Dennis barred from ringside for The Hunt! There needs to be a damn title change soon and Gallus are the least over champions NXT UK has!
  2. I was gonna say how does one go this long (however long that is) without seeing that music video? Or at least the literal music video-version of it? But hey, better late than never!
  3. Ok, so I did get a first "normal" workout week in this year. Wednesday off due to work related stuff. Monday was the usual whole upperbody deal with pull-ups, dips and reverse shrugs with extra weights. Also chest flyes, push downs and lat pull downs with resistance bands as well as shrugs and deadlifts with the pair of kettlebells. Tuesday was a light leg day. I put some 220-ish lbs on the squat machine and did a whole bunch of sets for thighs and calves. Once that was done, I did some light curls to pump up the arms as well. Thursday was bench day and I went to 220 and more after only two warm-up sets of 5 (with 132 and 198). So sets of 5 220, 231, 242 and 253. Did 5 clean reps and 2 partials with 264, then 5 more with 253, 5 with 242, 7 with 220, 10 with 198 and 20 with 132. Between each set I did barbell curls, lateral raises or shrugs. Friday was the Trapbar deadlift day. Started heavier than last time, 7 with 242, 7 with 286, 5 with 352, 5 with 374, 5 with 430, then 5, 5 and 3 with 451. Shrugs and lat pulldowns between sets and more after the deadlift was done. The weather got worse in the evening so, I rode the bike home in a slight blizzard and my legs were telling me it was not a good idea. Weight seems to be going down despite my best efforts (191 at the moment), but there's no question I need to get the extra fluff the fuck away from my midsection, so I guess it needs to go down at least another 5 lbs at least. Anyway, good week. I hope next week is similar.
  4. So it is established that Fight Pit is definitely Thatcher's match! I'm glad he's winning something! Speaking of which : Kacy WINS! Yes! I don't know if I'll call that finisher "FU Ricochet" or "Eat shit Stacy Keibler Jr" but it will be one or the other (and yeah , I know it's Erwin, but that's what I've been calling him since I heard his name). Dunne isn't much of a promo, but he got the point across and you can bet I'll be all over that match, when it happens ! I felt very conflicted as far who to root for during Bronson Reed vs Tyler Rust , but when Rust lost I felt disappointed , so I guess I got my answer !
  5. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, isn't that the saying? If nothing else , that sounds very innovative! I hope you get to a gym some how before summer! For me, this is the first "normal" week for me since the start of the year, if I get a workout in tomorrow! Either way, I'll update the week after the last workout , as usual.
  6. Oops, I didn't know it was a podcast discussion that I was commenting on. I just figured it was the usual talk on the chasm between the current generation of workers and the way it used to be. I blamed my ancient phone and wrote the reply again. Sorry , nothing to see here! Moving along . ..
  7. There's just got to be a happy medium between playing video games and streaming them w / or to your friends AND dying of overdose in a questionable hotel with questionable company! Those just can't be the only options, right? Even dying of video game overdose with your friends is not a good enough option for me!
  8. One would have to think there would be a happy medium between playing video games and streaming them w/ or to your friends AND dying of overdose in a questionable hotel with questionable company. Those can't be the only options, right ?
  9. Razor and Marty did team up at least on occasion as they had a match against Diesel & HBK in late '93 (I think, since this was BEFORE Shawn got stripped of the IC-title). It's on one of the Colosseum tapes, I want to say Wrestlefest'94, but I'm not quite sure. It is a miscarriage of justice that Wrestlefest'94 isn't on The Network, btw. I've lamented this before.
  10. IN didn't need ruining for me. I have disliked them quite strongly ever since I became aware of them. The album cover of Mötorpenis is the only redeeming quality I can think of. It made me LOL in a record store when I first laid my eyes upon it. Other than that, fuck them!
  11. More Challenge this morning as we have more weird shit, with Virgil (as Lucius Brown) facing Paul Orndorff and Douglas again (this time as Mike Kelly) against Butch Reed. The most perplexing thing about this was Honky Tonk Man making his debut as a face and even Hogan cutting a promo in his support. This seems like such a retcon, instead of a plan all along. Rougeaus vs Mr electricity Steve Regal and Bob Bradley was another match with a surprisingly big name as a jobber. Furthermore, having The Flowershop, Piper's Pit and The Snake Pit as alternating talk show segments (and there's Body Shop, too?) is confusing and pointless af. It was funny seeing Muraco being the voice of 2021 defending Adrian Adonis' right to dress as he pleases in a free country against Piper's "I have kids, I don't want them to see this idiot" -rant! Then they proceeded to beat the fuck out of Piper! Face move, in today's world.
  12. The fact that they DID feed them to Steelers is neither here nor there, but they sure didn't NEED to do it. The game would have happened regardless. Very good point.
  13. Not much of a COB fan myself (did own the debut album for a few years back in the day) but this guy was indeed one of the biggest, most successful musical exports Finland has seen on "popular" music front. He lived a rough life and apparently paid the price quite early. It's unlikely that an extreme(ish) metal band from Finland will ever reach such global (or international at least) success and popularity, again.
  14. Started with Wrestling Challenge episodes. Funny to see baby Shane Douglas (as Troy Martin) against Paul Orndorff. Was this before or after Douglas was known as Troy Orndorff somewhere? Anyway, you could already see Mr Wonderful's left arm starting to atrophy this early on, even though at this point it still looked almost normal. Well, better than "normal" but in comparison to his right arm. Later on, you could see The British Bulldogs facing The Moondogs and Dynamite Kid could be seen losing plenty of mass even before his back injury. He must have been a physical wreck already at this point, but the steroids and pain pills kept him from realizing how close he was to collapsing. I have seen the Haku, Duggan and Savage coronations, but this may very well be the first time I have seen the Harley Race one. Also, in the second episode, Hart Foundation cut a promo and Bret used "the best there is..." catch phrase already at this point. And he hadn't even won a title yet in WWF and he already knew! Furthermore, Rougeaus cutting a face promo was weird, eventhough I very clearly remember them being faces early on.
  15. This was great! The grocery shopping was amazing. I did go a bit crazy myself like that for a few years. These days (while still getting plenty of protein) my slow (and fast)carb and good (and bad) fat intake has increased substantially, because I just couldn't gain any more mass eating the way Cena was apparently eating at the time of this documentary. It's just really damn hard to believe anyone could look anywhere near that jacked and ripped and not be on something. I'm sorry Cena, I just don't buy it.
  16. He was also super cool in Dogma, as the Seraph or Ark-angel, "the Voice of God" whatever he was called. He pretty much nailed it in his first role, however, as Hans Gruber, since as far as I know, he hadn't really been cast in any major motion pictures prior to that one! That's a Pat MacAfee-level debut right there! ...had to check. Yeah, 10 years of TV movies and a part or two in TV-series, according to Imdb. Also, he was called Metadron in Dogma.
  17. Wait, does this photo contain two meter maids one of which is intentionally photo bombing the fashion shoot, and two models, OR three models (one of which is curiously enough dressed pretty similarly to the meter maid behind her) and an unintentional photo bomb by an elderly meter maid? Because it's only funny if the woman on the left struck a pose on a whim once she realised that there was a photo shoot going on and she was possibly within the frame. The person walking behind her seems oblivious to what's going on. Also, can we actually say "meter maid" these days?
  18. She labeled it, with neat and tidy handwriting no less!
  19. According to Bruce Pritchard, no. It's funny when Vince says "Get that walking advertisement for steroids out of my locker room" and it turns out he had passed all the tests clean. Not sure what kind of tests those were, though? Multiple choice on a piece of paper asking "Are you on steroids? Yes, No, Maybe".
  20. I'd really like to see Maverick & Dain go against Lorcan & Burch once more, after winning the cup. Somehow, I still see GYV winning this thing, after coming up short last time around.
  21. Well, she's obviously really trying, you gotta give her that! Seems like Riot is not quite sure about this yet, though.
  22. Lift heavier and eat loads of extra protein, with a wink and a smile? Not that Jones could tell, if there were either of those.
  23. Wow, only got to the gym today for the first time this week. I underestimated the difference a bit of snow makes as far as biking is concerned. Last winter was pretty much snowless, so I kinda forgot how much it sucked! Anyway, it took me 3 days to get used to the new situation and today I felt like working out again. A whole lot of stuff with resistance bands and kettlebells and I got a pretty freaky upper body pump going and my pumped arms were 43,5/44cm around (which is about as big as they have ever been, it translates to around 17 inches) , so my bulking up has been a success. Of course, my waist has expanded way more than my arms! I'll edit this further tomorrow . ...It was a good day at work, decent weather to ride a bike, too! So, I went for bench and trapbar combo, to make sure my day wasn't TOO easy. Trapbar, I went straight to 451 lbs, after three warm-up sets, and did 5, 5, 5, 3, 4, 4. With bench, I went up to 220 after only two warm-up sets, since it seems I shouldn't be wasting time with less than that. Did 5x220, 5x231, then 7 sets of 5 with 242, then one more 5 with 220, plus 20x176 and 27x110 for pump. Some shrugs and curls inbetween bench sets, after I was done with trapbar. The week was a bit of a let-down overall, but this last workout made me confident that I'll be back in form by winter break, just in time to Jericho my gut all over again!
  24. Way to go, Log! A proper home gym is quite the luxury! You'd think that the improvement you made earlier should make its way back, once you get back to the routine! Plenty of people who start working out again have said to me that they didn't know how much they missed it, until they started it again! That's cool !
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