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  1. If I remember correctly, (The) Black League was also the name of the new project by Sentenced's original vocalist. Whether the name has any connection to the said Russians, I have no idea? Anyway, for some reason, I figured the Blue and Gold somehow reflected the logo or promo material of the World's End PPV, but I'm not at all sure if that is accurate?
  2. He did say in his first video package when he returned that he SAT at home for three (or four?) months. Maybe he was being really literal about that? Oh, and since people are talking about the overrun and such, the DAZN feed is usually about 30 minutes longer than the actual show. Not only does that take away any problems with overruns but it also blurrs the time when the show is "supposed" to go off the air. I sort of see this as not spoiling the length of the main event each week. I can appreciate that.
  3. Damn, if they are putting that much thought into details then the pay-off cannot be underwhelming. Right?
  4. I would imagine something should happen to make the tournament more unpredictable. We've seen two slight upsets so far, but both of them were totally within the realm of predictable. It was not unfathomable to see Brody beat Eddie or Swerve beat White (can't tell if it was inconsievable, though?). For something to be an upset in the Blue League, it would have to be Garcia actually winning a match and in the Gold League it obviously means Lethal getting points, Briscoe beating someone else than Lethal (and even Lethal may be an upset since Mark's record is like 1-99 against him), or Rush beating Swerve or Moxley. Every other result is at least fathomable or consievable in my point of view. I welcome as many upsets and possible draws to mix things up as much as possible.
  5. Alright, a very good episode here. I have to say that THIS version of Adam Copeland I can appreciate. First thing, kick in the balls! Yes! Rush getting a much needed victory and Jay White with a slightly surprising loss changes the complexion of the tournament a little bit and that's good. Moxley has now faced two of the easiest opponents of his league, while White's matches have been the toughest of the top guys and Lethal's have been toughest overall and the results reflect that. Eddie Kingston may have fucked up giving up those titles. Facing Danielson after losing the first match is a tough position to be in. Emi tried to get into a better position for the moonsault and it was nice for the commentary to sell it as her trying to roll away from it unsuccessfully. I don't know if I like Sting putting no one over during his entire AEW run, despite how entertaining he has been during it? I mean, if he beats everyone, so be it, but that should logically lead to a title match before it is all said and done, right? Yeah, he made Darby, but let's face it he is not going to survive trying to skateboard down Mount Everest, let's be real here! Dante looked good in his return, the injury shown from a different angle did NOT! Holy fuck! Next week's trios match should be good, too! MJF putting over Joe and going over the guys he himself has beaten was good. Joe stepped in immediately when the terrorists attacked MJF to protect his investment, but is obviously against ANY kind of tag matches that may mess up his much deserved main event match.
  6. Feeling better now. But can't smell anything, at all. The last two days sucked, mostly due to this constant headache. It wasn't headsplitting or anything, but enough to keep me awake despite trying my best to sleep. I've spent 3 of the last four days basically just lying down (did go to work on Monday, as the symptoms weren't too bad at that time yet, and no "fever" in general sense, since my body temperature is freakishly low). Tested positive on Tuesday morning, by the way. I have been able to eat, despite having no appetite, so the weight hasn't gone down and I'll try to keep it that way. Man, it feels good to be back, despite not really being back yet. The thing about the headache was that it just didn't let up. I kept taking paracetamol and ibuprofen, while icing my forehead and massaging my temples and that only worked a little bit, until you stopped. The thing about constant (mild) pain is that a lot of times, there IS a way to get rid of it, but that involves a short period of much more intense pain. This didn't seem to work in this case. It did work, however, on Saturday as my lower back was feeling very stiff from the trapbar etc. but lying on a hard rubber ball and working on my glutes for a good while made all of that go away. So the continuous temple massaging (that was also painful) having little to no effect was very frustrating. I'm glad that's over for now.
  7. Just heard this for the first time last week while listening to Tom Lehrer on Spotify. Seems appropriate.
  8. Does he get to become a proper part of Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak now? These are weird times, indeed!
  9. You bet! Did Rampage +Collision today, although slept through some of it. Plenty of ROH and Impact to go as well, while waiting for Dynamite.
  10. Yes, good matches here. The Seat Belt is quite the pinning combination, these past couple of weeks! Huge win for Brody King, this time, The House did always win! 3-0 for HOB tonight. Now Eddie has to fight from behind if he wants to get to the finals of the league. Wow, they are getting Swerve vs White out of the way, quickly!
  11. Going through my first-ever (proven) bout with Covid-19. Started showing ever so slight symptoms on Sunday, not feeling great on Monday and now it's on. The test showed up positive within seconds, so there was no doubt. I kinda knew this or a regular flu would knock me off at some point, as my workouts have been so rough it can't do good for my immune system. So, this means staying in bed and/or the couch for as many days it takes, trying to get my calories and vitamins in as much as possible. I have to say that my appetite isn't great today, but didn't have any problems with it prior to this.
  12. Why not both? I mean both screaming at each other that the other ruined their perfect plan, until they both stop, stare at one another and then start making out in frustration would be pretty funny.
  13. Somebody needs to remove that man from power! Trying to sabotage a wrestler's important career moment like that! And considering he is in a position of power, couldn't sending a "gift" like that to a specific wrestler be considered bribery? 4 turkeys can't be cheap with this inflation! Even if that isn't exactly what Anne's brother is going for here, someone could see this as "here's a bunch of expensive food, now go lose the tournament by forefeit *wink-wink* "-type of corruption.
  14. I bought this game's Elite Edition for my nephew upon release (for PC). A few weeks back he finally showed it to me and I was actually embarrased that I had basically forced that abomination upon him. I mean, he never has to play it if he doesn't want to but still that was not cool. Also, there were zero other players online when he showed it to me. I don't play games, my nephew is not a wrestling fan, there was nothing but the aforementioned goodwill that made me buy that game for him. There were no winners in this one, except for AEW for the short term, in a good old "fuck you, we got your money"-sense, even if it wasn't their intention.
  15. Not only chaperoning but doing everything possible to sabotage the date, which then, against all odds ends up being so successful that Ruby and Ang are even closer by the end of it and Menard and Saraya flip their shit!
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