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  1. Yesterday I was just getting a breezy upper body pump in with EZ bar curls and OHP's but with much less weight than last time. I did a few sets with reverse grip so I could work the forearms better. More lateral raises and resistance band work as well. Due to the relocation of my workplace the gym will be packed up and moved to the new place shortly. This may lead to some time off. Over here, winter is indeed coming. Up until recently, there hasn't been any snow which has been quite a blessing as far as biking is concerned. Now it has been snowing a little bit for a couple of days, at quite reasonable pace, but it still made the rides a lot more tasking. I need to buy new winter tires for the bike after next week. If I want to go today, I need to get going soon, we'll see if that happens.
  2. I went running with my wife on Monday morning and today I arrived to work extra early so I could get the bench workout in before the early start we have every third Wednesday. The top weight was same as last week, but I think it went a little bit better than last time. The warm up was 5x132, 5x220, 3x242, 3x264, 1x275. Then 6 sets with 281 trying to get 3 each time. 2 of the first sets were quite alright, the next two not quite as good, but still OK, fifth was trash and sixth even worse. Then the sets with 275 and 264 weren't much better. Both with 3 "reps", but ugly partials in reality. 242 went ok for 4 reps and couple more less so. 11x220 in theory, but not in practice. 25x132 for the finish. Lat pull-downs, lateral side raises, shrugs and pushdowns between the sets. Rest of the week is uncertain. If I have the time, I'll try to get more in, but stuff may get in the way. I have been trying to eat more during the couple of extra days off (Finnish Independence Day yesterday), I haven't weighed myself, but the pump was looking pretty rad.
  3. So, should he pick "God" or "Freak" as his wrestling nickname, with a first name like that?
  4. @SirSmellingtonofCascadia I saw a picture in PWI in '96 where Jarrett was facing Ricky Morton during this run. I wonder if that match is on Nitro or syndication? That sounds interesting.
  5. Because, while unlikely, the time travel scenario could plausably happen?
  6. PAC, Rush, Brody King, Buddy Matthews, Danielson, Samoa Joe, Eddie Kingston, Jungle Boy and Adam Page.
  7. Finally, somebody with some sense when it comes to their opinion on Paul Roma. It's like finally finding the needle in the hay stack. Thanks!
  8. Somehow this reminds me of the awesome line in How I Met Your Mother, about "The 80's didn't get to Canada until 1993", regarding Robin's notorious music video from the mid 90's looking like it was from 1987.
  9. Although it was more like Gooker mistreating Mean Gene, making the poor bastard attempt a cartwheel with near catastrophic results.
  10. Well, that won't be from this batch, since literally nothing in there seems to be food. He may have something there for preparing food, but things like an air fryer (for instance) would actually get in the way of his plans. Does Costco carry deep fryers by any chance?
  11. Damn, well maybe Hollywood WILL win after all, when MJF decides to either stay with AEW or sign with WWE!
  12. This is true and I was by no means insinuating that Cody is getting fat, instead thinking he must have lost a lot of mass not being able to work out after the surgery and is now getting back up to where he's supposed to be for the eventual return to the ring. Sure, 240 may sound high, but when you are a tall guy like him, apparently it really isn't.
  13. And I'm under 180 and didn't even tear anything. Goddammit! Where's the food? I need to get to eating.
  14. Yeah, it could be like "Man, I need to go to bed, I should have been asleep 45 minutes ago, I'll catch the rest whenever!" Or "Look, it's Conan, or Friends or Arsenio Hall or whatever the shows on actual TV are these days". Or indeed, "I already saw this twice, and that's a plenty".
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