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  1. I second this, but the majority of people who ever complain about this are strictly WWE fans or have some sort of a personal vendetta against AEW because they think they're going to put WWE out of business. Least of all, he's only 38 years old.
  2. This just furthers my love for Cezar Bononi Edit - I have no idea how to embed a tweet on here for it to just appear. So if anyone could drop that knowledge on me, I'd love you long time [MOD NOTE - @Krone Meltzer when pasting the URL for the tweet, right click, choose Click as Plain Text.]
  3. I hate the WWE set that they use now a days. I miss when RAW, SD, and all the PPV's actually felt unique. I really hope when AEW starts shooting Rampage they can figure out a way to make the stage unique. Also, I enjoyed the ramp being connected to the ring for AEW, but since they have done it for the past year straight I'm ready for traditional ramps again. I like the ramp connecting to the ring on very rare occasions (Full Gear 2019 - Cody's face plant) but I've seen enough of it to last me a little while.
  4. Agreed, gonna miss @Gordberg sharing some solid insight on the AEW product for a couple of months. Hope all goes and stays well friend, see ya soon and enjoy this incredible time to be a wrestling fan!
  5. I knew exactly what the picture was going to be before even coming in here. That's how you know it's a damn good picture. Maybe historic.
  6. Can I reiterate that Hangman Page may have one of my favorite story arcs in the history of pro wrestling? The level of layers to a lot of things going on in AEW is actually mind boggling, but I give Tony Khan all the credit in the world. They knew from the beginning Hangman was going to be their guy in the future. They never waivered from him, the crowd has increasingly grown to support him, Alex Reynolds is right. American Dragon or not. CM Punk or not. Hangman Page's time needs to be right now. And that's the beauty of AEW. We are still questioning whether Page might not win the title. The result isn't even a foregone conclusion. They play up so well to an anything can happen vibe.
  7. I forgot what it was like for an episode of a wrestling show to be over with and think "man, I wish next week was right now". That's me with AEW on a weekly basis now.
  8. Fightful is reporting on a confirmation of a report from Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net that he's "locked in" and "100% signed a contract with AEW" So while Fightful themselves didn't confirm it - them sharing that news seems to be that they are confident in that reporting. Especially after the SRS tweet from earlier makes me believe it even more. Edit-Because Lambert posted the article an hour after said tweet. Plenty of time for confirmation
  9. Fightful is now confirming Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW
  10. I'm just gonna ask in this way, is NXT supposed to be canon to the WWE Universe or not? Because the way booking seems, there's no consistency through any of the programs which begs the question of how they plan to become "Marvel esque". You have people like WALTER (as you mentioned) who was eliminated in 2 minutes from the Survivor Series match back in 2019(?) I think it was. Why do they continue to do these things? The only rational answer I can think of is Vince has no idea what goes on outside of RAW and SD. He might barely even remember what happened last week.
  11. I'd be more concerned with what Darby does OUTSIDE of the ring. That guy is like the 2021 version of Johnny Knoxville - so maybe that's why I gravitate towards his act so much. Most of us grew up in the Jackass era and from his social media, that seems to be the type of a guy he is. Eddie Kingston is a guy that I'll be honest, I knew his name but had never seen him work really let alone cut a promo before AEW. Now, he's in my top 3 favorite acts in wrestling right now. Yeah he's 39 and yeah it would've been nice if he had those 10 years, but think about his story. This is a guy who wasn't even in AEW a little over a year ago. It was a pandemic Cody Rhodes open challenge that brought Eddie Kingston to AEW and that one performance alone gave him what he has now. I mean, the guy was in a PPV main event for the title not too long after that. I'm just happy AEW came into existence so people like Eddie Kingston could get the shot that they so clearly deserved.
  12. I like John Deere, I mean John Cena's new color scheme. Either that or he's a huge Packers fan.
  13. One of my pet peeves of modern day WWE is that if you watch the Royal Rumble and RAW next to each other they look exactly the same. Same set, same design, everything is the same except the branding. That's how Money in the Bank is tonight, it's the same giant set from SmackDown! but with ladders on the stage. Add on that everything needs to be LED from the ring posts to the ring apron, to the entire set. Yuck. Here's another few of my favorite sets. Royal Rumble 2006 WrestleMania 33 (Let's be honest, a fucking roller coaster for a set is pretty sick)
  14. Last time Omega and Jay White wrestled - didn't Cody and Hangman attack Kenny? Leading to the save from Kota Ibushi? Now I'm not saying that Cody somehow ties into all of this, buttttttt.... the layers to this story peel back like a god damn onion. I'm serious, just when you think you may have the story figured out, there's another layer underneath.
  15. Cagematch confirms that their last match prior to tonight was May 20th's episode of Impact where they lost the Impact Tag Team championship to VBD. Finlay hasn't wrestled in any promotion since then and Juice had wrestled once against nZo at a NEW show. So looks like they just disappeared. HOWEVER, New Japan tweeted out
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