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  1. I can't get enough of the enthusiastic chest bump Mox does at the end to Claudio as they leave the ring. BCC is really starting to find their footing.
  2. I've said it for a while and I will say it again - AEW's biggest problem is 2 fold. 1.) Their roster is so bloated right now. They have the WWE effect where we want 800 guys to be pushed in 10 spots. I went through the roster the other day (and would encourage some of you to do so as well) and look at everyones records. Out of about 90 active wrestlers (that in and of itself is a lot for 3 hours of weekly programming), around 70-75 have winning records. How exactly does that really help anybody get over? That's almost 50/50 booking except with giving those guys wins on Dark. How many guys get pushed on Dark and get a beefy record just for one TV match to lose and be booted back to Dark? 2.) Long competitive TV matches give you less time to get more talent on the show. When you have a 2 hour show that runs about 1:40 with commercials, that leaves you with 100 minutes to get as much on TV as possible. If AEW had WWE's 5 hours of programming a week, it might work - but even then I don't think it would because AEW doesn't have the gravitas that WWE has for fans (not the hardcore fans) to tune into 5 hours worth of programming a week. Let's be honest, with only 3 hours of TV every week, how do you manage to fit (here we go) Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, CM Punk, Hangman Page, Bryan Danielson, Miro, MJF, Adam Cole, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, Will Hobbs, Hook, Ricky Starks, Andrade, Eddie Kingston and the list goes on and on. I don't know if this is by design either, but I feel there's no direct "world title scene" if you will. Yeah we got the main eventers up there (pretty much everyone I just listed) but who would you classify as a good TNT (comparable to IC Title) holder? You have so many people you could consider "above" the title, but not within reach of the World Title. Darby should've realistically been a real challenger with a feud for the World title by now with how much they pushed him when he was TNT champion. Instead, he's fallen to the back of the line while the other shiny new toys come in. And don't take this as AEW slander since I love AEW with all my heart and want to see it succeed - but it's clear that the waters are a little more murky than they used to be. Maybe part of that is taking the time to put the spotlight on NJPW or Ring of Honor and thus diluting your own brand in the process. Like say TK hadn't bought RoH when he did, I think we would be in a fine situation right now, but it's just crossing too many streams at once. Focus on AEW being AEW, you can do your Forbidden Door shows and stuff too, but then compounding that with RoH integration as well?
  3. Oh, I never said he wasn't a big deal, but it's nice to have diversity atop the card and a Japanese wrestler would not only be perfect for AEW, but could help with potential expansion out that way if they want to become a global powerhouse like the WWE. Chess, not checkers here.
  4. Look, if WWE is trying to bring back and bring in some people that's awesome. It'll help the product. You can take MJF even if you want to, but don't you damn dare take Takeshita.
  5. Spoilered for size, but I will say Sasha wasn't the only person doing this according to twitter. That must mean her and Danhausen have a good rapport since he got to be right next to her though.
  6. I've never felt more at home. Honestly never would've guessed, but just makes me love this place more.
  7. Hey, One Piece! Edit - If even 3 other people on this board know what that is, I will genuinely be shocked...
  8. That womens tag team match *chefs kiss*
  9. Why do I feel like AEW has an event themed Dynamite every week now
  10. You think Stephanie has gotten that much lipo done?
  11. Jericho RT'ed that. Got a chuckle out of me
  12. God I heard that in Stephanie's voice too. Looks spot on.
  13. You have to imagine that people like Ciampa are pumping their fists right now. Maybe Bray comes back?
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