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  1. I don't remember hearing about this one so my mistake. Can't think of anyone who fits that description. Also it wouldn't stand up in court. Your IP is your IP unless you sell it. Or at least that's how I understand the law to be written. I'm just a simple bird law expert tho... so maybe I'm off the mark.
  2. Who dissed TK? I said growing up in a trailer park is very different than being flown to ECW shows in a private jet. I'm not hating on him at all. I much prefer AEW and what he's doing running it to whatever the fuck it is WWE is doing. I wouldn't call him benevolent tho. He's trying to make money. It's a business. He isn't just picking random twitter followers and flying his roster to their house to party and do private shows. He's a business man trying to profit off of running his business well. Certainly nothing to begrudge him over, but definitely not benevolent lol.
  3. I think what you're referencing is that during the duration of your contract you sign over your rights to the character name you own to WWE for the purposes of marketing and merchandise (if they use one you already established). So while Punk owns CM Punk, while he was in WWE he couldn't legally go make deals for the character name CM Punk. He allowed to WWE to control it. That way they don't need approval for every event ad he is listed on and every product he appears on. He 100% owns the character, just while under WWE he signed over control of marketing and merchandising the character name to them. But once his contract ends he gets full ownership back. That's how it works with everyone that comes in with a prior use name. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, ect. If you created the name before you were hired by WWE you own it. The only grey area is if the IP was created in another company that WWE now owns. The Dudleys were created by ECW. So while they used that IP before ever even signing with WWE, WWE bought ECW's IP. So they own those characters. But outside of that situation, if you used your name before WWE it's yours.
  4. Uhhh whutt? Vince didn't meet his dad until he was 12 or so. He grew up dirt poor in a trailer park in North Carolina. Definitely not a silver spoon deal. Quite different than growing up so rich his dad would fly him to ECW shows as a kid like TK lol. There are zero similarities. And the premise that AEW is a "family owned business" is faulty. No one from the Kahn family has any input at all. His father gave him a bunch of money and he started his own company with it. That's it. I'd actually even venture to say WWE is no longer a family owned business either. Sure Vince's grand dad ran it once upon a time, then his dad, and now him. But it's not the same company. This is a publicly traded corporation now. He took the family business and changed it to a decidedly not family business anymore. There are shareholders and a succession plan that is much different than father passes it on to son like it had been the previous two generations. Crockett Promotions was a family owned business until Turner bought them. So it's weird you single them out. In like 1985 Crockett was basically just the southern WWF. Family run, national tv exposure, too big to be considered a territory anymore. Exactly the same. Just no vision for going national with acts that hit right in the big cities vs catering everything to Greensboro.
  5. Kross just can't catch a break lol. If the story had been planned for him to snap & murder Hardy and get over that he's a psychopath week two, that ain't happening now. Should just scrap it all and pretend it didn't happen. Wait until after Summer Slam and try again with the cool entrance and the hot chick. Will be interesting to see what they do now with that story.
  6. Low Ki & Austin Ares have been the only real vocal ones. And former NXT ref Drake too. Sahsa & Nia Jax have liked a lot of anti-vax adjacent posts but there's been no actual proof that they are anti-vaxers. Hopefully that answers your question, because this isn't a good road to go down. The mods do a good job of not letting this place turn into a political powder keg like just about ever other corner of the internet these days. As for the HIV & Hep C, in WWE yes. It's part of the medical process of getting signed. Non contract talent (extras / dark match workers) are required to show a negative blood test to get into the database to be used. I would assume AEW has similar protocol but don't know that as fact. Anything else (in the US at least) is the wild wild west. No tests. The workers who do death matches are actually pretty good about self testing to keep each other safe, but it's not mandated or regulated by any promotions outside of the two big dogs.
  7. Am I the only one that still expects Cena vs Reigns at Summer Slam? Like what makes anyone think this is the actual direction? Cena was on this show hyping up fighting Reigns. I'm not always right but Imma def put a $5 on Cena vs Reigns still being the match lol.
  8. Hard AF *is* the opposite of sawwwftttt I guess? But they should have went full meta and used the AJ jizz shirt font lol.
  9. I agree with the above and liken it to a Jake Hagar. Whether you see it as a bad PR rep or a bad locker room rep, he wasn't thought of very favorably by the AEW fan base. But he's been solid in AEW. Doesn't ruffle feathers. Actually appears to give a shit. There's a lot of ways to look at it. But maybe Braun shows up in the AEW locker room and his mind is blown at how hard everyone works and how humble they are and gets his "ah-Ha" moment about how WWE isn't the end-all-be-all he once thought. Who knows? But it is fun to debate guys having legitimate options again. And while yes he'd be like 3rd, 4th, or 5th most important guy in this year... there's something to be said for momentum. Just a non-stop wave of cool moments and big names showing up and giving AEW the public image of the company where literally anything really can happen. That's a more valuable asset than any single talent they can sign (in my opinion).
  10. I'm with ya on the reasoning there from their point of view. But WWE won't do no cut clauses. They are rigid as hell on the format of their contracts. They will never give anyone that kind of leverage. They are terrified of an Austin going home situation where they are still on the hook to pay the guy. Never say never, but even still I am confident in saying that will never happen. So what incentive would Braun have to sign for less? It's already been reported AEW wants him. I have no earthly idea what money figure they would assign to him. But his social media posts ect all aren't going to preclude AEW from signing him. If they stick with only one certain type of signing they will never grow. You need to cast a wide net to capture all demographics. The circus approach, something for everyone. And I mean come on Jerichos wife stormed the capitol... how are any of Braun's meathead tweets worse than that?
  11. This is one of those instances where feelings over ride business sense. I don't mean that on Braun's behalf. I mean that on WWE's behalf. We'll probably never know for sure, but the way they panic I would not be surprised to learn Braun got a better deal this time than last. He has all the leverage. WWE just lost out on a few big negotiations. Braun has interest from AEW. If he has an agent or a lick of business sense he would be negotiating from a position of power. Sure I'll come back but not for anything less than 1.5x what my previous contract was. If they walk, who cares? They didn't value him in the first place and AEW would give him at least the same money number he had previously I would bet. It's hard to say WWE is bad at business. They grew to a publicly traded corporation with a multi billion dollar valuation. But they still make bad business decisions some times. And this feels like one of those times an erratic McMahon edict will over ride the smart business decision.
  12. I'm on board with that. Last year it couldn't be controlled if there was an outbreak. It was the wild wild west. This year there's a vaccine. So if you're an idiot like a Cole Beasley and cause an outbreak, you and your team should be punished. Grow the fuck up and trust the science.
  13. Uhh whuttt? The front row tickets for the event next week went on sale over a month ago. So are you suggesting people who bought those seats can't use them without signing a waiver first? Or are you saying they will invalidate those tickets and give them to new people who will sign a waiver? Or that in fine print when they bought tickets over a month ago they had something in there about Nick Gage and or light tubes? I do think it's possible they use tubes. Just being snarky because waivers don't make a lick of sense logistically lol. But AEW's normal ringside is pretty far away from front row. I think they'd be relatively safe to use a light tube in the center of the ring. Certainly not like a cabin full of them or anything. Just like one over head or one guy on the mat with a tube on his chest / top rope splash kind of spot. They should be able to pull off without any danger to the audience. But I'd say temper your expectations a bit. It certainly wont be as wild as a full on 200 light tube / panes of glass in the corners death match or whatever, ya know.
  14. Let me go on record as saying the cringiest thing about all of pro wrestling today is Alex Abrehantes. Him bopping around in super sparkly Ed Hardy shirts and acting like he's an equal part of Death Triangle's act instead of a fucking joke is just peak cringe. Yeah the Penta Says thing gets a reaction. But it's not worth it. He's a tool. And why is he bopping around all confident and shit? If anything he should be scared shit-less that any of those three badasses could snap on him at anytime... he's an announcer not a fighter. Be more scared you twerpy dipshit. It just sticks out so much and takes away from one of the best acts in AEW. As for the debate on making Andrade speak English or let him speak Spanish... I'm on the side of let him speak Spanish. I actually think him slipping in and out of English sounds pretty cool and as has already been said, his body language and confidence are definitely higher when speaking his native language. My only wish is that they subtitle his live promos like they do his backstage ones because I'd like to get the full context. I disagree with comparing Andrade to Juvi and Psychosis. There have been plenty of legitimate stars in wrestling who didn't speak clear English. This isn't like an office job where you need to communicate on projects and shit. As long as you can convey your emotions and the story is told effectively through subtitles, there's no reason someone *has to* speak English.
  15. Thank you for pointing that out, I hadn't considered it from that point of view. I appreciate the feedback when I'm doing something that's offense, it's the only way to learn from it. That isn't what I intended. I'll do better.
  16. Not at Moxley's expense he doesn't. Count me out on the 50/50 booking. A win just so he can lose it back a few weeks later? No thanks. If you want to keep your big stars looking like big stars, they shouldn't trade wins back and forth. I like Archer but he's not in the same stratosphere as Mox. That's a pointless change that just weakens everyone in the long run, in my opinion. She's far worse. Jax is sloppy but Jax also generally doesn't do stuff as dangerous as Nyla attempts. Nyla is the worst. Legit in that tag match Vicki Guerrero, who has had like 4 matches, is the ring general and directing Nyla who is lost. She's got terrible conditioning. She's dangerous. She does a beast gimmick but gasses out so bad she can't throw solid strikes. There's not one person on The AEW roster worse than her. (I feel the need to point out this is strictly a comment on her on air / in ring performance. I have no issues or negative things to say about her life choices / who she is behind the scenes. I am all for that and support her for it. I am not taking shots at her for any reason other than the actual paint she puts on the canvas so to speak.)
  17. I just looked it up. The night after Royal Rumble 2014 (the night they had Triple H rant about "your friend Mark" crying on Twitter) drew 4.7 million viewers. The night the McMahon family came out and did the "keep watching, we'll do better" promo drew 2.5 million viewers. The second to last Thunderdome show on July 5th did the lowest rating in the history of Raw, 1.4 million viewers. WWE just trademarked the phrase "complaining is not conversation” according to today's Observer Daily Update. At what point does the light bulb go on and they realize treating your customers like shit for almost a decade has been a bad business strategy? Sure profits are high. And they will be for the foreseeable future. But the bubble IS going to pop. They don't respect the fan base, and actually despise it. That's the point of everyone ranting about the bad booking decisions. At a certain point the viewership is going to drop so low they aren't worth the billion dollar contracts. You'd think with such clear and obvious evidence of people not liking what they're doing, they'd change some of their ways. But nope, they dig in deeper. It's gonna get worse before it gets better.
  18. You liked the show. Other people didn't. You like to judge the on air show as an on air show. Other people like to judge a scripted wrestling program on the purpose of the scripted stuff. Why is the way you watch "the right" way? Everyone has an opinion and they're all equal. Some people judge movies on the story presented in the movie. Other people judge movies on casting choices and box office success. There's no "right way" to discuss wrestling. Wrestling is for everyone. We shouldn't be cannibalizing our own here lol. My opinions on the show vary. I mean during the pandemic Raw was just unwatchable. I didn't think this was a great show, but things are happening and it was definitely watchable. Cena opening the show gave it a real shot in the arm. He's fresh and exciting in a way that most of the regular roster is not. Sometimes going away is the best thing that can happen to you. In my head I expected the challenger for Lashley to be Keith Lee. Open challenges are generally always a vehicle to debut or have someone return that is supposed to be a surprise. But this did nothing for either guy. Lashley smoking Kofi made him look like a beast. Why couldn't he have smoked someone else? A dominant squash can sometimes be more worthwhile for a character than beating a name guy. Feel like Ricochet pinballing for Lashley made more sense. And Keith Lee getting a big dominant win to establish that he's back would have certainly been better for him. This all leading to 55 year old Godlberg challenging 45 year old Lashley in the 100 year epic... yuck. Because ya know with a record of 0-1 on the year Goldberg def deserves a title shot The Kross thing is just the worst. I do not like the guy when the bell rings. But he has equity they have invested in him. He has squashed all of NXT and he's their champ. Making him lose in 2 minutes is just a stupid move man. Like if Marvel shelled out a ton of money to buy back the exclusive rights to Venom and had him show up in Ant Man and had Ant Man defeat him with only 5 minutes of screen time. Just such a staggeringly bad business decision. I don't hate the concept, had it been with a less protected NXT guy. Developmental prospect buying his own hype and realizing he isn't as big of a deal as he thought when he makes it to the pros is a fine story to tell. Just not with an undefeated monster that's also the brand's champion. They took away his entrance, his hot chick, and his aura. Then the narrative when they release him will be "god damn these wrestler's today just can't grab the brass ring". I also called Nikki cashing in. They are dead set on getting Charolette to 16 time champion. So I fully expect her to win the title back next week on Raw. This was a cool moment for Nikki but you guys are kidding yourself if you think it's about merch or any of that. This was legitimately just an easy way to get rid of the MITB case and get Charolette one number higher. That's it. Charolette wins the title back next week. Does a post match beat down. Becky returns to set up Summer Slam. Nikki cuts promos about "I'm on the right track. I'm almost a super hero. I won my first title. I just gotta keep working and when I become a full on super hero I will win the title back and the world is mine". They've been pretty consistent with one big surprise per show now with audiences. Balor. Cena. Goldberg. Friday will be Sasha coming back probably. Then Becky on Raw. I actually like this method. Spreading the shots in the arm out to keep some momentum. And giving an anyone can show up feel is a really smart way to do it. Overall this wasn't a terrible show or anything. But the band aid of excited hot crowds that miss wrestling is only going to last so long. If they don't fix the way they treat everyone like a nobody, they will be back to shedding viewers around Survivor Series.
  19. I always dug Wrath and especially Mortis. Glacier always came off as lame to me. But I think it was his face / early 90s Sting hair. I did not like Glacier or Ernest Miller in ring in WCW. They just screamed karate guys to me. Karate didn't impress me. Being able to take a karate technique and make it flow into a wrestling spot was what popped me. Like 123 Kid's doing his backflip counter to a hiptoss then pulling a spinwheel kick out of nowhere. But the lame karate fighting stance, kick, block, kick stuff was pretty dull compared to the cruiserweights and the hosses throwing bombs at each other on the rest of the card.
  20. They weren't all hits (looking at you No Mercy lol). But they sure gave a shit and put all their creativity into set designs back then. I get that today you just throw a 30 foot video wall up and can put any design you want on it for virtually $0. But it loses a lot of charm. It's also a very effective way at branding your PPVs. Backlash always had the gigantic scythes worked in for instance. What sticks out about any PPVs today?
  21. There was a story on the Fox debut show everyone wanted Vince to open the show except Vince. He did it begrudgingly. The way I view it is less as a slight to Vince and more that he probably didn't want to do this spot either but ended up being talked into it. So it was a half hearted not really feeling it performance. That's just my read on it. It was totally inoffensive as a bit. But as the first thing you do after the pandemic just a strange choice. Infinit hit on it tho. They don't have a strong lead baby face to really open the show with a gigantic pop. So this was the call, huge Vince pop. Him kind of not giving a shit and doing a snarky joke. Just a little missed opportunity. Not at all reasonable to expect, but could you imagine a Rock or Cena or Austin doing the spot instead? Huge pop. Funny quip. Fans are excited. Maybe I'm jaded but who in the world is an over enough babyface for that spot? Maybe Becky. But I sense they have her return idea mapped out already.
  22. Sorry. I know it's a bummer when you enjoy something and see a lot of people talking negative about the thing you enjoyed. But this is a discussion forum for everyone to express their opinions. I genuinely didn't like much about this show / WWE in general these days. I want to like it, and wish I have more positive to comment on. I will try and balance my last post with a few things I did like. -I really love everything about Roman & The Usos right now. Their characters, their work, their aura. Everything about them is clicking. -I also liked Big E's interaction with Heyman. I think what I enjoy most is authenticity. You can just feel when someone is letting their legitimate personality shine through. Big E comes off as genuine. Like you just know he goes around busting people's balls and cracking jokes exactly like he did with Heyman.
  23. I did not like this show. I don't want to be TOO negative tho because having a live crowd back was 50x better than not having one. -Vince starting the show by mumbling a one liner and walking away was... a choice... -As was the first 15 minutes of the entire episode being videos and entrances. A bit excessive. But that six man tag was solid. -Having Finn back on the main roster is nice. But he already feels like just another guy to me. Maybe that's a me thing tho. I really hope they have a plan for him and he gets back to where he was when he got initially injured. That was such a breath of fresh air having him squash Reigns to qualify and then winning the Universal title. Feels like a lifetime ago. -Challengers beat champs week one. So now they get a number one contender's match with... the champs in week 2? That make any sense? Liv was over after that beat down. That was a cool moment I didn't expect. -The Corbin thing was a fine bit. I just don't like where the angle is probably heading. They filed a trademark on "Happy Corbin". Count me out of that horse shit lol. I get the sense having the crowd back will help them sail through the summer. But the problems didn't go away. They just have a band aid covering them up for now.
  24. Great topic @The Natural. Seeing that sweet King Of The Ring 2001 set reminded me how close they cut it with the Invasion set that year. I was at Invasion (in the cheapest nosebleed seats available lol) and they were still constructing the stage during Sunday Night Heat. It was wild. They literally were sawing and drilling in wood still on the Alliance side during the Chavo v Scotty 2 Hottie match on Heat. They threw on the carpet over the ramp on that side while the PPV intro video was playing. I wonder if that played a part in having Storm & Awesome starting the PPV in ring. Because they never did that in that era. But that set was also a very cool concept (that almost killed Trish when she almost fell off after her match). I miss actual PPV sets. (Best pic I could find)
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