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  1. It's being rebroadcast after each episode drops on DCU. Looks like a cost sharing measure? Arrowverse stuff is CW's bread and butter so they get a new comic series at a fraction of the cost, and DCU gets help paying for it.
  2. It's a DC Universe joint, so no. They're also having a new JSA in the series.
  3. Oh also for @The Natural, they called Conroy the Bat of the Future!
  4. Was not expecting - A) "Can You Read My Mind" to play B) to tear up when it did. C) They did the baby interrupting the Grand Galactic Inquisitor bit from Venture Bros. with the Monitor!
  5. Sara: "We've been here before" Ray: "I guess we visited another earth AND the future"
  6. Jon played himself by making his apple trees into tomato trees. The fruit of forbidden marinara just doesn't have the same ring.
  7. Oh dear @Niners Fan in CT, I'm not some RKO villain, I did it 2 weeks ago
  8. Why DID he put down his bow? I apparently had less context than I thought I did going into this.
  9. Thanks for the notification of the WW84 tease @The Natural! The rest of y'all need to type everything out and then delete it.
  10. That was a not great episode of THE FLASH.
  11. Was that Lord Zedd looking guy* supposed to be Taskmaster? *I watched it on my phone
  12. He's got the master plan, after all
  13. Veidt's message written with bodies was "Save Me, D" I'm taking D to mean dad. Also Trieu is Vietnamese for "Omen". The offspring of the devil, aka Veidt.
  14. Also Abar, the first Black Superman
  15. I guess everyone has me on ignore, shoot.
  16. I certainly hope Spoilers for vagueness that *shrug*
  17. Any number of Made-for-TV Disney movies from the 80s aren't available - The Harry Anderson Absent Minded Professor series, the Jay Underwood "Not Quite Human" movies, etc. Which sucks, because those are the things I'm most interested in.
  18. My wife grew up watching and loving JCP/WCW, but refuses to talk about it with me.
  19. Nothing in WATCHMEN emasculated that character, except in the eyes of bigots.
  20. Except all movie Jokers are playing variations on Cesar Romero's take.
  21. It's when a version becomes the ONLY version for 30+ years that it gets dull and sad. OTOH, I'm still really sad that the Werewolves were cut from the Depp Lone Ranger movie, and will take any occasion to mention it.
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