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  1. I just watched Shuji v Yuji and I want to go and lariat a bus, that is extremely my stuff
  2. Tanahashi off the show. News reports he got injured legit against ZSJr but it should be noted he usually has a bit of a break between NJC and G1 and is probably always legit injured in some way.
  3. Your logic and reason has no place here pal, I've stamped it.
  4. I think the next Dome headliners are Kenny-Kota and Okada-Naito, I am stamping this prediction MON APR 8 19hr22 10 degrees celsius 2mph wind overcast
  5. Dragon Lee/Ishimori got to be headlining for that Hiromu pop
  6. Well, I haven't watched too many full Wrestlemanias since we hit the 20s, so I don't know if it was the best in a while. I preferred 30 for what that's worth. There were enjoyable moments on the show and Bryan vs. Kofi was poetry - the match of the weekend of all shows. Worth tuning in for that. Conversely HHH vs. Batista was my least favourite match of the weekend outside the hour I caught of the Blackcraft show, which I went into knowing it was already gaining legend as WrestleCrap. I also felt the slow death during Shane vs. Miz. The executives need need to stay backstage on a show with 90 talents booked. The whole thing was just too damn long. We're heading toward AJW Egg Dome levels of over-indulgence. Anything pleasurable will feel tarnished if it is packaged alongside a lot of mediocre to regulation stuff, and doubly so if that takes 8hrs to digest. Seriously, people sometimes bag on those 4-6 min WK/WM matches but they keep the show going if you feel that that feud needs to blow off/amplify in this spotlight. Brock/Rollins was smart opening the regular show. It was a cool surprise when energy was rising. Good thinking. I'm not sure I liked the thinking behind the match (oh, Brock has a weak dick, he is the anti-Joey Ryan, BOOK IT) though. The main felt rushed but I liked the style they tried out. Didn't feel like a main event in execution though I understood why they got the spot. Maybe it's because I can usually be found over in the Japan sub-forum that I think G1 Supercard was better (certainly not beyond critique), but let it be known I thought Takeover was better than both. Brevity and impact can never be underestimated in art.
  7. It's a shame because there is stuff to enjoy in ROH in Cobb, Rush, Lethal, the Briscoes and a couple of others but they had to bring all the strange uncles and cousins along.
  8. OK finally steamed through this and it was too long and ROH is just a rank average promotion. Ibushi-Naito was good, Tanahashi-Sabre was good, the main was nearly a classic, the jr title match was a super sprint, everything else ranged from occasionally amusing (PCO bump, the post-match to that) to please move on (Ladder,) to the outright drizzling. Too many cooks in the NJPW/ROH relationship I suspect, unable to present the best at expense of compromise and inclusion.
  9. I finally saw Takeover. Based on what I have seen, including G1, it is probably the show of the weekend. That isn't to say that I loved it with all of my heart - I still find it a little overwrought, a little overexplained, and the matches were five different flavours of super-indy spectaculars. But the show is a reasonable length and is fat free and all the matches range from 3.5-4.25. I think sometimes I'd like to see NXT test their crowd a little more instead of rewarding them for simply liking indie wrestling. Being coherent and doing escalating stunts can only get you so far. If this is such a great crowd, why not take them somewhere deeper? Test the comfort zones. Do they have it in them?
  10. It feels strange as a Brit to have a NJPW show that you NAmericans have seen before me. Just watched the main event and loved the hell out of it. The crowd flattened mid-match but I couldn't see why. Maybe needed some crowd work rather than MOVEZ. Anyway, White is gonna make it, he's gonna be ok. The crowd were completely worked twice over the finish.
  11. watched the rest of that AJPW show. Iwamoto is very fun isn't he? Love him just hurling people around. Strong juniors are fun. Kotaro started slow and his control portion only got interesting with that pair of knee strikes, but once it clicked it was great, even with a Kotaro slip running the turnbuckle. Probably my favourite show since G1 that isn't WK (joint with NJ Cup semi).
  12. yeah you can see why there's a semi-puro hardcore wave migrating toward it (the hardcore were there already) because it is good wrestling done well, there's loads of promising guys, they get people in from other places so it doesn't get too stale (small roster though), and now the crowds are starting to pop it makes it a lot easier to watch. all hail King Jun.
  13. woah the heavy tag semi-final on the same show was just as good!
  14. late to the party but Nomura vs. Miyahara was really great, super atmosphere and a star-making performance from Nomura. Miyahara top 5 in the world right now.
  15. how about - Okada wins at MSG Naito wins at Dominion the title usually stays stable, why not move it around in an unstable era? Naito-Ibushi at a Dome would blow the roof off
  16. I popped SO FUCKING HARD at Ishii's rainmaker counter to armbar, FIGHTING NETWORK PITBULL IS HERE Great NJ Cup, I feel alive.
  17. only seen Tana-Umino and Ibushi-Naito and both were joyous wrestling of the kind I very much enjoy.
  18. I rewatched it and still liked it; I didn't expect White to have everything nailed by now even though I could see he was pegged as a top carder from his return. But it wasn't perfect and I do also worry that it may be rejected. NJPW are probably due some high profile failures, creatively. However I am now sort of the opinion that maybe NJPW is past a very high recent peak for me. My working theory is that 2012-2017 represents the era where full shows were often very good and you were absolutely guaranteed some kind of great match, big emotion, and narrative continuity that was something to look forward to rather than puzzle over. Now I kind of skip through stuff and get a little tetchy. How this squares with Okada's big title reign and last year's G1 I am not sure. Maybe I am a bit hurt that it seems like Omega et. al. have used NJPW to boost their cred and then jump off? I also note that those years squarely align with Shibata being around. Not saying he was the best, though not far from it, and he seemed to give the whole thing a spice that it has sorely lacked.
  19. this show looks better than any individual show since WK and that's without Hiromu's great tease
  20. Nomura needs to get on the cigs and sunbed plan
  21. TMDK's rivalry with Dangan Yankees (Sugiura and Masato Tanaka) was excellent, one of the best tag feuds of this decade in my lowly opinion. Nicholls isn't stellar but he's a good hand. Maybe Meij's policy for 2019 is GREEN JAPAN - spend less on airmiles.
  22. My read on Adonis is he basically did the same thing he did in Mexico where people aren't so bothered about PC (or at least people who go to wrestling shows) and transposed a very successful formula to a crowd who REALLY care about that. Which strikes me as careless, but I forgive him for that. He's a Brian Dixon guy (whose crowds are not 'modern Britwres crowds' and more working class family audiences) so I think he'll be fine - good, even - out on the spot shows where no real action needs to happen, but as soon as the lads put their working boots on he will get eaten alive. I quite liked Cyber Kong, for what it's worth. He stood out in Dragon Gate. Maybe not so much here. We are notably missing KAI, Akiyama, Hino, Sekimoto, maybe even Kohei Sato. 2 of those 5 and we have a real tourney.
  23. while I have 20 minutes spare at work here is fantasy bracketeering (what I expect, not what I want). caps indicate winner. NAGATA v Ishii Honma v TAICHI Nakanishi v YOSHIHASHI JUICE v Chase OKADA v Elgin MIKEY FREAKING NICHOLLS BAYBAY v Leo OSPREAY v Fale Henare v ARCHER UNIVERSE ACE v El Hijo de Zapatos Rojo Tenzan v FINLAY IBUSHI v Naito Evil v ZACK Makabe v COLT YANO v El Hijo de Bulldog Británico KOJIMA v Suzuki GOTO v Sanada Nagata v TAICHI Yoshihashi v JUICE OKADA v Nicholls OSPREAY v Archer TANAHASHI v Finlay IBUSHI v Zack Colt v YANO Kojima v GOTO Taichi v JUICE OKADA v Ospreay Tanahashi v IBUSHI Yano v GOTO Juice v OKADA IBUSHI v Goto OKADA v Ibushi
  24. his kani-basami counter to Rainmaker was worth price of admission alone. wouldn't have minded if he'd done a proper ceremony and shook off his decade long kayfabe mental illness, but also it was kind of cool they stuck with it to the close.
  25. results are slightly wrong inasmuch as Mil & Dos were on the same team. Dos can still go a bit, and the finish was...something. would go **** on the main
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