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  1. Come on, Kendall made a lot of money in the early 90ies.
  2. Funny thing is, don't they (Khan and Vince) realize that as soon as Roman can make regular money in Hollywood, he is gone for good and the best they can hope for is a Mania guest appearance or two?
  3. When scrolling down and at first only seeing the head my thought was this:
  4. "Uneven" is a fair assessment. The current season is a bit like they thought if they took of one those time travel two parters / ST IV and stretched it over a whole season, added a "Borg taking over everything part 538" subplot and have a couple of John de Lancie and Brent Spiner guest appearances, they would have a winner (and cheaper production costs). Sadly, they don't. There are some good scenes and ideas here and there, but the whole plot direction is unfocused, none of the directions which they have taken it (Picard's childhood trauma, Borg queen taking over, Q trying to use Soong to change (of fix?) the past, Rios doing his best to screw with the timeline ...) being especially great and the total being less than a sum of its parts. The sad thing is that this still makes Star Trek: Picard 100 times better than Discovery which is a complete mess on a good day.
  5. I am not sure if I buy this argument. There were whole systems that were a hell to develop for (PS3 seems to be the standard answer, at least among more modern systems, among older systems, I know that the Sega Saturn has the reputation of being a highly complex system, so complex, that many developers just skipped it) and developers managed to develop lots of classics on those systems.
  6. I am split regarding the latest episode or more specifically the Picard side plot. One the one hand, the whole plot (1) only makes sense if Picard would be an only child (which he is not) and (2) introducing a traumatic childhood at this point (after something like 190 episodes of TV with him as main character) is more than just out of left field. On the other hand, Gaius Baltar is now canonically Picard's father.
  7. That's a name I have not thought of for a LONG time. I mainly remember him being one of the biggest spammers on the early 2000 German wrestling message boards (and as you indicated that he had a reputation of being one of the worst "wrestlers" of the German scene back then).
  8. Ludwig sounds like a 80+-year-old while most Günthers that I know are between 50 and 65.
  9. Anything on if Grayson Waller's arm injury was a work or a shoot?
  10. It would be a nice moral dilemma to have to help the outbreak of WW3 to save the future. Kind of like in "Yesterday's Enterprise", just way more lifes at stake. I have no problem them recasting a "young" Guinan, but this character portrayal does not match Guinan at all (and IIRC, Time's Arrow's Guinan did not show any different character than 24th century Guinan). As little as I like the Raffi character, she has good chemistry with Seven. Those were some fun scenes.
  11. Whenever I watch a video about game development the only QA mentioned is game testing, which in QA terms means explorative testing. Obviously, this is an important part of testing, but there are a lot of other ways you should test your software. Also, the constant crunch you are mentioning, that the developers of bigger studios seem to be under, I am sure leads to a lot of "technical debt", which in the long run means things like the barely working, unmaintainable engine the WWE games are using for the last decade and a half. I am curios how much of the last 2.5 years the Visual Concepts devs were just dealing with cleaning up technical debt to make the stuff somewhat usable again.
  12. By complete coincidence, I was watching the TNG episode "The High Ground" (an episode I remembered being far better than it actually was, DS9 handled this theme much better over the years) yesterday and when Data lists examples for the efficiency of terrorism he includes "the Irish reunification of 2024". Apparently, due to that this episode did not air in the UK and the Republic of Ireland for almost three years (and then that part was edited out). Chances of any callbacks to this "reunification" in Star Trek: Picard are obviously (less than) zero.
  13. I have been watching some mid 90ies WCW PPVs and it is so inconsistent who is listed by his shoot and who is called by his work name. Even the same guy one month might be listed by his shoot and the next month by his work name. For example I am sure I have seen both "Arn Anderson" and "Marty Lunde" being listet as well as "Mike Graham" and "Mike Gossett". Same for Dusty. Only Jody Hamilton - I think - is never listed as The Assassin (probably because they considered that too silly). I don't think I have seen Bill Dundee listed under his work name as well.
  14. I want to say (write) Terry Funk, but him always putting a smile to my face is not unreasonable, is it?
  15. The Czech Republic unsurprisingly joined them. Now watch FIFA gifting Russia a free ticket to the World Cup.
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