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  1. Do you mean the Commodore 64 Epyx games? I remember them having something like a 2/3 "work-rate". AFAIR alpine skiing and figure skating sucked. Do the Track & Field games by Konami (or similar games like Daley Thompson's Decathlon) count? Those also had a pretty good success rate (if you ignore the number of broken joysticks you inevitably had).
  2. What I don't like is that instead of having separate contests for all three pretty different disciplines (speed, bouldering and lead) that are all quite different regarding necessary skills, only the combined event is done (somewhat like only doing decathlon/heptathlon instead of 100 m/200 m, long jump, javelin ...). At least in Paris in 3 years, they will split it into a separate event for speed and a combined event for bouldering and lead.
  3. A big problem handball has vs some other team sports like football, is, that "casual" play (with kids running around unorganized) usually is not much fun. Back in school, we played it from time to time and when I was in a class that had a couple of people who also played in a handball club, it was pretty fun, when it was just a bunch of clueless kids running around, it was definitely not. Volleyball also falls into that category. On the other side, I also remember field hockey being pretty easy to have a nice game with. Basketball fell somewhere in between.
  4. Regarding 3x3 basketball, I somehow would have expected the US to sweep the floor with the rest of the competition, however, they did not even qualify. Any specific reason for that? I mean I have seen them play in the qualifying tournament and they did not get knocked out due to bad luck or whatever but because they were not good enough, but what is the reason for that? Are the "good" players not interested in these tournaments?
  5. The highlight today (yesterday?) to me was the bronze run of Russian (well, ROC) Judoka Madina Taimazova. She went 15 minutes in the round of 16 (where she got her right eye fucked up), close to 17 minutes in the semifinals (where in the end she got choked out cold) and still came back and hour and a half later and won her bronze medal match in something like 5.5 minutes.
  6. Mexico had one of the highest excess mortality numbers worldwide over the last 18 months. One source I found puts the number between March 2020 and May 2021 at 620.000 people (official COVID-19 death toll for that time frame is about 220.000) or about 4.9 in 1000 people. For the US, that same source lists an excess mortality of about 912.000 people or about 2.8 in 1000 people. Other more heavy effected countries fall in the same ballpark as the US (2.9/1000 for Brazil, 2.6/1000 for Spain and 3.0/1000 for Italy).
  7. Rowing was already cancelled for the next two days and I suppose the same will be true for sailing.
  8. The women's road cycling was really funny: there was a breakaway group of mostly complete outsiders. The peleton gave them something like 10 minutes and waited way too long on working to reduce the distance. With 25 km or so to go, there were still three cyclers in front of the field (split in two groups of a single women in front and two a minute or two behind her). The favorites caught two of them, one they did not. However, most of the field did not realize that and the second-placed van Vleuten celebrated her presumed Olympic victory only to find out that she only won the silver medal. Apparently, there were communication problems (in non-Olympic races, the cyclers have direct radio contact to their coaches). Actually, that's the second Olympic mishap for van Vleuten. In Rio, she was on route to Olympic victory when she had a horrible crash. Oh yes, and the gold medal was Austria's first Olympic cycling medal since Athens 1896.
  9. Splitting up Punk and Cabana was the only success WWE had with the Chris Amann lawsuit.
  10. I am surprised that there are even still countries willing to run Olympic Games, at least democratic ones. The bid for the 2026 Winter Games (Milan and Cortina "won" that bid) turned into a desaster when one country after the other dropped out due to lack of public support (Calgary, Graz (which was the Austrian fallback plan after a referendum in Innsbruck - which I think would have been the preferred host by the IOC (the idea being to show that Winter Games can be done in a smaller, more sustainable setting) - ended up with a negative result) and Sion dropped out, Stockholm stayed in till the final selection even though the support among the population was non-existing). At least for Winter Games, Sochi, Pyeongchang and Beijing with their absurd budgets destroyed any positive associations with holding Olympic Games in traditional winter sports regions.
  11. I can't have lasted long, Wikipedia says Heenan started managing him in December 84 and Rose was gone by April 85 (he only had one more match in WWF after Wrestlemania).
  12. I just realized how few members of the WWF-era Heenan family are still alive. Wikipedia lists 14 members until and including 1987 and of those 14 wrestlers only four are still alive (Haku, Tama, Sivi Afi and Ken Patera - apparently Polynesian genes not only effect your weight but also help you survive wrestling). Buddy Rose, Big John Studd, Paul Orndorff, King Kong Bundy, Missing Link, Adrian Adonis, Hercules Hernandez, Harley Race, Andre the Giant and Rick Rude all are dead.
  13. Robert s

    EURO 2020

    If they are lucky the press concentrates on the riots before the game.
  14. Robert s

    EURO 2020

    Southgate brought Rashford and Sancho in the 119. minute for the penalty shoot-out and both guys missed their penalties.
  15. Robert s

    EURO 2020

    Yeah, if such decisions are not revoked, then the VAR is not working.
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