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  1. Alexa Bliss bleeding goo coincidentally only puts back the wrestling business back 29 years.
  2. There is a Danielson vs. Nakajima match that happened in 2008 ROH (Glory by Honor). There even was a NOAH house show match Danielson & Roderick Strong vs. Nakajima & Miyahara. Obviously, all are different wrestlers now, but still.
  3. It's probably dangerous to try to read between lines if the lines come from professional podcasters on a podcast, but to me it seems as if Red Ventures wants to change a lot conceptionally or whatever and at least Brad Shoemaker and Vinny Caravella did not like that direction. Every time Jeff Gerstmann began talking about the future or new opportunities due to Red Ventures (without saying that name, of course), Brad and Vinny became completely stonefaced. Alex Navarro either was better in hiding his feelings, or him leaving was more the result of the other two leaving. Of course it could
  4. As this seems to be one of the more popular video games web sites here: it seems as if most of the senior staff of Giantbomb have given their notice and will leave the site this week.
  5. I was also just recently going through the Wrestlemania X to KOTR 94 Raws (now I am somewhere between KOTR and Summerslam) and yeah, 94 WWF booking is so weird. I get that they do these angles that are never resolved on TV to build up house shows, but who would buy a ticket to see IRS vs. Tatanka or Jerry Lawler vs. Duke Droese? Also, why does every Raw have to have a King's Court? Can't you show some variety in your interview segments?
  6. I just recently went over the list and wondered when the next human sets foot on the moon, if there will still be one of the Apollo veteran's left. Currently, there are 5 people alive, who have walked on the moon. I realize that there are plans for moon landings within the next couple of years (NASA plans a landing in October 2024, Russia and China have plans as well), but if those plans get shifted by a year or two, chances get bigger and bigger that none of those 85+ year-olds are still with us then.
  7. What will stay most with me of the nominated movies I have seen is some really bad casting regarding age of the characters the actors are supposed to play. The worst offender here is Mank. Gary Oldman plays a guy in the lifespan from 30 to 40. The age of the main character is not THAT important, but the actors playing his brother and wife are 25-30 years younger than him, which really took me out of it. Also the scenes where he is flirting with Amanda Seyfried's character get a completely different feeling when you realize that both were the same age in real life (actually Seyfried's character
  8. So to get less carny they will get more carny?
  9. Dave even said the business is putting the pressure on the people, not WWE. And yes, TV wrestling is a look-based business. If you don't look good or unique, you always will have to fight an uphill battle, no matter your sex. If you are talented enough otherwise, yes, you might succeed anyway, but good (or unique) looking wrestlers will get more changes than ordinary looking ones. And in "TV wrestling" you can strike the "wrestling" part, or even the "TV" part. There have been enough studies that have shown that lot of thing in professional life are heavily effected by looks, and not just race
  10. I have no idea what any of this means, but I guess translated into English this means to finally "Get the W(restling) Out"? I would have also liked to make a joke like "what buzzwords are next? NFT?" but they already did that.
  11. That face is sadly more saying "Why does it always rain on me?" than "Raindrops keep falling on my head" or "I'm singing in the rain".
  12. Will this be followed by docs on Frank the Clown and Ellsworth guy?
  13. Sure, but can't they produce two feeds, one with and one without cutting off the sound?
  14. Am I the only one who noticed a 3.5 count early on in the main event? Shirai forgot to kick out (I rewound three times to make sure that the first count was not just the ref hitting the mat) and the ref reacted quickly by just continuing counting. Also the landing of that dive from the top of the skull must have hurt. The production of this for the Network (and I suppose Peacock) really pissed me off. Turning off the sound (for a couple of seconds) every time the USA Network goes to and comes back from commercials is amateur hour. Twice they even faded to black.
  15. What's your personal over/under how long you can watch the show before you wish that here was no crowd in the arena instead of having to deal with "this is awesome", "one, two, ... two, sweet", "let's go x, let's go y" etc. chants, with the same stupid faces as always in the front row etc. (besides all Covid stuff)?
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