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  1. And away we go with this arcane gem from @Matt D- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZkiGfIC4muVK95qUPwV0rsXx-K0dOQO0/view?usp=sharing - we got your Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling/NWA card from Norfolk, Virginia at the Scope Coliseum, 09/11/1986 (The Italian Stallion defeats Mark Fleming, Misty Blue defeats Linda Dallas (attn. @DEAN), Buddy Landel defeats Hector Guerrero, Arn Anderson defeats The Warlord, NWA National Heavyweight Title Match Wahoo McDaniel (c) defeats Ivan Koloff (oh my, attn. RAF), NWA United States Heavyweight Title Match Nikita Koloff (c) defeats Magnum TA by DQ (post the best-of-7 series), NWA World Tag Team Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (c) defeat The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) (w/Jim Cornette) [2:1], Street Fight Dusty Rhodes defeats Big Bubba Rogers by Count Out (in a street fight?)), and I am watching the main event, daddy, a NWA World Heavyweight Title Match with your champ Ric Flair against a mildly babyface Dick Murdoch. This match appears to be from a Japanese broadcast, no worries, I imagine just this one bout was shown there but the whole thing was hopefully filmed for future generations to learn from. Let us not forget that Mr. Flair is working with one of his heroes here. Baby Doll is at ringside. Incidentally, one of our rescue cats came to us named Baby Doll, and she is a dirty jezebel too but I love both species of BD. Two-legged Baby Doll does not interfere at all, and merely has to perform some reaction shots for the benefit of Her Man - maybe that's due to the Japan audience? Tommy Young is your ref and as usual with Flair matches he gets involved. He does have to do the untangling of the combatants' legs after a Figure Four is rope-breaked, I dig that. And a big Yahweh blessing to the potty-mouthed Slick Ric supporter at ringside, screaming out encouragement. Where are you now, adult Flair fan, did you take the same paths as your idol or are you stagnating in a VA suburb? My big impression of this match is how hurried it is: they went immediately into the lock-up, and the execution, story and psychology are performed at an accelerated pace over the course of a no nonsense 15 minutes. Maybe some of the previous matches went long, and there was a curfew? Probably Dusty's match went over, I bet, that's so Dusty. It's pretty back and forth, and the final sequence gets a bit involved, and yes everybody, Flair's naked ass makes an appearance. Oh, Ric, we were all so young and innocent then. My only objection was to thee World's Softest Brainbuster, I mean, the Japanese announcers couldn't even give out a AHBRAINBOOSTAHUUUU, it was just abrainbusta, damn. Video and camerawork was first rate, and I have never seen this before, so it's pretty exciting. So, thank you Matt D, this is on my hard drive for a later rewatch.
  2. OK, @Matt D, thank ye for for your patience, Brody-free content but one day, my no-relation-to-Chuck bonhomme, we gotta sit down and hash this out mebbe you can hip me into something I turn my nose up at like Inoki or AEW. Anyway, I was gonna go into the deep dark World Class world but I was feel more rugged, and this is so festive. Yeah, it's pretty much a step above a squash, merely a wheel-spin in a longer feud, but there's gold here, baby. This is why Ms. Debbie Harry prefers that Southern rassling to her homegrown product. I am a big big mark for heel Slaughter, one of the best big men, and maybe you can see the glimmers of Mike Rotundo's babyface charisma too. Kernodle looks like he would be smelling of beer and cigarettes when he stopped to help you when your car broke down on the side of the road, damn he's probably drunk but sure enough he gets it started again and you don't mind that he hits you up for a fiver, in fact you're a little intimidated he was checking out what you had in your car a lot but it all worked out. Pvt. Nelson is awkward and shaped like a dollar store Bob Backlund doll. ANYWAY I ramble, you watch & use your wordsuffs, enjoy.
  3. Dean, I told you not to reveal the name of my TED Talk. Now I gotta fall back on "The Deadly Aerosol Pride Flag: Spewing The Mists And Post-Stonewall Gay Gimmicks".
  4. Wait, is VKM or Trump in potential trouble for this? If Trump gets prosecuted because his WWE payments were to his (corrupt, sham) foundation, I will do the world's longest Boogie Woogie Man entrance dance in glee and righteous irony. Or is VKM in more hot water because the appearance fee was to a "foundation" and therefore deductible?Were these payments not common knowledge?
  5. It's like Harley is reaching for my soul... or my beer.
  6. So there is a "fitness model" who has the same name as HHH's eldest daughter, and she is cosplaying as HHH's dead ex-ladyfriend? Why, I do not think that is eerie at all, by gum.
  7. @Matt Dgimme a couple days, I am working on a lecture I am giving before my film presentation at the local Psychotronic Film Society and I want to make it fancy for the kids. I wouldn't do you dirty, Brody-wise, pally. At least watch the one I picked for Gordlow, it's pretty! And many thanks for proctoring this whole thing, Matt D, may the Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant do a dance on your soul and leave street magick beard hair all over, baby.
  8. Not to do too much log-rolling or booty-smooching, but your comments here are spot on, very good match analysis. I am glad you dug it.
  9. It's hooking bully vs. ribbing bully! Thesz and his personal grudges against so many other workers probably was working heelish here because JV's glorious tonsorial tower made his crabgrass skullpatch looks as bad as it is. But really, it sometimes hurts my heart, despite the joy of any of this era's footage existing for me to watch, at how much of this match is missing. Selfish, i know...
  10. Big E - perfect choice, as you stated. SS - I don't watch me no Titan, but I was even thinking one of the Usos (the not DUI one, hopefully) would work if they started in on it now - heel up RR some more and bring in Sika and/or Afa to say that Reigns is letting them down - but this kid sounds great. Anything that would get Jacob F a good payday and more exposure is fuggin' aces in RAF's book.
  11. AAAH Sanctioned Non-Rassling Content (SNRC) alert! That Charlatans song may be one of my favorite songs by a Brit not sung by Mark E Smith, Billy Childish, Cornwell/Burnell or a Buzzcock.
  12. Two-2-II of my favorite workers, Mr. Jesse The Body Ventura a guilty pleasure nevertheless and Golden Boy Adrian Adonis thee worker's worker, together striding like colossi across the dismal arctic rings of the AWA. I love this team however this passion pales in comparison to my adoration of thee mighty North South Connection, AA's next tag team with Dick Murdoch. Now, to be 100% truthful, and you know that yerluvinRev is always honest even when he lies, both the AWA and the WWWF (my home base fed at this time) were both quite crappy ringwork-wise during this here time period. Maybe because it's what I mostly grew up watching, but the match structure of the WWWF was more to my liking. The AWA had more actually wrestling and brawling featured regularly, as compared to NY's punchin' & kickin' heels, but there was something... lacking in the AWA for me. Maybe this match can illustrate this. This is a fine bout, nay, a festive one, a tag team clinic - two evenly matched teams but the champs are unable to outfox, out muscle or out-cheat the babyface challengers (don't listen to the drunk commentary, JV & AA are both younger than either of the High Flyers that's what a heel life will do for ya look at me). Anyway, my point is that the heel champs fight from underneath almost this whole match - there is no extended period of heat on Brunzell or Gagne, and that is (still to this day) a bit odd to me. Other AWA matches were like that, where they didn't want to let the heels dominate, very few superman comebacks or white hot tags. My observation, your take might differ. ANYWAY, those High Flyers were the Rock & Roll Express that the Flyover States deserved, they were made for the Heartland, strictly whitebread. In my wise old eyes I can certainly appreciate the work of each man, no flys on them by any means and that Greg had a tough row to hoe what with his dad and looking all like a Kroger produce manager. Hey, we have "Scrap Iron" George Gadaski as our ref, a stalwart classic in any book. Mr. Adonis has high trunks and tall socks, like a real man should. Ventura's hair always fascinated me, and he did save Matilda at WMIII, never forget. Those ropes sure are loose (Oh, George!) but that just means to me that we are gonna be treated to the stellar ring twist bump spot from Thee Adorable One. A lot is made of the over the top DQ rule, such sticklers here. We get a few archetypal rassling holds like an Indian Deathlock, Octopus, Inverted Backbreaker and Stepover Toehold, I like that. The action does build until the ref can't take no mo' and calls it a draw. This is a match that I would show students of the game, either as a period piece for young historians of the territories, or rookies learning their craft. In fact a useful excercise is to duplicate a tag match like this one, to learn what the modern style is based on. The East West Connection soon dropped the belts and I have read that they were going to the WWF as a package but Jesse soon became unable to wrestle. However I recall it differently, that The Body came in as a single and Adonis went to Southwest and New Japan (where he started teaming with Murdoch on occasion). Cagematch seems to verify my memory somewhat. Thank for this match, thee EWC rules OK!
  13. @GordlowOK, as usual I overthought this, and was going for some '88 era NWA but why are so many videos just video game recreations? I got sad and frustrated, another aspect of thee Modern World that I do not comprehend. I tried for a deep cut of Brazo de Plata and got sucked into that lucha vortex (gee, he lost a lot of hair matches) and then I was getting crazy with some Tim Tall Tree (the Twisted Tonto) cratedigger trainspotter shite. Anyway, I went back to basics with this choice: Clubbering, meaty men, juice, chairs - what's not to love? I saw some live shows from this era, and pretty much all I remember are these two, Nick Bockwinkel, Mr. Electicity Steven Regal, neutered Road Warriors and really hating Buck Zumhofe (ahead of my time) and babyface Sgt. Slaughter. Brody gets some disrespect on this here BBS, but this match is the definition of giving the people what they want. He was a spectacle, an event, chaos in apres ski boots, and he surely could stink up the joint when he didn't care but when he turned it on he was much more than the sum of his parts. Blackwell was one of the best working big men, or even the best in the time juuust before this, but man could he still go. Good commentary, fun promo, hothothot crowd -- I hope you dig this.
  14. @Gordlowthat match looks fantastic - I will delve into it tomorrow. I got distracted on a magnet fishing adventure today so I did not get to post my parameters. I like territory stuff, and super solid opening matches, and veteran workers showing off their mat and crowd control, and crazy insane finishes & gimmicks & entrances & promo videos & interviews that should crumble beneath thee weight of their own absurdity but do not THEY RULE, and Mick Foley and Eddie Guerrero discovering that there is no limit (but there is, lads), and the way Vader and Muta move. and the precision of MDVachon's piledriver and his brother's back rakes, and Lou Albano doing anything, and CWF and ECW and Georgia and Southwest... My one criteria: it must be a match you love, one where if some negative naysaying nerd challenged you on it, you would stand proud and defend this match for any reasons at all, maybe you and Grandma watched it together back when or it featiures your two favorite workers of that era or you just saw it and it's all shinynew and thrilling - you gets it. I'll be back...
  15. I can see Mr. McMahon with tissue box slippers, watching IceStationZebra Wrestle Mania 1 over and over again. How many wills will there be? Some indy wrestler should claim he gave VKM a ride while he was hitch-hiking and they find a will in the WWE History Warehouse. I am available to write the fake autobiography, if anyone is interested.
  16. I rarely read something that makes me so happy/excited and scared/frustrated at the same time as this. The mind boggles...
  17. Lay it on me. I feel creative. I have no shame (obviously) and several gaps in my watching habits.
  18. Didn't that happen to a couple of RMJr's opponents at that time?
  19. Gee, they spelled "FBI" wrong on that Tracy Smothers doll.
  20. In a way, the best wrestling promotions (booking-wise) did this. Eddie Graham in particular knew what the fans wanted, but knew the best way to give it to them was not how they (think they) wanted it, but the way that would elicit the most emotion (his genius way). Feuds that go on for a long time, with lots os turns, teases, face beatdowns and slow burn are a typical example. Memphis could do this on occasion too, Portland and LA too. Yeah, you want your hero to get revenge ASAP, but those old bookers would wring every last angle/emotion/dollar out of it, and we were all better off for it. Forget booking for your monthly PPV, I want a feud that lasts for years...
  21. If someone would transcribe that Tom Shaft promo, they could be a DVDVR Hero. And his robe?!?! Mercy...
  22. I assume that the "people" in the above pullquote is execs in WWE, because I for one would love to see anybody, however they are dressed, who has some authority looking at that toxic culture and holding it up for more outrage and condemnation and punishment from a unknowing(?) general public. I thought Pat Patterson was not involved in the ringboy scandal, but was humiliatingly asked to step away because of his sexuality, thereby involving him in the minds of the public in it anyway.
  23. It's thee Battle of thee K&H Spat Boots! So good. Great camerawork, and these two geniuses knew just how and when to set up for the hard cam. Good ref work by BH, and the "Mr. 1#derful" trunks are a fave of mine. There's a fun topic - Favorite Ring (not entrance) Gear.
  24. Quite possibly my very favorite rasslin' angle of all eternity.
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