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  1. Frankly, it just makes me angry at my father that he is not a billionaire. - RAF
  2. Kawaii Onita is going to be the name of my K-pop band that just does Crass covers, very pomo... - RAF
  3. One of my saddest rasslin memories is being present for an argument in an Indiana lockerroom between Moose Cholak and Ian Rotten. Total generation gap and both guys were hot that the other did not know who they were. I had to mediate, there were no winners. - RAF
  4. Little known fact: this match was the inspiration for me penning my Italian lensed 80s horror retro flick "Night of the Bloody MILFs". - RAF
  5. I broke my COVID fear wrestling drought this past weekend, so in for a penny, in for a viral pound and the hankering is back sos I got tix for the 10/02 MLW show here. The last couple cards (a lifetime ago) were festive, and this one is loaded (Tajiri!!). CB is A-OK in my book. - RAF
  6. Anybody else having a time posting pics? Imgur and Postimage aren't working for me here. There was a Chrome update too, so that may be it - all the urls are "https", so that used to not work here? Could be early onset senility, or long COVIDs... - RAF https://imgur.com/a/n8GkTiz
  7. I just returned from a Battleground Championship Wrestling show at the 2300 (nee ECW) Arena. I post since it was mostly an ECW tribute show. Raven, Little Guido, RVD. Bill Alphonso, Bully Ray and Sandman were all there. A fairly solid & entertaining card but no amazing matches. No blood or plunder. Also appearing was Buddy Murphy (easily the worker of the night by far), Bobby Fish (disappointing), Enzo Amore facing Ricky Morton (most amusing match of the night), Matt Hardy, Gun Club v. Bear Country, Van Dam's stripper ladyfriend, Paul Ellering (accepting an award for the Road Warriors), Mark Henry (hosting). They are coming back in December with Rhino and Kevin Sullivan and some other folks I can't remember. Sabu was a no-show. It was a very very very very Philly show that would not have come off so well in any other venue. - RAF
  8. "Doglegs" is streaming on PLEX (via Roku for me, free with many ads for deadly prescription meds and Coke products), highly recommended. It's a documentary on a niche Japanese wrestling federation that features handicapped and differently abled workers. As someone with very good carny-sense (it's like gaydar), the blurring of the lines between work and shoot is incredible, both on the part of the documentary and the workers and fed themselves. I have watched this (and the raw card footage as well) with both wrestling and non-wrestling fans and some folks can't handle it. It just up-ends peoples expectations that much. Not for workrate nerds but there are several puro and joshi cameos. - RAF
  9. Cigars and Conversations is a informative and mellow podcast all about current and (mostly) classic wrestling by a couple of folks in the biz. - RAF
  10. Review of thee Year. It's funny because it's all true; it's true and that's funny. thank you, RAF
  11. Favorite/best tag cage match - Slaughter/Kernodle v. Steamboat/Youngblood, Greensboro NC 1983. In 1986, The Sheepherders and Fantastics worked 37 barbed wire cage matches in 45 days: I'll take any of those (I have seen 2 or 3 on tape). Then comes that '87 War Games match I saw in Chicago. There's gotta be some Chikara or Lucha shmozz that delighted me as well... Best/favorite singles cage match - Tully v. Magnum, no doubt. Easy #2 is Lawler v. Idol with all those magnificent stips - has no one dropped this yet?!?! And a slam dunk third is Mankind v. Undertaker HitC. Next for me would be some olde W/WWF cage - I say Muraco v. Snuka. - RAF
  12. From a couple pages ago - for successful treatment of gay characters in a wrestling context, I submit lucha libre's exoticos. It is certainly not a modern approach, but it worked. I do not bring this up as an example of a blueprint for a WWE attempt, but if you look the history of exoticos it is quite interesting, illuminating and surprising. - RAF
  13. Almost every new match I see Terry Gordy in, I "rate" him higher and higher in my imaginary Great Workers List, and he is already up there. Like Bobby Eaton, he does the small things so well, but as a big man (obviously). Poor Bam Bam... - RAF
  14. it's hoagie, you jamoke. - Hostile City RAF
  15. I was at this card and your assessment is very much spot on. The freakin' bleachers in that place were torture as well. My big takeaway was Raven "gets it". He sussed out this shonda shitstorm and decided to take down the biz, Shane and the crowd all together at once. He gathered a group of sub-Stern Show freakish mark and presented them to us all, a funhouse mirror of our own stunted memories. PitbullGW gave the Philly audience what they wanted and used Cripple Haitch (one of the funniest work names ever), all palsied and be-crutched, as a foreign object, swinging him like a frail fleshy kendo stick. We all gasped, but CHHH was made of stuff as resilient as the guarantee turning a profit on Extreme Nostalgia. Brilliant. The later shows were both duller and more embarrassing. I still went. - RAF
  16. I love it, but what about The Reverse Vampires? - RAF
  17. Secret fantasy history dream deepdive footage? So many workers, just off the top of my bean: Wild Red Berry (cruiserweight grappling stuff and managerial work), the Valiant Brothers (original WWWF cool heels), Joe Blanchard (3 hour Texas Death Matches), Killer Karl Krupp, Texas Outlaws (with interviews), Sputnick Monroe, Frankie Cain (Inferno/GMephisto), every single one of Dusty Rhodes' Florida matches, Johnny Valentine, Bobby Shane (note these workers that other vet workers speak so glowingly of), The Original Sheik (in his prime in hometown Detroit), El Santo, Dory Sr., Freddie Blassie (CA, Georgia and Japan stuff), Pampero Firpo... this is making me wistful, all that potential knowledge unobtainable, RAF
  18. HOWEVER ---- If any of y’all actually really think that TAFKA Terra Ryzing will be fired and/or quit then you are working yourselves. He has been with Titan for 36 years, is a corporate officer and the head honcho’s son-in-law, fortheloveofDusty. He may be given yet another new title, but his place in the company will always be at the top. He has seen lots of shake-ups and knows to play the long game. If thee VKM steps down, and for whatever reason HHH is not placed in charge then, he’ll still be there waiting. There is a great chance he will eventually get the nod, whether or not it’s due to his tenure & record, nepotism/connections, or stockholder’s fiat. c’mon now, RAF
  19. Here’s thee Rev’s flight of fancy: Mr. HHH takes a year sabbatical, and does a tour of the indys. He position in the WWE is currently untenable but a lot can happen in Mr. McMahon’s kooky kingdom in a mere year, so what does he have to lose? Two choices for him to approach this - he gets booked as Paul Levesque and goes toe-to-toe with the top workers in indy feds in the U.S. and elsewhere, making humble and keeping up. The other choice is to do this thing with the HHH gimmick and make his opponents look like a million bucks, if not put them over. His booking fee is low, with lots of facetime in the lockerroom and the autograph table. It will be a loss leader, he can afford it. Hell, do it for charity. Either way, he comes out with an infinite amount of street cred. More fans than ever are “smart” but a smartmark is still a mark. He’ll be golden. The corporation that he returns to will be different but his position would be stronger. It's HHH's Road to Redemption! (contact me for movie rights) just a whimsy but I’d like to see it happen, RAF
  20. Here's as succinct as I can be: Bobby Eaton was thee worker's worker of his era. - RAF
  21. That match must have been from Southern France, because that is so much a Mempho spot! - RAF
  22. I got this for Father's Day, and, yes, when I wear them it does make me want to pull out my dick. woo, RAF
  23. Super Porky is one of my favorite workers to have ever seen live. The man was in complete control of the audience, using what would have been shtick to lesser workers but he made it into artistry. Charisma off the scale, what a presence and mind, he will be missed greatly. Related, my pal DSH Esq. sent me a big package of WONs (as is his wont) and while reading the Feb. 1 2021 issue, Mr. M starts off the obit of El Hijo de Anibal with the factoid that 139 pro wrestlers from Mexico had died in the previous nine months (though not all due to COVID). Is the death- and/or infection-rate so much greater there than in the USA? What percentage of the total population of luchadores is that, and how does that (infection and death) compare to workers in the US? I am blown away by that number... - RAF
  24. That is incredibly shitty and amazingly beautiful at the same time. It is almost hard to process, so disposable, so significant... - RAF
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