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  1. Quite possibly my very favorite rasslin' angle of all eternity.
  2. I do not think identity politics is a bad thing at all. I just do not want to debate it on a message board. Identity politics is a positive thing, and deserves proper discussion. I can listen to JC and go to sleep at night. I am not here to defend each and every one of his actions - in fact, I don't, but I can sometimes see where he is coming from, even when he is straight up wrong. He is a big boy too, and can accept responsibility for his fuck-ups and prejudices. I find it odd that here that folks are hesitent to use his name, but Benoit matches can be touted, and people can make jokes on Buck Zumhofe and Bob Sweetan. I don't think pro wrestling is performance art either and many wrestling may want a man to host a wrestling show (I dunno about that, but people are stoopid) but JC's childish personal attacks are wrong. The Saudi Shows were the last straw for me with the WWE, and I haven't given them a dime or any eyeball time since. If other people can support them with their viewship and money, it does not affect me. There are bigger battles than that. In my life, I deal with, support, defend, love and debate with "marginalized communities" and the members therein. Life is hard, and we all have to work together, and try to understand each others deficiencies. NO, that does not refer to Cornette - that understanding is for how each of us deals with the shit just to get through the day. Is there anyone without some shit on them? I do appreciate when others can help me clean up some of that on me.
  3. I love this kinda stuff. Now, did the intern set to this task count a three man Dx triple-chop "suck it" as 9 Crotch Gestures or just one? How many of those Middle Fingers were from Steve Austin? Does a double bird count as two? What was the baseline Obscene Phrase? If the number 69 came up randomly in a percentage stat would that count? Someone ring up Dr. Gantz for the raw (!) data.
  4. I did not. Are you saying that it (workers sleeping with underage fans) did not happen? That statement does not necesarily mean that he is dismissing it or defending it. When I listen to David Bowie or Iggy Pop or Robert Plant -ad infinitum- I do so to listen to music, not to condone their admitted congress with underage groupies. There is a line. Art Barr, Ted Nugent, Joey Ryan -- all creep me out and should be righteously shunned. There is context, and I would listen to a discussion of this, but not when I want to listen to wrestling talk. I am sure that everyone has there "untouchable" lists, and that is fine, but there are also folks condemning fans for not abandoning pro wrestling fandom forever for the crimes of some. I can appreciate some peoples reaction to JC for the above and other stuff, but that is not my reaction, and I don't think everyone has the the responses at all. I do not want to start a conversation about identity politics and such on here, not because I do not think it's important but I don't think that a Wrestling Bulletin Board is a good spot for that (or really any place on the internet). I do not wish to judge or condemn anybody.
  5. I find it hard to fathom that folks are nervous to mention Jim Cornette's "podcast" (I listen to the topics on YouTubes) when I am certain that he has many listeners here. I mean, I pass on almost all of his reviews of modern stuff he does but there is lots of great historical stuff in there. A couple recent longer pieces, one on his tape collection (mentioned above) and another on the territories were great. His takes on psychology and gimmicks are solid, and the road stories from all the places he has worked are classic. No, I do not agree with all his opinions, and the humor is often puerile, but I am a big boy. The hard shell of old age calcifies around me, pt. 268 - I have never listened to talk radio and rarely listen to podcasts, but I now listen to my "stories" (the JC stuff) in the kitchen as I cook dinner for my unappreciative family, and get huffy when they come in and disturb me. "I grow old ... I grow old ... I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled." - by another old codger with whom I do not agree fully but who also made some Great Art
  6. The hip kids that go to wrestling these days have a different fantasy of "what the wrestling is". In the past, it may have been, say, that these guys in the match really hate each other (so-called marks). Later, it may have been ""they are all conniving carnys with backstage drama" (your alleged smart mark era). Now the "in the know" hardcore fans believe that there is a golden mutual admiration circle of warrior respect going on that they get to peek at via handshakes, hugs and social media. All are true in some respect, but all these are also projections of hero worship, idolic identification and the desire to belong to a group via secret knowledge. Whatever sells tickets, tune in a again in 10 years (or less). Not meant to be a cynical demoralizing blanket statement, just a "the more things change, the more they stay the same observation and/or opinion.
  7. They really were ideal opponents for each other. The amount of innovation, trust and oneupsmanship was immense. Has anyone every compiled a list of their matches together?
  8. Really. I think that Stephanie McMahon's departure from the corporate sphere is the real story. She may not do so much creative but she has been groomed as the representative McmMhon on the board. Her absence as a performer of little import. Of course, S&N's walkout had as much to do with money as control, but it is their status and manner of leaving that makes this a story to keep an eye on. And as I said, the two stories back-to-back is what blows my mind.
  9. The one-two punch of the Naomi/Banks and Stephanie McMahon events really has me reeling. I would think that those could become two of the stories of the year, especially with more development and fallout with N&B and an explanation for SM. Not only is the year not even half over, but I have a feeling that some more big shake-ups, changes and surprises (for most) with long term effects are going to keep coming, and soon.
  10. That AoP card exists in the nether zone between potentially interesting and absolute trash. Some good/fun workers but I could see it being a total nostalgia money grab. It really reminds me of the Euro tours all the ex-WWF folks would do. Date: 27.04.1993 Promotion:m World Wrestlings Superstars Location: Wien, Österreich Arena: Stadthalle The Cheetah Kid defeats Johnny Rotten (13:44) The American Indians (Brave Sky & Nikona) defeat Cuban Assassin & Mike Lane (w/The Hustler) (15:24) Bambi & Candi Devine defeat Leilani Kai & Peggy Lee Leather The Warlord defeats Butch Reed (16:01) Jake Roberts defeats Greg Valentine (w/Madusa) by DQ (19:28) The Warrior defeats Hercules (w/The Hustler) Attention DEAN - Candi Devine AND Leilani Kai mentioned on this thread. Run, don't walk. Y'know --- for the kids.
  11. Budd Heavy (OVER!) not having a merch table is the most gregarious wastage of potential ducats I have heard of. Is he a millionaire, or a Commie? Also, in the Land of Hyperbole Abutting Grim Reality, you have no ideer of the size of Mr. EJ Nduka until you are eye-to-nipple with the man.
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