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  1. It is SSOOO much better than what his name usually was. Intentional typo on the part of the newspaper? The "Rodirigus" makes me think they were taking the info over the phone. Also the way Bounty Hunter no. 2 is laid out make me think of perfume. don't call me chickenhead, RAF
  2. Don't swerve us, Dean: that is the footage I shot in 1987 of Greg Valentine vs. Buddy Rose on my Pixelvision camera. You know I was saving this for my BLUR Fest (Bootleg Lo-rez Underground Rasslin) Film Festival, aka BFFF. Now I gotta find another opening night feature. Dammit, Dean... - RAF
  3. Treasured Memories pt. 147- Mitch Page and I bonded because his cat was named Dusty and my cat was named Abdullah. RIP Mean Mitch, RIP Abdullah (the cat), and RIP Dusty (the cat, probably; the man, for sure) - RAF
  4. Rikidozan was a no-sellin' mother trucker. - RAF
  5. The amount of head shaking from the boys in the back watching on monitors after this "move" probably ruffled everyone's hair in the arena. - RAF
  6. Those ps'ghetti ropes look DANGERous I flinched every time some hit them. Steve Simpson is a useless pretty boy on any continent apparently. BB carries him so much he should have charged the promoter a luggage handling fee. I figured out one reason I like Black Bart - he has an ideal mid-level heel body and appearance. He's tall enough to make the smaller babyfaces underdogs, and still make the big faces intimidating. He's big so he's strong (wrestling logic) but he's fat so he's weaker than the gym boys. His gimmick allows him to carry gimmicks but there is room for other Western themed
  7. In gym shape, but still not strong enough to hoist a doughy Hak unassisted. no judgements, RAF
  8. Oh, you know Black Bart, sir. The Long Riders with Ron Bass and frequently JJ Dillon? Florida, Mid-Atlantic, GWF??? Brass Knux titles?!? BB is one of my low key lower tier favorites: a superb carpenter, great second partner in tags, fun promos, vigorous blader. On the other hand, Wanz has always been a grosse pile of cold schnitzel for me and never shown me anything. He was over like diner breakfast eggs, tho', and for many many years, so there's that. I lurv the whole scenario after the pin here, like a deutsche Onita thing without the crying. - RAF p.s. - Big shout-out to Bart's ha
  9. I disagree. Murdoch could still go. His cardio was still strong, and his ring generalship and psychology were top notch. Rhodes, Hansen, Lawler and Flair were a similar age, and Hogan and Steamboat not far behind. Sure, too old to be considered for a long-term top spot in a national federation even back then, but he had many years of great matches left in Japan and maybe another short top heel run in the U.S. I have never seen a match were Murdoch phoned it in or took shortcuts, let alone wasn't in contention to be the top guy in that ring..Pshaw, I say with politeness and conviction. - s
  10. Like most NWA WCW shows from this era, just move this over to the "Conmplete Shows" thread because it is all 24k GOLD, BABY! So much genius level stuff, with my highlight being BWMJValiant's trunks saying "ONCE A NIGHT" but his tights read "ALL NIGHT LONG". Mercy! Lots of "just look at him"s from you-know-who. - RAF Addendum - And JJ Dillion is so great at ringside, a very underrated manager. I love the slow Lex Luger introduction into thee Four Horsemen leading to the eventual ouster of Ole Anderson, such a great angle.
  11. This is my vote for thee Hottest Take Of All. Congratulations. But, Pretty Wonderful would have worked as Horsemen. PW was a great tag team and what you said above. Therefore, using the maths, I conclude that Paul Orndorff is one of the best, Q.E.D. (not a hot take at all). - RAF
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