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  1. Time to pool our resources and start a fed.
  2. The fact that a company with a system that produced The Revival, American Alpha, The Street Profits, and Heavy Machinery is still running "singles guys with nothing to do right now" tag teams on top is...something.
  3. So how many people with credible sexual assault allegations got kept on while three women that everyone seemed to love and respect got cut, exactly?
  4. If we no longer have to call a large adult man "T-Bar" anymore I'll consider this PPV a rousing success.
  5. As someone who doesn't watch NXT UK, my big takeaway from this was "Holy shit, when did Pete Dunne get so jacked?"
  6. Randy Orton doing a Rust Cohle gimmick MIGHT be an acceptable use of him in 2020.
  7. There is absolutely no excuse for Randy Orton winning a World Title at this stage of his career, especially if the plan is for him to keep it until Edge can come back and beat him.
  8. Paul Ellering outlived both members of the LOD.
  9. The worst thing about Retribution (well, after the names, the look, and T-Jakovic's voice) is that an easier sell is RIGHT THERE. Some NXT workers got tired of waiting around for their opportunity while watching others catch breaks, so they took matters into their own hands. No need to give them stupid Prison Break names or pretend no one has ever seen them on WWE programming before. Just acknowledge who they are and make them look like bad-asses for taking initiative.
  10. Yeah, I think they want to avoid a situation where Adam Cole is regularly shown standing next to Dominic Dijakovic.
  11. I guarantee he's used that exact argument to try to explain to a woman why he shouldn't have to wear a condom.
  12. The Freebirds also used this in the UWF, with Gordy delivering the slam.
  13. As someone who has no interest in the generic hard rock/nu-metal that WWE traffics in, that entrance was pretty interminable to me, although I did really like the fog lingering in the ring. I'm also not all that stoked about another rear naked choke finisher. Dude definitely has an aura, though.
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