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  1. Enjoyed this second season but man, if you are at all resistant to how silly this all is, you won't get anywhere near as much out of it. You stop to think about anything for more than 6 seconds and it all falls apart but it's an oddly addictive watch. The driving narrative's believeablity is very much a HOUSE OF CARDS. Makes you think.
  2. If Cesaro stays healthy and they elevate him correctly, this has the potential to be the best year, in-ring that anyone has had in WWE. We're a month and a half in and he hasn't been involved in anything remotely disappointing. He starts getting the chance to work 20 minute PPV mains against Sheamus, Cena or Bryan and then some obligatory WWE gimmick matches then we're in for a banner year. Imagining a Cesaro/Big Show Last Man Standing match is making me very excited.
  3. Nope since I heard somebody compare it to Shadow Complex and that means I am first in line because that game was so fucking great. Yeah, same here. Giant Bomb's coverage of it made it seem like the mechanics are so effortless, it's going to be so easy to jump in and start wrecking dudes. I'm a maps kind of guy when it comes to online shooters so if they're well-made and plentiful, I'll be jumping to next-gen sooner rather than later.
  4. If this doesn't result in babyface promotion ace, Chris Masters then everyone involved needs their heads checked.
  5. I disagree with the placement of the SummerSlam 2003 EC match. Haven't watched them for a while but here's my top five if you weeeelll: 5. John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Carlito vs. Chris Masters vs. Kane (New Year’s Revolution 2006) 4. John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth (Elimination Chamber 2011) 3. Triple H vs. Booker T vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Shawn Michaels (Survivor Series 2002) 2. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Big Show vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Drew McIntyre (Elimination Chamber 2011) 1. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Mike Knox (No Way Out 2009) The first three are especially great. I'd agree with that but the WWE.com rule is that if Michaels or HHH are in the matches shortlisted, they must be bumped up five places. The debut chamber is really fun but not close to any chamber with Rey bumping around like a mad man.
  6. I think a soul act could be the right answer to this. The Tavares, maybe?
  7. Goodhelmet is over at PWO (http://prowrestlingonly.com/) so I'd PM him there to see if he made a 2012 set. I recommend his yearbooks which are more expensive but packed to the gills with awesome stuff and capture the feeling of each year perfectly. 1997 is the latest one and that gets you every important match, angle or segment from the promotions in the world at that time, it's a great idea.
  8. HHH latching himself on to hot angles and killing it dead isn't something new. If anything, everyone should have saw it coming.
  9. Rollins' commitment to having hair like an attention-seeking 15 year old is truly charming.
  10. Battle Royale. 72 hour time limit ala Dead Rising but with randomised worlds, randomised weapons, randomised combatants (from a pool of however many you want to name), you have your wits about you and have to survive. If you explore, you can find all sorts of crazy shit on the island, form partnerships with friendly AI or run afoul of the hostile ones or you can camp up in the lighthouse with your gun and only move when you're forced. Try to attack the HQ like the movie or just survive and be like the girl with the teddy bear at the start, I don't care, it's your game, brother. Then have the option to do that online and play it all out with real people. Somehow.
  11. Horde in GOW3 is great if you have a group of (capable) friends to piss around with during it. A Gears 4 will be a big thing but Judgment was in the hands of People Can Fly and the changes they attempted didn't really land and it was nowhere near as polished as the Cliffy B-helmed main trilogy games. The right developer could make something good. I spent an insane amount of time with GOW1 though so I still have fondness for the franchise.
  12. That was a lot of noise from Pittsburgh. If they're still convincing themselves that was a vocal minority, there's serious issues in Stamford.
  13. Had Booker not been sacrificed to HHH in 2007, a Cena/Booker program on Raw would have been good fun.
  14. The Thick of It reaches its zenith with the hour-long inquiry episode. Capaldi puts in a masterclass of a performance and everyone else is rightfully raked over the coals for being such awful, horrible people.
  15. I think it's in a situation where it's built up the characters and their relationships so well that it can coast along on those despite the plots and jokes not being as sharp as they used to be. It's helped by being performed brilliantly too. I will say, the one little arc I've enjoyed this season is Tom's who is fast becoming my favourite character.
  16. Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, HITMAN. My mind has just blown apart, how have I never put that together before?
  17. That's absolutely great. "It's Sting from the neighbouring sports entertainment action soap opera!"
  18. There was a Giant Bomb video where they found out that the phrase "Rival Wrestling Promotion" was censored. Now, I don't know if it's the word 'wrestling' or that phrase specifically but either way, it's pretty hilarious how much you can't say. You basically begin sounding like Michael Cole and his WWE lingo.
  19. At what point are they going to figure out that there is no heat in Orton attacking Cena's dad? Or anyone attacking Cena's dad? Or Orton attacking anyone's family? I'm kind of enjoying how fucked Orton's title run is. He's like, fourth or fifth man on the totem pole. The list of names he whined about in his own sketch with Kane (Cena, Lesnar, Batista)...plus DANIEL BRYAN DANIEL BRYAN DANIEL BRYAN. HAHA Fuck you, Orton! I actually like Orton but man, it's just never gonna stick with him. He was at his peak in 07/08 and then the run opposite HHH and Shane kiboshed that. Luckily, Daniel Bryan is the awesomest little motherfucker in the world.
  20. Final segment was incredible. Contrast that crowd reaction to the one during the Orton match. Get the belt on Cena, run Cena/Bryan II at Mania and let that little guy run the fucking show on top.
  21. There should be a cartoon where Rey Mysterio constantly foils Alberto Del Rio's evil schemes.
  22. Burke's running knees were awesome. What a great spot.
  23. Man, DDP is pretty great at fitness regimes. I can only assume there's black magic involved somewhere.
  24. I think we get B-Shows eventually but I'd wager that the first year of the On Demand library will be focused on the two "Golden Ages". So, we've got all Attitude Era Raws and Smackdowns and I'd bet that Nitro and Thunder will be the next thing added. Really, the B-Shows and the super obscure shows like Excess and Confidential will be the last on their pile, I'm sure. As for FCW/OVW, I think there's an audience for a "Before they were famous" type show amongst the actual scheduled programming where they show matches from Cena, Lesnar, Orton, Batista, Punk etc from the development territories but not the full archives. Maybe if this thing becomes a resounding and unbelieveable success, then they can begin to put the crazy stuff that only a small portion of the audience are going to splash out for. And by that, I mean every single Mid-South arena show that they have in that library.
  25. I really liked Orton around this time but RVD is RVD and I don't really like that guy at all but damn, something happens when those two work each other and this is probably their best match. RVD's best selling and bumping ever goes hand in hand with some crazy Orton stuff. The rolling thunder into the powerslam was a spot that they revived in their series on Smackdown last year but it was absolutely insane here and more proof that Orton's ring timing is just about second to none. The stretcher finish is always dumb but this, opening a PPV, was pretty great.
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