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  1. I just bought a retro hasbro style ring. I plan to keep it in the box and sell it on eBay in a few years.
  2. @Hoarr that picture defines the internet and the things I love about America. It's meta.
  3. Ok I am going to ebay to buy a PS4 just so I can play free Fort Nite. I have heard nothing but good things about it. I think the building aspect is a clever gimmick.
  4. No, the missing gems are becase Ric Flair lost them in divorce court. He had to barter something to keep a rack full of bedazzled women's robes.
  5. About that instagram, In the immortal words of Ron Simmons.... "Damn!"
  6. Please do not start a title with Coah Died. It made me double take.
  7. I took the default guy and drew on him. We had a default avatar a few boards ago. I like zartan's av and all the comic book ones. one. I usually do a futurama av but that gimmick is already taken here lol.
  8. I'm going to download this shitshow as soon as it's over. A 50 man battle royal? Yes please. I don't care if they are performing for an oil billionaire king. It could be worse, it could be in North Korea.
  9. If.there is a 30 woman rumble without Foxy that will be a crime.
  10. Aiden English is the prototypical Medieval Times entertainer. His next job should be playing the green knight if wrestling does not work out.
  11. I hope we get some story progression and it's not just filler. Then again the Rumble is weeks away so it will probably be filler. I hope they do something good with the 205ers and the women tonight. Maybe give them time to have a great match. Every week I hope for a Neville comeback and also that Enzo is featured less.
  12. Theres only about 20 women on Raw and SD, I guess the others will come from NXT?
  13. The day of a Raw ppv is always exciting. The day of a SD ppv is always me thinking of things to do to get out of watching the show. I think I have some socks that need folding.
  14. @keep calm, They could be the Sabotaged Push Squad.
  15. In a first blood match with SIDA there ae no winners.
  16. This is like some kind of prom dance with everybody scrambling for a date. Do Fandango and Breeze count as a mixed team?
  17. I am so sick of part-timers being champions. Brock needs to drop that belt to a regular who actually works house shows and TV.
  18. I suspect Orton told Brock to make it look legit in that incedent. It just doesn't make sense for Brock to just shoot punch Orton without permission. Brock and Randy both knew Lesnar had a UFC reputation to maintain. No one was punished for that so it seemed like a non issue.
  19. I feel they gave Orton the win last year because he is the Smackdown top guy with the most seniority. That means this year's winner is the Raw top guy with the most Seniority. (Not mayor Kane tho.)
  20. I didn't watch the UK tournament but Pete Dunne is amazing. I have only seen him in a few matches but he is like Regal in the best ways possible. I want to see him destroy a babyface Neville. I I would l ike to see Dunne and Adam Cole get Rumble spots. Alistair Black needs a propper WWE debut, not a Rumble spot. He would lose some buzz if he was just a throwawy Rumble spot.
  21. MosCow the Communist Bovine is the most absurd but funny gimmick I can recall.
  22. A 3MB showdown would be awesome! Jinder is placed on a different level than the other 2 so I hope it wouldn't end with Jinder just disposing of his old partners. There are a number of good ways they could do it though.
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