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  1. Uggggh. So we're going backwards with regard to having too many titles.
  2. You can seriously Google it. Not being a dick or anything. I saw a story a little while ago about why this trend happened. It comes down to: Stanley had stopped making them and then a popular blog stated they were the best thermos type things. Demand went up, they started producing them again, more blogger/insta/influencer types jumped on the train when the company leaned into social media advertising, and there you go.
  3. AM goes further at night due to something with the ionosphere (that and the loss of my accent is the extent of the good my MCOM degree did me). I remember driving in western Maryland at night listening to a Red Wings game out of Detroit.
  4. I have zero knowledge of Pat McAfee except I see his show on the TVs at the gym sometimes. There's no sound but, hosting the show in a fucking tank top, he seems like a massive douchebag.
  5. Better yet, everybody goes along with it like a Darren/Darren situation.
  6. I watched Wrestling Challenge, season 1, ep 3 last night. Just a few notable things: The Islanders debut and are called "Hako" and "Toma." I don't remember that at all, so maybe this was the only match before the name changes. The Islanders have a fun, short match with the Hart Foundation. It ends with a double DQ as both teams brawl at ringside and Toma hits a fucking TOPE in 1986. Jake does a Snake Pit with Paul Orndorff and it's notable for just the absolutely insane amount of trash the fans are throwing throughout the segment. It starts with a huge piece of debris landing in Jake's cauldron and it JUST. KEEPS. GOING. It's madness. These shows' formatting is all over the place. You get individual promos with Ken Reznick interviewing Jake and Orndorff, AND a Snake PIt with the two. They do something like this in every episode so far. "Put the cameraman on the apron and shoot straight down Elizabeth's top" is in full effect here. Mick Foley works as a jobber vs The Killer Bees. It's crazy that he wins with WWF title like 12 years later. The Bees do a finisher I never saw them do, so maybe this was the only time they did it on TV. Both guys whip Foley into the ropes, Brunzell drops down, and Blair leaps off Brunzell's back, spins, and hits Foley in the chest with his ass. I guess it's supposed to emulate a bee stinger. It looks like shit AND, after Foley lands, Blair comes down ass-first on his face, which had to hurt. Fucking Killer Bees.
  7. Longing for the day when I hear Taz refer to Don Callis as a “fountain of misinformation.”
  8. Oh lord, I'll never forget Brandi's clumsy promo where she tried to explain the Nightmare Collective's role within the Nightmare Family. All she needed was a PowerPoint with an org chart.
  9. Oh man, I feel for you. When we were house hunting the first time, maybe 15ish years ago, we were looking at one house and the realtor saw polybutylene plumbling in an otherwise decent house and he immediately directed us to just turn around and walk out.
  10. OY LOIKE HOW BEW'IFULLY BROKEN YEW AH or some such Joker and Harley nonsense. Oh god fuck this movie. Eric and Shelley are supposed to be decent people who live in a shit neighborhood, killed at random. Not whatever all this is. Honestly, just change the names and make it a continuation of the Crow mythos and it's fine I guess. But yeah, this looks like shit.
  11. Vincent gets a lot of hate here! I don't mind him at all, I just don't see the point of the cult gimmick in wrestling in general. I think the only time it was done well was with Sullivan in Florida, but that was at the height of the Satanic Panic and I guess his gimmick was "we're evil and don't care about winning titles, we just want to hurt your heroes." But ever since then, every cult gimmick has just stepped on its own dick as far as execution goes. That's just an inherent failing of the concept, though. Because really, in kayfabe, why would a cult want to be involved in a sport? Really, if you want to modernize the cult gimmick, then the flunkies have to lay down their lives so their leader can win the title, and the whole time it's really obvious their leader doesn't believe a thing about his own message and is just using them to get the belt and get rich.
  12. It was lost in the Picture in Picture segment, but Carlie Brovo is absolutely from the Ricky Steamboat school of selling. It’s glorious. Some people sell for the back row. This dude was selling for the back row in some other city. They initially announced the House Rules match as an “Open House” match and I immediately thought about Julia and Adora battling throughout a house for sale while a realtor frantically tried to stop them.
  13. I haven't watched WWE in over 8 years, so I missed most of Mercedes' heyday and am pretty much unfamiliar with her work. Coming in cold, I'll say she has incredible charisma. But she also comes off very inauthentic, and that's at the feet of her being "WWE born and bred." Walk out of the entrance, be sure to hit that pose we came up with for you, walk to the ring in your specific character fashion, and do the pose again, etc. It's just so manufactured and fake. And that dance. Jesus Christ. That fucking dance. After her very good promo, she danced. And danced. Same move. Over and over. It was like she didn't know what else to do. Same thing at the end of the show. Fuck. Jaw at the fans, climb the ropes and celebrate, go slap some hands. Anything. But she just kept spamming that same move over and over. I was overwhelmed with secondhand embarrassment. As much as WWE feels like they need to retrain bad habits out of experienced performers, I think that should go both ways. WWE Style presentation creates products, not people, and it's glaring how disingenuous it looks when they show up in AEW and do that same played out stuff. Mercedes' presentation felt like a TGI Friday's waiter got a new job at a decent restaurant and showed up on day 1 with 41 pieces of flair. Or the guy who plays Goofy at Disneyland got an office gig and showed up in his Goofy suit. Just so out of place and weird.
  14. I always loved the 5-parters where the Joes and Cobra had to travel the world trying to beat each other to the parts for whatever McGuffin they were building (Werther Dominator, etc.). Also the one where the Joes were scrambling because they were getting phone calls telling them that a guy called THE VIPER was coming, only for it to turn out to be the window cleaner, who had an accent (here to "vipe your vindows").
  15. It’s because they can’t call her The Boss. And it took me until this morning to make that connection
  16. I often joke that this is the one time of the year that anyone gives two shits about the Dropkick Murphys, but that's pretty cool.
  17. They have a school of dentistry, I know that much.
  18. PAC never got his rubber match. Note: PAC demanding has “ROOBAH MAHTCH” lives rent free in my head.
  19. Villanova University is just two letters away from “Villano University,” which I’m sure is a much better institution.
  20. I don't like the "hold the hands and stomp on the face" move. It feels unnecessarily over the top violent while at the same time being incredibly phony. 5-10 unprotected head stomps and the ref isn't stopping the match/opponent isn't going unconscious? They've mitigated it somewhat by turning it into a chest stomp, though.
  21. "Gee Vince, I should go work there to get a better look. You know, for research and all."
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