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  1. Really? I enjoyed season 2 much more than the first and thought the finale was pretty strong.
  2. Every time I hear Bob Ryder's name, I get stuck trying to remember which member of AMW jerked it in front of Bob at his house on the reg in exchange for a push.
  3. How about "quotable comedies made after 1990?" All I know is, next guy who says "mmmmyeah I'm gonna need you to work on Saturday" gets a cockpunch.
  4. Can we just say that American Beauty and Office Space are both shit? American Beauty is a lame movie about unlikable narcissists doing selfish things that somehow got passed off as having some sort of deep message. It was overrated for its time but nobody even talks about it when discussing great films anymore, do they? The plot is first world problem garbage. Oh you're an older dude with a good job, hot wife and a decent enough kid but you're unhappy? Please fuck off with that bullshit. Who were we supposed to root for in that clusterfuck? Wow, exposing the unhappy underbelly of suburbia was so artistic and transgressive, I'm sure it was never done before. Typical offensive Hollywood cliches about a life that these writers know nothing about. I'm coming to understand what right-wingers mean when they malign Hollywood when I watch American Beauty, and that's pretty fucking bad. Office Space is a middling comedy that is overrated right now. People still quote this three-joke movie and it's been, what, over a decade? Christ. It's like "Clerks" for people who work in an office. I remember somebody said to me, "oh you didn't like Clerks? You must've never worked in retail." THAT'S narrowcasting right there. If you've worked a dead-end office job, you'll love"Office Space?" Fuck you. "Quotable" comedies can fuck right off.
  5. Oh Jesus Christ The Walking Dead. I like the show but holy fuck the gun shit is terrible. EVA just beat me to it but yeah, you have people hitting: Perfect headshots While running One handed With no previous training before the zombie apocalypse started Any one of those is difficult. Add up all four? Yeah...
  6. Oh please. I'm the one who mentioned Kevin Dunn. All we know about anything is second and third hand because none of us in the business so come off your "I'm better than you smart marks" high horse. You're here posting, so you're no better than anyone and stupid posts like this one won't change that. How do you feel about Vince Russo? All we know about him, truly, is things written about him and mentioned on podcasts, same as Dunn. But we all take that as gospel. So what's the difference? Or do you have zero opinion about anyone in wrestling? You're ridiculous. If you're so above this discussion, there's nothing making you read it or respond.
  7. Is it a departure from DDP's typical appearances anywhere else? I skipped it because I didn't want 60 minutes of shilling and stories of how diet soda actually has more calories than regular soda but the government is covering it up.
  8. I miss turning on the show and seeing who's wrestling tonight. Instead, you get a monologue by wrestler A, interrupted by wrestler B, and pretty soon your main event is booked because of their argument. Well thank god for those guys because apparently there was no main event scheduled before that. Wrestling TV writing hasn't changed in 15-20 years. It's embarrassing. Kevin Dunn and Vince McMahon both need to just go away and listen to Kid Rock and AC/DC somewhere..
  9. I enjoyed the Total Recall "reimagining" and thought it did a pretty sweet job of worldbuilding.
  10. It was the kayfabe name Bobby Fulton used when working as a physics teacher.
  11. I'm 40 and I grew up on the WWF and NWA, as they were called back in my day when you tied an onion to your belt, as was the style. Today, I DVR Raw and maybe watch matches or segments that get positive reviews but, more often than not, I just delete it sight unseen. The problem is there's so much TV to fill that nothing means anything anymore. When I was young, just getting to see two midcarders wrestle each other on Saturday Night's Main Event was a huge deal and a treat, because you never saw that unless you paid money to do so on PPV or a house show. Today, every match is done to death on TV and all these guys are so overexposed that there's no reason to care about anything. Why sit through 3 hours of Raw this week when there's going to be 3 more hours next week and the next, leading up to a 3 hour PPV, when you'll just see permutations of the same guys working each other, with the same style, each week? And why watch the PPV when you'll get rematches the next week on TV and the next month at the next PPV? It's not just recycling the same guys and matches. It's the booking, too. There are no consequences to anything. Cesaro is wrestling Shamus? Great. Whoever wins will not move up the card and next month both will be the same spot so who cares? Say what you want about indies but PWG is pretty much all I watch with any regularity. They're once a month (if that) so every show is special. Wrestlers have distinct and different styles, and the commentary, while funny at times, doesn't make a mockery of anything. And their titles are booked as meaningful. I'm hoping the lack of competition and the lessened need to "sell PPVs" because of the network will cause WWE to dial it back a notch. There's no need to burn through big matches on TV anymore. They could use PPVs in a more innovative way now since there are no worries over "buyrate." Shit, do old school KotR and Survivor Series. Sorry, I'm going off on a tangent. I'll just say that, as an older dude, I don't enjoy WWE because nothing they do means anything.
  12. Who is the wuss drinking the Mic Ultra and how long did it take for someone to H bomb him?
  13. The missile launching penguins scene posted earlier was so camp that Adam West was like, "damn, dial it back a bit."
  14. Is this Devitt's NXT name? It sounds like a Star Wars character.
  15. I forgot about Fritz's Nazi connections. Clearly the Ultimate Warrior Program was part of Operation Paperclip.
  16. Nope, Scott brought Lindeloff in and it was his idea to leave a lot of the stuff that tied it to the Alien franchise so it would be more standalone. Hence why he took the majority of the heat for its poor showing and lack of exposition and why Scott didn't want to bring him back. It's hard to say The Alien Engineers script is better than Prometheus the film but it definitely had the things we wanted/expected from Prometheus So it was Lindelof and not the studio? Somehow that makes it worse!
  17. What are the meta materials? I found Prometheus to be a disjointed mess indicative of excessive studio meddling. From what I heard, the studio told Scott to leave out a lot of the stuff that tied it to the Alien franchise because they wanted it to be more standalone, which really ruined it. I still need to read the original script ("Alien: Engineers") to see how much better it should have been.
  18. WCW Warrior was actually the result of a Ted Turner-funded black ops project to clone the original Warrior (Kerry, obviously) from the remains of Kerry's amputated foot, which Turner operatives stole from the scene of the accident.
  19. Oof. This show is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's on the DVR for tonight but man, that sounds bad. Is the main character supposed to be the most unlikable person on the show, by the way?
  20. It was a joke. It was based on "don't make a Batman movie, make a Tim Burton movie." It was meant to be funny, not personally assail your enjoyment of the film or malign your tastes. Lighten up. No insult was intended. How about this? It wasn't fun. Shouldn't super hero movies be fun? Nobody goes to see a superhero movie because they want a depressing two hour meditation on daddy issues. You can pick elements and defend Lee by saying "it was from the comic!" but Hulk has been around since 1962 and has a long history, from which Lee cherrypicked the elements that appealed to his sensibilities as a filmmaker. It just so happened that the things that appealed to him did not make for an enjoyable comic movie. Is it "a Hulk movie" because it contains elements from the character's 40 year history? That's for fans of the character to judge, I suppose. But it wasn't good as a superhero film. It was an Ang Lee movie first and a Hulk movie second. Imagine a Quentin Tarantino Hulk film with lots of bad language, pages-long discussions of pop culture, and gratuitous shots of feet. But Quentin would still put in stuff from the comics. Would you be okay with that? Ang Lee picked the subject matter that he was interested in and made a dull, maudlin movie around it. I liked The Ice Storm but I don't want to see that kind of thing in a movie about a giant green super hero.
  21. "Doctors without Borders" only lasts until you quit, Paul. NWO is (say it with me) FOOOOOOOOOOR LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE."
  22. Ah, so now it all makes sense. I guess it's not as bad as "don't make a Hulk movie, make an Ang Lee movie."
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