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  1. I may hate myself for asking this but I have been loosely following the Demott story and don't know alot of details so here goes: what was he taping them for/doing? He was filming their asses, especially in certain situations like bent over rows while working out. I haven't read it yet...did Meltzer make the same "not making excuses for it but totally making excuses for it" argument he did on his podcast? The one where it's pretty much, "hey, it's wrestling and that's how people talk and act in wrestling." "Hey it's a male-dominated workplace, that's how people talk and act in a male-dominated workplace." "Hey it's the mostly white South, that's how people talk and act in the mostly white South." And so on.
  2. If you don't like "Pirate Premonition," I will fight you.
  3. After hearing so much about Bells, I finally ate at a place that had it on tap (some bar in Philly when I was in town for work) a few months ago. To me, it's pretty overrated. Nothing that really separates it from other higher-end IPAs. You'd do just as well with just about anything by Lagunitas. Beer is a lot like wine to me in that the price and quality lines on the chart meet somewhere around $15. Is that special $20 for a sixer or $15 for a 4-pack IPA really better than a $12 one? Like wine...will I really be able to tell the difference between a $30 bottle and a $60 one? I live near DC...your prices on this chart will vary.
  4. It was an amazing episode. Now I'm a little worried, because the best episode of this show so far was the one that barely featured the main character. Maybe they could take the focus off Saul a little more and make it an ensemble. Though I'm not quite ready for Kuby & Huell's tragic backstories.
  5. The only thing Ziggler has on Gulak is that he wears kneepads. I hate the "no kneepads" look so much. The difference between a wrestler and a dude running around in his drawers and shoes is kneepads. Still not enough to sway my vote, though.
  6. Right but that's what I mean. He's a passable worker but is that enough? I've seen some good stuff with Galloway since his comeback, including a pretty nice, fired-up performance against Strong in Evolve. I haven't seen anything comparable out of Breeze. I also don't think unrealistic gimmicks like that work in NXT. Everybody knows you're a wrestler trying to get to the big company, not a male model or a garbage man.
  7. Breeze strikes me as a bland guy with a good gimmick. Take away the gimmick and he's absolutely nothing at all. Would anyone else on the roster do any worse with the gimmick (within reason...obviously it wouldn't work with Bull Dempsey)? Funny coincidence that he was trained by Lance Storm. Remember Dancin' Lance Storm or Big Cock Lance Storm? That's what I mean. Shove a gimmick on a boring guy and the lameness still shines through.
  8. I've never watched a Ziggler match that I gave two shits about. His gimmick is bad and he should feel bad.
  9. #1 is awesome. Nothing like grinding missions fopr money and XP and then your only options are a bunch of races and shit. #3: homing rockets suck already. Hitting choppers with it on Survival mode is typically a 1 in 4 chance.
  10. Michaels, Hall & Nash should try to trademark it first, then license it to WWE for a fee. Also, searching for The Clique on Wikipedia yields this Now I'm imagining a bunch of painters from the 1800s "too sweeting" each other and crotch chopping.
  11. Yep. The typical "Obama is takin' money from hard-workin' 'muricans and givin' it to people who don't wanna work" argument. Pretty much word for word. LIke, holy shit dude, people who say shit like that really do exist?
  12. Basing it purely on PWG, Zach had an awesome showing at BOLA while AJ had two shitty matches that included an awful botched finish in one and downright putrid booking in the other. There was seriously no reason at all to book him on those shows. Completely wrestling unrelated, ever since I heard a podcast where AJ gave the most dogwhistle racist bullshit rant against Obama, I just can't stand watching the guy in anything.
  13. Get one of them a haircut. No need for both of them to look like the lead singer in a Nickelback tribute band.
  14. See, I think "The Alaskan" is actually the name for the make/model of his coat and this is just an advertisement. Kind of like this:
  15. I really liked Ginger G.I. Joe and Latina Tomb Raider showing up in business casual. Also, I yelled at my TV, "kill those zombies, Darryl! Do it for Buttons!"
  16. Thanks for the heads-up! I've always been an Adblock Plus guy and hate how much of a memory hog it is.
  17. LOL "Earn" = pass for a wrestler and eat at a shitty steakhouse in Japan, maybe pester the owner a little if he doesn't offer one
  18. It's Tennessee, where the most pressing legal issue is, "if your parents get divorced, are they still brother and sister?"
  19. Would you care to elaborate? What did he do on the indies that made you think "this guy will never succeed in the WWE?" I just didn't get it. I checked out a bunch of his matches when people were hyping him up and I didn't see anything in him. It doesn't help that I think he has a terrible look and that's 90% of getting over in WWE. (At least in their minds) But in the spirit of March Madness, I'm more than willing to watch some recommendations. And trust me, I'd love to be proven wrong. He had a GREAT series of matches in PWG vs Drake Younger if you can track them down (Mystery Vortex 2012, DDT4 2013 and All Star Weekend 9, Night 1).
  20. I've seen him wrestle a lot so I don't mind the gear or hair. That fucked up splash/headbutt was just lame. The stretch muffler ("Crowe Bar") would have been awesome, especially the one where he grounds it and kicks the everloving fuck out of the dude.
  21. I like how you say "allegedly", but still call him definitely a piece of shit. Don't get me wrong, you're probably right, but still, made me laugh. Well I don't want to get sued, man
  22. I enjoy the shit out of Brock suplexing dudes into oblivion. Observer "wrestling move of the year" should be his goofy release vertical suplex. That being said, I just watched DB drag a very good match out of Roman Reigns so I have to give him a slight edge here.
  23. Did anyone read the post about DeMott calling a seminar attendee every racist term for Middle-Easterners under the sun? It included him allegedly telling the guy to "quit wrestling and go back to making bombs." Man, what an absolute piece of shit.
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