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  1. I pretty much have a driving narcolepsy. I get sleepy as fuck on any trip longer than an hour and appreciate the conversation, lest we get that special wake up tractor trailer.
  2. Oh my God, I hated Mark Lowrance. Chris Adams beat Rick Rude in a non-title match and all that fucker had to say was, "That Adams is a fine young man. The only way he could be more loved by the fans would be if he were a Von Erich." I wanted to puke. The fucking bias, I swear. No one will ever be better on color than Caudle / Crockett or Rhodes and Macho. I'd rather have David "GIT EM DUSTY GIT EM" Crockett than any of these clowns.
  3. The Von Eric wrestling game pics sent me down the "look up wrestling games" rabbit hole and then I realized...we're now well past the point where humans should be wrestling aliens from various planets, according to Champions of the Galaxy.
  4. I think the TV series never got into because setting that kind of "rule" would handcuff the writers. Where would the show be if the characters were pretty much never allowed to use guns? The comic series really stressed the fact that you pretty much should never use a gun and that any loud noise had the potential to build a herd. The show only relies of "loud noises attract walkers" when needed for dramatic purposes, like Merle setting off that car alarm last season.
  5. https://twitter.com/Futterish That's shitty Wow, so now they're triple dipping. Christ. Don't buy them. I definitely won't. Honestly, say what you want about DLC, but offering a season pass and then offering additional DLC not covered by season pass on top of it? Holy shit. That's some fucking balls right there. So do you disagree and feel it's cool for 2K to charge, essentially, $100+ for this? Twice now you've been compelled to reply when I've commented on this topic, and neither time have you offered any argument or your own opinion, just snark. It's the equivalent of jumping into a conversation and asking "why do you care?" which is bannable around these parts, last I heard.
  6. https://twitter.com/Futterish That's shitty Wow, so now they're triple dipping. Christ.
  7. He's the only piece that can make it to the end. Holy shit. Nice one.
  8. You're drivin' oh the wrong thide of tha threet baybeh! If Dusty's license is suspended, he just drives as The Midnight Rider.
  9. Every time I see the trailer for that upcoming Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall Oscar bait courtroom movie, it hits me that Downey is probably going to be playing variations of Tony Stark, Charming Rogue, for the rest of his career.
  10. Well, there's a rich history of that behavior. After all, the team was supposedly named after their coach who was also a fake Indian.
  11. Knowing this company's "fail upwards" streak, the clip shows will draw amazing ratings and will be the impetus for some dumb network to make a deal.
  12. RUMBLINGS are that he was contacted, but had to decline when he found out RoH had already approached Ta-Gar, Lord of the Volcano. Apparently, the two have a non-compete clause between them. Edit: Am I the only person that thinks Rasta the Voodoo Mon and Chicken would be a fun tag time? Seems a natural combination (I think they use chickens in voodoo. Not sure). The gimmick would only work so long, since Rasta would eventually have to behead Chicken and give his blood as an offering to the loa.
  13. I wanted to give the benefit of a doubt and let that slide but yeah...
  14. I agree. But it's easy to see how the Redskins get the most attention, due to their name being demonstrably worse than the others and due to them being on a national stage. You can still laugh at their ineptitude when they're called the Washington Warriors or whatever. A name change won't change how bad they typically are.
  15. How about if they add 2 regular season games, take away 2 preseason games, get rid of Thursday games and add a second bye week?
  16. No group of actual living people should be used as mascots without their approval, but the name Redskins is especially egregious since it's actually a racial slur. Calling someone an epithet based on the color of their skin is a pretty shitty thing to do. Naming a business venture after one is just ridiculous. Hence the USPTO's retraction of Snyder's trademark. The Redskins get the most heat because: Their owner is a dick who has been especially in-your-face about his resistance to changing the name, which provokes his detractors As the last team to integrate, with a bigoted owner who fought against having blacks on his team until the league and government stepped in and forced him to, they have a dodgy history WRT race relations.
  17. Right. There was a "herd" moving toward Terminus and they had a system in place (fireworks) that they use to distract the walkers and reroute them. The TV series never really got into the concept of loud noises attracting zombies and creating herds, which the comics did (Professor Sweet Mullet and Sgt. Ginger explain this to Rick's group pretty early on in the comic series).
  18. Yeah, iirc the "opportunity" was that he was going to be booked really strong at that particular set of tapings. My guess was Norton as well.
  19. I get the impression the Bloodbound Warriors, Kongo and guys like that are an elaborate rib, just Delirious fucking with ROH fans by finding the most "non-ROH" guys he can. Kongo was like if 80s indy wrestling was made sentient and took human form. He would have been right at home underneath Tom Brandi vs King Kaluha. Was Rasta the Voodoo Mon unavailable?
  20. I watch in on my PC and my Android phone, primarily, and I can't recall that ever working. I'll double check, though. Thanks for letting me know, maybe.
  21. I'd rather they fix the timer bar so it works like YouTube's, so I can easily get back to where I left off on shows. Or better yet, have it remember where I left off and also let me "add" shows I want to remember to watch. Kind of like Netflix, right? I mean if they want to be "the Netflix of wrestling" or whatever their tagline was, having similar functionality would be a good start.
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