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  1. I actually don't mind the electric chair one because he's behind the opponent so, conceivably, the opponent has to turn around to find Hero, giving him time to pull off an elbow. Or I'm just allowing it because I like Hero, even out of shape Hero who gets winded doing British chain wrestling against Drew Gulak. But suplex or GTS style is a little too much for me.
  2. Wait, how does that work? Is it like the finish Ricochet's been using where picks him up like a GTS, then he drops the guy completely to a standing position, then kicks him in the head? Finishes like that suck. "Hey, I'm going to pick you up and then put you down gently back on your feet. The fact that I did nothing to you should confuse you so much that you won't be ready for this big strike." Hero's been doing the same thing, letting guys down from suplexes and electric chairs to hit an elbow. Really dumb looking.
  3. It's an okay show, just don't think too hard about it (like where is their manufacturing infrastructure? How dd they invent tablets and video cards? There's no Foxconn in space!) and you might like it. I can't buy sleazy Ray Ray from The Bridge as the captain, though.
  4. That's awesome. Right up there with ROH Showdown in Motown, a cover so bad they changed it later. ROH Rock Out with your Cock Out
  5. Remember when ECW premiered on SyFy and three were stories of the network demanding WWE shoehorn some science fiction elements into the show? And WWE, as a fuck you, gave us The Zombie? Now we're getting an alien, voluntarily.
  6. To be fair, DDP's had so much work done that even he doesn't look like DDP. A scan wouldn't have helped them get a character who looks like 1998 WCW DDP.
  7. I have a 360 and probably no plans to go next gen for quite some time
  8. As much as I've enjoyed GTA Online, not getting standalone DLC like Lost and Damned or Gay Tony really sucks. I'd much rather continue the Los Santos story then try to rob a bank while a 12 year old in Paducah calls me a faggot.
  9. Someone on PWG's forum mentioned that he talked to Cedric & Ciampa after this past weekend's show and they told him Fish, O'Reilly, Cole, and Elgin are done with PWG. So there may be something to the "ROH is going to start locking guys down" stories. Or it might just be guys talking out their asses.
  10. Rev, I've watched a lot of your work from your ring days for Carmine in Milwaukee, I've read some of your writings in your old Clawhold mag, and I respect your opinion... But you are wrong here. Owens was busted open hardway. CJ Parker even posted a nasty photo of his hand on Twitter mentioning it was split open to the bone. The alleged deep cut into Parker's palm that he posted a pic of online was clearly a work. He painted a speck of green on his palm and they did the rest with computers.
  11. The best internet arguments are the ones where one party is being willfully obtuse to win it
  12. Now I need a retelling of the Moses story by Tommy. I did not enslave your people I did not do it I DID NAHHHT!
  13. No idea but I recall someone telling a story of the Rock saying (before he completely understood who Steen was), "I really like this Killsteen guy."
  14. Patriots keep on doing their thing http://deadspin.com/nflpa-patriots-and-team-doctor-conspired-to-screw-play-1670269742
  15. God dammit I could have used that money to hire so many vascular underwear models!
  16. What he said. In the 60's and 70's, Cos was already an icon and he could probably attract women on rep alone even though he was a pretty handsome guy.. Why resort to roofies when you probably had women of all creeds and colors that would probably sleep with you on demand? The use of a modus operandi screams "serial predator." The Playboy Mansion was a hunting ground. He got to groom his victims. This is the really disturbing thought I keep coming back to as well. Just as you say, he was rich, famous, not bad looking. The guy would have no trouble getting his pick of women. Which means drugging and raping women is just something he's REALLY into. I'll say it again for emphasis: Bill Cosby's particular fetish, the thing that really gets him off, is drugging women and then raping them. Holy shit that's not too many steps from "it places the lotion in the basket" territory.
  17. I just keep thinking about how Kevin Steen and El Generico are top guys on a WWE product. Is this real life?
  18. Does anybody know what the story is with Drake Younger? Did he just not fit what they wanted but he took a job as a ref for some stability? You know NXT is awesome when the opening match referee is better than a good chunk of the wrestlers on the main roster.
  19. That's an amazing idea, except Vince would fuck up NXT because it's not sports entertainment enough for USA in his mind. Incredible show and I have to echo the sentiments of others who are dreading any of these guys being called up. How the hell can the same company that produces three hours of hot garbage that I could not give two shits about on Mondays make something this awesome? There is serious need for an overhaul of the main product because the "minor league" is outdoing them in every way.
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