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  1. I just hope Rich Swann helped Hero get a breather by singing the full version of All Night Long on the way to the ring, both times.
  2. Hannibal Lector wasn't given a backstory until the awful Silence sequel novel, and that backstory was shit, ridiculous and did nothing to add to the character. "Nazis starved my family and I was forced to eat them" or whatever it was meant that Hannibal went from super intelligent monster to sympathetic figure and that's just plain dumb. In many cases, explaining the antagonist's life before he became that person is a lot like making a prequel to a film you liked. There's just no reason for it. "Hey, you know that movie you loved and those characters that were so awesome? Here's how they were BEFORE that!"
  3. Ever see creepy pics that older dudes take with Hooters waitresses? It's like that.
  4. The key thing requested by the studio was to remove pretty much anything that would make it an Alien sequel/prequel. I guess they wanted to make it more audience-friendly, I don't know. This includes changing the location of the film from LV-426 to a neighboring planet/moon, which makes no sense given how we see the same "seated engineer" setpiece in both films. Here are a few articles about it. I've read the original script and it's funny how there aren't that many changes, but they do add up to make it a worse film. Here's the original script if you'd like to check it out. Again, I don;t think it was a bad film, just not as good as it could have been because the studio was like, "let's make an Alien sequel, but we don't want an Alien sequel."
  5. I really really don't want to debate Prometheus again but, as a guy in the anti-Prometheus camp, I just want to say that wasn't horrible, just disappointing. It was such a missed opportunity. The original script was so much better before Lindelof and the studio stepped in and I think that's the most bothersome aspect of the whole thing. Every edit and studio-mandated changed made it incrementally dumber, a death by a thousand cuts, until we got the disappointing, movie by committee mess we ended up with. Again, just my opinion and enjoy what you like, etc etc.
  6. I have no idea when Kane wore a cape but that is boss. Looks like Dr. Doom.
  7. There's a lot of valid criticism abut Prometheus, which is really too tiresome to ever get into again, and none of it has anything to do with not running sideways. But seriously, there's no reason to talk about it. Some liked it, some didn't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Just started watching Banshee. It's pretty good but god damn, is there a gruesome, graphic,,They Live style fistfight in every single episode? Because that's going to get tiresome.
  9. Exactly. The best villains exist as forces of nature with no backstory, like the aforementioned original Myers, the Joker or even The Strangers in the movie of the same name. Evil exists and we rarely are allowed to understand why. It reminds me of why I only half-liked You're Next. When we get the big reveal , it lost something for me. Silent killers in animal masks show up and murder everyone and it's never explained why? That's great. The other thing? Not so much.
  10. Uh...that's not Bill Pullman...That's Jeff Daniels. No, he did not have a stroke. LOL I mix the two up all the time. Not as bad as when I was young in the 80s/90s and always confused Kurt Russell and Jeff Bridges but still.
  11. I think our girl's problem is just old age; her last blood sugar test, which wasn't that long ago, came back fine. She's not really pissing in random places, she's just missing the target
  12. There's apparently a rule that Kate Mara and Jessica Chastain must be in everything now. Did Bill Pullman have a stroke? He sounds like Dr. Evil.
  13. It's not that they look alike, it's just that they're so bland that nobody cares, so it would definitely work. Their super power is the apathy they inspire.
  14. (That was Joey Ryan) B. Boy (RIP) took a nice goofy bump there as well.
  15. Our older cat turned 17 in March. She's diabetic and the diabetes also caused her to go hyperthyroid. We manage them both with medicine but god damn, the 'beetus meds cost us roughly $300 every 2-3 months. She seems to be in pain moving around but still manages. She's also still pretty alert but really doesn't want to do much of anything. To make matters worse, she recently started peeing outside the box. Now I don't mean peeing everywhere...I mean she has a habit of peeing in the very corner of the box by the opening, so sometimes her hind end hangs out and she pees on the floor instead. Other times, she pees on the upper wall of the box, so the pee runs down into the seal of the box (between the top and bottom halves) and then onto the floor. And her breath is horrible but cat tooth care is way too expensive (we've had it done in the past) and I'm not sure if she can stand the anesthesia anymore, regardless. I don't know what my point is except that old cats, no matter how much you love them, are a pain in the ass.
  16. I enjoyed Lords of Salem and Devil's Rejects. The Halloween remake was okay. House of 1000 Corpses was a little underwhelming and I couldn't get through the Halloween sequel. I saw Zombie in concert about a year ago. It was a an awesome show and 5 minutes in he stopped the concert and told everybody to just put their fucking camera phones away and enjoy the fucking show. So he's aces in my book.
  17. Over the weekend, I watched Area 51 (found footage UFO movie by, of course, the guy behind Paranormal Activity) and Time Lapse. Both films were similar in that they were decent ideas that seemed to just be missing something and both came up a little flat, Area 51 more so than Time Lapse. I wouldn't say they were bad, just that both were missing something. Of the two, I'd definitely say Time Lapse was better and you should, I guess, see it, but it drags down a little toward the last third of the film before tying it all up with a cool ending.
  18. Apparently Ben "NXT is the #2 wrestling company in America" Miller doesn't like criticism.
  19. That's the impression I got: Tyson wanted to really take the move "the right way" to get Joe over. It's the 2015 equivalent of not getting your hands up on chair shots.
  20. Gotta be Donovan Dijak for me. He looks like Mark Jindrak, just a tall generic dude Vince would have nutted in his pants over if he saw him in 2001. Disagree. As noted above, his finisher sucks, but the guy has tons of potential. You don't see a lot of 6'7" guys doing Asai moonsaults. I have to admit I haven't seen his asai moonsault because he's so vanilla that I FFWD past his shit mostly.
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